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An Army of OneFeaturing: Mike Felps, ParkerAdded 04/01/2014
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So Mike and I were up by Miramar Air Station yesterday messing around outside of base when we ran into this little military brat. We met her at the coffee shop right outside of base and didn't even really plan on taking her back home, but it kind of all just fell into place. But for some reason I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't tell her it was "Adult" modeling when I asked if she wanted to do it. I decided to just be an asshole and trick her into it. I took her back to my place and just started taking photos of her like it was an actual photo shoot. I felt like an actual photographer for a minute. Until Mike pissed her off by unclipping her bra strap. She didn't like that and said she was uncomfortable but luckily we were able to de-escalate the situation. And for a few hundred extra dollars, she agreed to doing "erotic nude pictures" but we all know what that turns into don't we. Parker is a specialist in the Army stationed out of Camp Red Cloud in Uijeongbu, South Korea. She is in San Diego temporarily training at Miramar Air Station.

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Navy Glory Hole on 32nd Street BaseFeaturing: Morena WardenAdded 05/26/2014
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Cooper met this girl in The Navy who was interested in making some money on camera because she gets out of the Navy next month. I have been waiting for a girl in a Navy uniform because a while back I heard about a glory hole on 32nd street Naval Base in San Diego. I actually have never seen one in real life and figured they were a myth, so I went to check it out and there it was. Granted it may have been put there as a joke, I wanted to take advantage of it. On Easter weekend when there wasn't many people on base and the command closest to this head was broken down into half duty sections for the holiday weekend so it was perfect. I told my buddy Travis about it and when to show up, and of coarse he could tell people so 3 sailors showed up. Morena sucked the cum out of these three seaman faster than I have ever seen before, and she did it in her dress blues with full medals!

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Fox Tail Anal PlugFeaturing: HazelAdded 10/23/2014
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Happy Halloween everyone! so this last Friday night I had Hazel come by for a little festive fun! I put together a Fox outfit for her for Halloween and had her makeup done like a Fox. That's just where the fun began though. Her tail wasn't a normal tail, it was a an anal plug tail. She marched through a grocery store downtown with it in, shopping for all of the fun produce she wanted to play with. Normally that sort of thing would be frowned upon, but the 3 security guards at the store were following us around like a Fox and Rabbit (pun intended) trying to get a better look at her anal plug. That was nothing compared to the guys reaction to her trying to put the plug back in when it fell out in the produce section though! So we ended up with a diamond anal plug, a Fox tail anal plug, a huge cucumber, two carrots, a clear soda bottle and 12 pink golf balls. You just need to watch the video for yourself! Happy Halloween!

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