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Pizza Delivery, Extra HornyFeaturing: Roxanne, TimboAdded 07/15/2014
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Yesterday I ordered a pizza to be delivered because I didn't have time to go out to eat for lunch. When the delivery guy brought my pizza, there were two of them. I have never seen two pizza delivery people before. The girl was a new hire so she was being trained on deliveries. As it turns out, they are a couple too. Boyfriend and girlfriend both working at the same place. I would go crazy if my girlfriend worked at the same place as me. But then again I film porn, so it might not be so bad. Both of them were 18 years old, and just graduated high school this year. Obviously short on cash, otherwise they wouldn't be delivering pizzas. So I capitalized on my opportunity. They came in and fucked instead of making their next delivery. I was in for more of a surprise than I thought though. It was quite an eventful 30 minutes. Throat fucking, surprise anal, wrong holes, cock injuries oh ya, and if you have a weak stomach you may want to skip the 14:38 area. It was quite a surprise and a Brick Yates first.

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All American AnalFeaturing: Cali W., Jay C.Added 07/01/2014
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Cooper and I were walking around on the beach and in town in Oceanside, just north of the peer taking pictures of sexy girls in American flag bikinis. Apparently people don't really like their picture taken on the beach I found out. We came across Cali and Jay. Jay was in American flag shorts, but Cali was in a black robe. I asked why she was wearing a robe at the beach, and it turns out it was because she had her bikini body painted on and earlier, the lifeguards reported her and the police came and told her she either had to put a real bikini on or cover herself up. They almost gave her an indecent exposure ticket. They let me take some pictures of them, and decided to come back for a barbeque at my friends house afterwards. After some conversation and a couple beers, they were okay with fucking on the pool deck.

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An Army of OneFeaturing: Mike Felps, ParkerAdded 04/01/2014
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So Mike and I were up by Miramar Air Station yesterday messing around outside of base when we ran into this little military brat. We met her at the coffee shop right outside of base and didn't even really plan on taking her back home, but it kind of all just fell into place. But for some reason I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't tell her it was "Adult" modeling when I asked if she wanted to do it. I decided to just be an asshole and trick her into it. I took her back to my place and just started taking photos of her like it was an actual photo shoot. I felt like an actual photographer for a minute. Until Mike pissed her off by unclipping her bra strap. She didn't like that and said she was uncomfortable but luckily we were able to de-escalate the situation. And for a few hundred extra dollars, she agreed to doing "erotic nude pictures" but we all know what that turns into don't we. Parker is a specialist in the Army stationed out of Camp Red Cloud in Uijeongbu, South Korea. She is in San Diego temporarily training at Miramar Air Station.

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Marine Corp. VirginFeaturing: Nikki HainesAdded 06/10/2014
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Okay, So Nikki is a cute little 19 year old Marine here in California. She was stationed in Japan before here, but I am not sure which base. She likes girls, but somehow I got her to come in here to do straight porn. You probably will not believe this just as I didn't, but she has never had sex with a guy before. She told me that, and I called her on her bullshit but she was not lying. So I said to her "wait, so you have never fucked a guy, and you decide to make a porn your first time?". She replied by saying "it can't be that much different from a dildo." Haha It never gets old. Thats not even the best part though, half way through the shoot, River asked if she thought his cock would fit in her ass. She said she didn't know, but she decided to give it a try after a while. Her first experience with real anal wasn't the best experience. HAHAHA. River doesn't have a throttle on that cock. Instead of going slow to get her use to it, he just shoved it in and went for it. If that isn't enough, this girl came over in her Alpha dress uniform. Unfortunately she forgot her medals at home, so I let her use mine so she didn't look like a dirtbag. But the uniform is 100% her uniform.

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Good Morning SexFeaturing: SirenAdded 06/24/2014
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When I was in Salt Lake City, visiting an old friend, we got bored as usual so we decided to surprise Siren in her room. She new she was going to fuck, but didn't expect us to walk in her room and start while she was sleeping. It was pretty hot! We snuck in and I filmed her for a little while before she woke up and her long legs and tiny pussy looked amazing stretched out across the bed. We skipped all of the talking, and he just woke her up, gave her a kiss then gave her a dick.

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