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Good Morning SexFeaturing: SirenAdded 06/24/2014
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When I was in Salt Lake City, visiting an old friend, we got bored as usual so we decided to surprise Siren in her room. She new she was going to fuck, but didn't expect us to walk in her room and start while she was sleeping. It was pretty hot! We snuck in and I filmed her for a little while before she woke up and her long legs and tiny pussy looked amazing stretched out across the bed. We skipped all of the talking, and he just woke her up, gave her a kiss then gave her a dick.

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A lesbian encounter with Google GlassFeaturing: Chloe, Holly WouldAdded 12/10/2013
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I got really lucky a week ago and managed to get a pair of the new Google Glasses that everyone has been raving about lately. So I decided to use them as a covert way to record how I actually find some of these guys and girls. My friend Jake and I went to the little shopping mall a few blocks away from my place and tested them out. I am still getting use to them so it is a little shaky at first, but I am working on it. So we go into the store and it isn't even 5 minutes until I see this banging little brunette hottie in the swimsuit section. So I go over to her and make up some bullshit lie about my girlfriend to get her to help me find the right size of bikini to buy. Then out of nowhere, her girlfriend comes up. Damn it! I totally wanted this scene to be a POV because this chick was hot but I have never filmed a lesbian scene so I still tried. The girlfriend was kind of a bitch at first. She tried to pull the whole "Im a lesbian so I hate guys" routine that lesbos do, but it didn't last! It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would to convince them, but I did. I had to drop the money line and tell them how much I would pay them, but none the less, they followed me back to my studio. Another two lesbians bite the dust! I can get use to this Google Glass idea!

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Marine Corp FraternizationFeaturing: Cooper, Gina ParlayAdded 08/21/2013
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Gina Parlay and Copper are both Marines on the Miramar Air Station here in San DIego. They are stationed at the same command and just came back from deployment together in the middle east. They both work in "motor t". I know Cooper from before, and he brought Gina down to meet me and have a little fun on camera. They know it is against Marine Corp policy to fraternize with other Marines that you are stationed with so they keep it a secret at work, but it doesn't seem to be a secret when they come over to my place. OORAH MARINES!

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Navy vs Marine Corp.Featuring: Justin Phillips, Preston Phillips, SevenAdded 06/15/2014
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This is not your everyday escapade. When two brothers join different branches of the military, there is only one way to settle who is better. By taking their aggression out on a stripper! Seven is a stripper up in Oceanside, and both brothers are stationed in San Diego.

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Navy Glory Hole on 32nd Street BaseFeaturing: Morena WardenAdded 05/26/2014
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Cooper met this girl in The Navy who was interested in making some money on camera because she gets out of the Navy next month. I have been waiting for a girl in a Navy uniform because a while back I heard about a glory hole on 32nd street Naval Base in San Diego. I actually have never seen one in real life and figured they were a myth, so I went to check it out and there it was. Granted it may have been put there as a joke, I wanted to take advantage of it. On Easter weekend when there wasn't many people on base and the command closest to this head was broken down into half duty sections for the holiday weekend so it was perfect. I told my buddy Travis about it and when to show up, and of coarse he could tell people so 3 sailors showed up. Morena sucked the cum out of these three seaman faster than I have ever seen before, and she did it in her dress blues with full medals!

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