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Hey Members, I have good news in regards to video streaming! We are in the process of switching to a new server. We are hoping the switch will be complete by the end of the month or sooner.

What stays the same:
The website address
Your login credentials

What changes:
The website speed :)

The speed of the website or the buffering for some videos has come and gone for some time now. One of the reasons is because the memory for our server has been maxed out and has needed an upgrade. The alternative to upgrading the server would be to compress the videos into even smaller file sizes. I have tried to avoid the latter because at a certain point, more compression degrades the quality of the video. I know this has been a point of contention for some of you and am hoping this brings a much better user experience to everyone streaming the videos.

Model Of the Week - Davina Leos


Hey. How you doin'?

It's my favorite day of the week: Model of the Week! And, boy, this one's gonna be a doozy. 'Cause I'm gonna dive deep into Davina Leos. How deep? As deep as Davina wants! Davina is the epitome of GI Jane: she's a tough chick who can hang with the guys, and look smokin' hot doing it. She's been in the marines for several years. Davina's ripped to the gills, too. She's the type of girl who if you push her she'll push you back ten times harder.

Davina is also engaged to her husband. In fact, she brought him over to one of our shoots to watch her get pounded by Rawlings. When asked why she wants to do porn she smiled and said, "Well, it's something me and my fiancé have talked about. It's something new, but I think we're mature enough to handle it." You gotta love a man who supports his woman. Thank you, Mr. Leos!

Davina is 5'2". But don't let her size fool you. When she flexes one of her arms her muscles burst out like she's fuckin' Popeye. Seriously, Davina has more muscles on her pinky toe than I do on my goddamn thigh! No doubt Davina can beat the shit out of most men. I'm scared that she can kick my ass...and equally turned on by the idea. Haha!

Davina told Brick she was seventeen when she lost her virginity. Brick loved that because that was also that age when he lost his virginity. They both shared a high-five. Yay for poppin' cherries! Who did she lose her virginity to? "It was a girlfriend," Davina confesses. "She was my best friend in high school. We liked each other for a long time. And one night we just did it. She fucked me with a dildo. I liked it. It felt good."

Personally, there's a lot of female models on our site that I never met. Fortunately, Davina is one of the few girls I met in person and she's super cool. She's sweet, funny, and is a real delight to have on set. Davina had lunch with Brick and I once. It turns out she hates spicy food and alcohol like I do. So we shared a high-five of our own. Take THAT, Brick! Haha!

Anyway, back to the dicks and pussies! Specifically, two dicks for Davina's hot twat. Dante Thick and Tony Sting had the pleasure of double penetrating Davina. All Davina had to do was text Brick. She asked for two hot dicks. Brick didn't disappoint. He got Davina the hottest cocks in the form of Dante and Tony. They're both European studs who are all abs and, more importantly, all hung. Boy, oh, boy! Those two dudes put some fucking work into Davina!

Davina just didn't want to get DP'd by Dante and Tony in her ass and pussy. She wanted to see if their cocks were a perfect fit for her pussy at the same time! Double vaginal, baby! Davina wanted to feel both of their throbbing cocks slide in and out of her hot cunt. Dante and Tony got the job done. Which is good on them because Davina wasn't gonna stop fucking them until she felt both of them inside her moist clit.

We have a lot of videos of Davina on our site. She really is one of the mainstays of Brick Yates Productions. If you haven't seen any of her scenes yet then you need to drop your socks and grab your cocks! Cause Davina is a fucking blast! She just needs to make sure she goes back home to her hubby when she's done creaming you out.

Later, gators.

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Azbella


Well, look what we have here.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week Azbella flies into San Diego for business. But she's also got pleasure on her mind. Azbella's active duty air force at Nellis AF in Las Vegas. She flew into San Diego for a fitness competition. And, man, does this smoking hot MILF look fit! Azbella definitely takes care of her body. You know we're gonna see her strip naked and watch her hot pussy get pounded. Brick's known Azbella for a while. She knows what he does for a living. Brick's begged Azbella to do porn because she's sexy. The boss isn't wrong. Azbella agreed to film porn because she leaves the air force in a few months. Azbella figured that the chances of her getting caught while she's still serving were slim. The sooner Azbella gets a nice ass drilling by a hard dick the better.

Brick met up with Azbella at the San Diego Airport. He brought his buddy Cooper with him. Cooper was gonna do the honors and fuck Azbella. Even from afar Brick and Cooper can see that Azbella is a knockout. Azbella was excited, too. "I'm a bit nervous," she admitted. Brick told her Cooper was going to fuck her. Azbella smiled and went, "Good because he's really cute." Apparently, Cooper tanned the day before the shoot and over did it. His skin's a bit lobster red. Azbella didn't care though. Black, white, red or green Azbella couldn't wait to suck on a fat cock.

