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Models / Dustin Shaw

Avg Rating: 5.0

Dustin Shaw Vital Stats:
Height:  6'2"
Age:  21
Measurements:  180lbs 6.90234" Dick
Fun Fact:  He use to be fat
Astrological Sign:  Aries
Eye Color:  Hazel
Anal:  Um.. with a girlfriend like his, His only words should be yes ma'am
Swallow or Spit:  Neither
On Birth Control?:  N/A
Occupation:  Full Time GF pleaser
Currently Lives In:  San Diego, CA
From:  Long Beach, CA
Marital Status::  Girlfriend (WITH THE SAME LAST NAME)

Dustin is a pretty chill guy. Though he may be upset with me because of his 'Fun Fact'. Technically, he told me that his fun fact was that he use to weigh 242 pounds. I translated what he said... Dustin's hand writing is awful so this is tough for me to write. His interests are "KH race"? Whatever the fuck that is. This is Porn god dammit and you have one of the dopest girlfriends on the planet. YOUR INTERESTS ARE LINDSAY'S TONGUE, PUSSY, AND ASSHOLE! For all intensive purposes from now on, that's what Dustin is interested in.
Dustin Shaw Updates

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Brooke, Dustin Shaw 08/29/2017

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Brooke, Dustin Shaw 08/15/2017

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College guy ropes his GF into a porn
Dustin Shaw, Lindsay Shaw 07/18/2017

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