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Scooby-Doo is a Horn-dog for HalloweenFeaturing: CooperAdded 10/31/2013
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Cooper got a full Scooby-Doo costume for halloween this year. We went out for happy hour and got a few drinks earlier in the day but they didn't let me film inside of the bar so that part isn't in the video. It's too bad too, because there were some sexy, slutty costumes in there. Afterwards, we walked over to the Nightmare on Normal Street concert. Before it started, everyone was crowded on the street waiting to get in and it seemed like it wasn't just Cooper and I that were up to no good. We spotted this slutty little cheetah with her group of friends, and went in for the kill when her friends went to the bathroom. She was waiting all by her self. We talked her into coming back to my place for drinks until her friends got out of the bathroom because I lived close. It seems like these girls use halloween as an excuse to be slutty. Every year it gets worse. It took a little off camera negotiation, but after that she was down for anything as long as her mask stayed on and she got paid.

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IN THE NAVY!Featuring: Bethany Anne, Jason Rites, Preston PhillipsAdded 08/13/2013
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Bethany is a first class petty officer in the U.S. Navy, and I met her a while ago and discussed doing a video for me. I asked her if she knew anyone else in the service that might be interested in it, and she said she had two guys that work for her who she fucks around with that would love to do it on camera. Both Jason, and Preston are junior sailors. This is Navy Fraternization at its finest. I also ended up using the guys in other shoots as well! When they are at work, Bethany wears the pants, but behind closed doors, Jason and Preston show her who the real boss is!

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AirForce PTFeaturing: Azbella, Jason RitesAdded 10/14/2014
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When Azbella came out to San Diego for her fitness competition, she got a quick sandbag workout in down at the convention center with another airman that was in the competition too. She has had sex with him before and talked to him about some camera action for some extra cash while he was here. He was all about it at first, but bailed out in the middle of the scene. But that didn't ruin it, we called Jason and he left the gym, hopped on his bike and was down to meet her within the hour! It turned out to be a good workout downtown and an even better after-party on the balcony overlooking the convention center.

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