Back at Brick's studio Azbella and Cooper got comfy on the bed. Funny enough Azbella confessed that it's her first time visiting San Diego. Azbella has a fitness competition and in between that she's shooting several porn videos. Which, by the way, Azbella's first porn experience is with us. She's getting all of her first time cherries popped! Azbella is a MILF, so she's at that age where she's not gonna play games. She's a woman who knows what she wants. And she ain't asking for permission. Which is good because Cooper doesn't mind begging for Azbella's tight ass.

Brick wanted to know why Azbella wants to do porn. Her answer was direct. "Well, I'm getting out in 2 months so I really don't care at this point. I'm looking to get my feet wet in the porn industry after I'm officially out." I think most porn fans get tired of girls saying the same old "cause I need the money" schtick. But Azbella's reason is straight forward. Plus, she's into fitness competition so she takes care of her body. Azbella's built for fucking on camera.

As much as Azbella looks good in her air force uniform she looks even better out of it. After Brick was done asking Azbella a million questions, Cooper was ready to guide Azbella into her first porn. Although, he didn't need to guide Azbella too much. If anything Azbella took control and got Cooper naked before she was fully nude. Azbella looks sexy as fuck blowing on Cooper's dick in her air force uniform. She even over exaggerated with the sloppy blow job noise. I ain't complaining. It's better for a girl to over due it in a sex scene than under do it. Azbella looks amazing naked, and even hotter with a hard cock drilling her wet pussy. She's got more videos on our site that you should definitely check out. She's only done three scenes with us, but Azbella works like a fucking pro. Porn's gonna be calling her in no time. Ring, ring bitches.

See ya later, masterbator.

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Parker


Hey there, hi there, ho there!

It's my favorite day of the week. It's Model Of the Week day, baby! This week Brick and his buddy Mike are grabbing some coffee, extra creamy. Speaking of extra creamy, the guys run into Parker. She's a smoking hot babe who's temporarily training at Miramar Air Station. It's a base close to the coffee shop where Brick and Mike met her. Parker was in full military uniform, too. Parker was sitting under the shade and having a sip of her cappuccino. Brick just helped himself to a seat next to Parker. She didn't mind.

Brick joked to Parker that there's no particular reason him and Mike sat next to her. He said that they were just bored. Even Parker could tell that was bullshit. If a girl sees two dudes and one of them has a camera on them, she knows there's plenty of reasons why they wanna sit next to her. But Parker kept her cool. That's the one thing about Parker: she doesn't look nervous, or acts like she's being bothered. She has that "I got everything under control" look on her face. Hell, if she works for the military she has to adjust to keeping her cool. She's even up front with Brick. "I saw you guys staring at me with your camera," she laughs.

Parker told Brick and Mike that right now she's a specialist in the army stationed out of Camp Red Cloud in Uijeongbu, South Korea. She's in San Diego for a little bit of training until she has to ship back to South Korea. Parker said she's met plenty of nice people in South Korea and that she enjoys the experience. She actually said how bored she is being in San Diego because it's strictly work. Normally, service members love San Diego because of how beautiful the city is. Looks like Parker is one of the few who would rather be anywhere else. And "anywhere else" is where Brick and Mike are planning to take her.

A couple of hundred dollars from Brick meant that Parker was down to chill with him. "I do want to model someday," says Parker. Brick confessed that his work isn't necessarily the kind of modeling Parker would want to do. But Parker was down to do the type of modeling that Brick had in mind for her. Parker laughed and said, "Fuck it. Nobody knows who I am here." That's all Brick needed to hear to take Parker back to his studio for that porno magic! Once Parker and Brick got the formalities out of the way it was Mike's time to pound her sexy coochie.

At first Parker was a bit nervous. Understandably, she was stiff. But when she got a hold of Mike's stiff dick her nerves cooled down. Parker was quick to take off her army uniform. Mike even helped Parker take off her pink bra, much to her chagrin. She wanted to take her time a little more, and I guess Mike's eagerness was too much for Parker. But could you blame Mike? I'd sure as fuck would want to undress Parker and grab on her tight titties. Thankfully, Parker disrobed even more when Brick offered her more money. More money equals more titties.

Parker got friskier once she took off her belt. Her and Mike playfully tied her belt around her neck. Parker's getting BDSM friendly. Brick will have to pay her extra for that. Parker started to get real hot and heavy with Mike. After he gave Parker a nice dicking, she wiped his cum off her mouth and put her uniform back on. Brick asked her if she'd like to come back for a future shoot. Parker was down for it. In fact, her other shoot is a sexy Christmas-themed solo. Parker looks adorable in her red and white, candy-cane lingerie and stockings. But no matter the day of the week, Parker is a girl who's pussy I'd like to unwrap like everyday is Christmas.

Mucho gusto, fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

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