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Brick Yates Preferred

What is Brick Yates Preferred?
Don't worry, your membership still gets you access to everything on the website! I started focusing on a new was of shooting SOME of my films. Instead of the typical film that starts with an interview and has my voice in it, the Preferred line are all complete scenarios. I film them with a little more creative effort and most importantly, my voice will not be in any of them.

What Preferred videos will have:
- A more detailed storyline
- More footage leading up to the sex scene
What Preferred videos will NOT have:
- An interview leading up to the sex scene
- My voice or influence
- POV shots (yes, unfortunately I will not appear in any preferred videos)

Extra hot updates coming up!

I just got filming some hot new scenes! I am going to try to get all the previews up as soon as I can. So you should see them in the 'upcoming updates' section. As a preview, Nataly joined the navy a few months ago, so we got her down here in her new uniform, someone who said they will NEVER do anal DOES, a guy brings his SEXY college girlfriend in who is one of the HOTTEST 19 year old blonde California girls I have ever seen, and a 19 year old Marine comes down on the advice of another member! Can't wait

Filming Downtown Today

Hey MEMBERS! I will be taking my hand held 4k camera downtown today to try and find some cute girls who want to do porn! I am going to be walking around and talking to random girls, so if you are in the area and see me, feel free to stop by and say hi!


I have always offered the mobile version of the website to offer downloads. This is so you do not have to use up all of your phones data just to watch the videos. So you can download them to your phone then watch them. As of 12/20/2016 I will be offering 4K Ultra Hi Definition videos and you will be able to download them to any device. This feature will only be available to members in the members area. Trial members will not be able to download the videos until their trial converts to full membership. This feature WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR NEW VIDEOS SHOT IN 4K.

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