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Hi, Guys! It's Ricky Rixxx!

Hello, Brick Yates members!
This is Ricky Rixxx.

For those of you familiar with the models on this site you've probably seen me already. If you haven't seen me before check out my scenes. Don't worry. I'll wait. :)

Anyway, I'm more than just a model for the Brick Yates website. I'm also an administrator for the site. I also contribute to the site's twitter page (@BrickYates. Follow us. Don't worry. I'll wait).

Recently, Brick and I have been discussing how we can engage fans more. Fans meaning YOU! This blog entry is to let you guys know that we'll be working hard to interact with fans more on Twitter, and here on the blog.

We got a lot of ideas: retweeting our fans, posting more pictures and GIFs from our site, and posting videos of behind the scene stuff. We're even working on Q&As (We want your Qs in our As. Haha!).

We can't thank you guys enough for being apart of our journey. Like anything in life there's growing pains, and this site is no different.

We hope you guys continue to grow along with us. Plus, this will be a great opportunity for me to get to what you guys like and how I can help apply that to the website. We love our models. We love our men and women in uniform. And we love you!

Cheers to the next chapter. See you soon,
Ricky Rixxx

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor day everyone!

Live Shoot Tomorrow!

Hey everyone! I am shooting a bi-sexual 3 way tomorrow. It will be a little different than my typical shoots, but it will be with Donte Thick, Febby Twiggs, and Tony. You can watch it live for free here:

CLICK HERE: Stars.avn.com/brickyates

We should start around 12 PST

The scene will also be on the website here in two weeks.

Happy Holidays!



Hey Everyone, I hope you are all gearing up for a fun and safe holiday over the next couple of weeks. I met this girl who works at Hooters who said she was down to do photo shoots, but not porn. Since I will take what I can get, I did the photo shoot of her and am releasing it as a bonus update. It is not taking the place of a regular update. There will still be the regular scheduled update next week :) Remember, you can always send in sexy pictures of girls in uniform if you want them posted here!

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