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Hardcore Czech Army SexFeaturing: Added 02/24/2015
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After a long day when I was in the Czech Republic, I walked up to a nearby Asian restaurant to grab a beer and relax. Just when I was ready to be done for the day, a guy in the Czech Army (I guess its actually a small army or a guard now) was sitting a couple tables over from me in full uniform on a date with his girlfriend. After a bit of everyone minding their own business, he asked why I had a camera in a restaurant. They must have already had a couple of beers because they were super friendly and a bit tipsy. So I move to the table next to them and start telling them why I am in Prague and what I do for a living. They were really shy about it at first. Actually, I didn't even want to film anyone that night because I had such a long day anyways. But after talking to them for a while and finishing a monster of a beer, I quickly reverted back to my perverted ways and began to lay the seed of talking them into what was probably more than they set out for that night. After they loosened up a bit,and came back to the hotel the Army uniform came off, then the light blue dress, then I came to realize how amazing the Czech Republic really is.

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Asian Massage With Happy EndingFeaturing: Camden, Misa KannoAdded 02/10/2015
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Camden Has never had a traditional Asian massage before. Actually, he has never been with an Asian woman before. So in light of all of my fellow military friends out there, I called the sexiest 20 year old Asian I knew and set up this Asian massage with a special happy ending. No small talk, not bullshit, just a real Asian massage by Misa Kanno right here in San Diego.

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Valentine's Day LingerieFeaturing: SierraAdded 02/04/2014
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I was at the Adult Depot here in San Diego, my favorite adult bookstore, shooting the shit with the clerk this weekend when this cute little blonde walked in. I already had a couple beers, so I didn't need to work up the nerve to go interrupt her shopping experience for my own pleasure. She walked over to the lingerie section and started shuffling through what was left on the rack obviously looking for something in particular. I walked up and asked her what she was looking for and it turns out she needed something for a Valentine's day party. I didn't even know they had those. So I offered to pay for the lingerie she needed for her party and an extra $400 if she would model it for me. Not a whole lot of girls can resist free lingerie and cash, so it was in the bag. She didn't have anywhere to be that night, so we went straight to the studio from there. This was probably the fastest turn around with a girl I have had yet!

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