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Model Of the Week - Ellen


Hola, gente.

It's time. It's time. It's Model Of the Week time!

We're back in Prague this week with Ellen; an 18 year old Polish hottie. Ellen is a textbook example of the girl-next-door: innocent looking, petite, and pussy that's fresher than a ripe cherry.

Ellen just started college. I don't know how college financial aid works in Europe. But, let's face it, college is expensive all over the world. Even Ellen needs money to afford college. Since Ellen is fresh outta high school, our boss Brick was ready to invest in her doctorates degree. Hell, if I saw a fresh piece of teen ass like Ellen, I'd pay to see her get fucked until she bursts like a geyser, too!

There was a language barrier between Ellen and Brick. Ellen speaks two languages: Polish and Czech. Brick only speaks English. Understandably, Brick and Ellen had a hard time communicating. Brick, in a stroke of genius, decided to use Google Translate to communicate with Ellen. Wouldn't you fuckin' know it! Google Translate was a saving grace. Once Brick and Ellen figured out the kinks, Ellen was comfortable enough to translate her kinks.

Ellen says she loves horses and horseback riding. And my perverted mind immediately goes to Ellen loving a well-hung animal before I complete this sentence. Haha! Ellen has a boyfriend but rarely has sex with him because she's still nervous in bed. That's a shame because Ellen is smokin' hot! Nothing worse than a sweet kitty cat who's too shy to purr. Obviously, the best cure for a sexually timid girl is to throw her directly into porn!

Even though Ellen confessed she's bashful about sex, she told Brick that she loves anal. Seriously, it's always the shy girls who are the freakiest. Why is that? Any of you perverts with a psychology degree, and time to stop fondling your cock, please explain that to me.

Ellen doesn't love cum. But she doesn't mind getting a facial as long as she can spit. If Ellen knew that I love to cum-swap, she'd love a gross mother fucker like me.

Thankfully, our male model, Borka, was ready to pump Ellen up her ass. It's fuckin' hot seeing a girl who looks like she goes to bible camp get violated up her shit-pipe by a mature man.

Even though Ellen feels insecure about her sexual ambitions, she's certainly a teenybopper who's made for porn. It doesn't matter what language she speaks. Sexy is sexy. And Ellen is a sexy mother fucker.

Today's lesson: don't let language barriers stop you from hitting on a hot chick. Take out your smartphone, use Google Translate, and give it a go. Who knows? With the right charm you might land yourself a girl like Ellen. I don't know. Google it!

Later, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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