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Model Of the Week - Natalee


Hello there, beautiful.

Welcome back to another Model Of the Week. This week we're back in Prague, Czech Republic. Brick was in Prague for several weeks filming dozens of hot, Czech bitches. When he wasn't filming porn he'd spend his down time hanging out with Natalee. She's 21-years-old and is born and raised in Prague. Brick's known Natalee for a couple of years when he visited Prague for business unrelated to porn.

Natalee is down to earth. Although she's a natural beauty, she loves to dress down; blue jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers is her preferred look. Natalee doesn't have many girlfriends because she loves being "one of the boys." Which is why her and Brick get along so well. She's a hot girl who doesn't care to look lady-like. But, hell, she's still a hot piece of ass!

Natalee is aware that Brick shoots porn, but she's okay with it. He'd joke to her that he could use her for a shoot, and she'd joke back that she'll consider it when she breaks up with her boyfriend. When Brick went back to Prague a year later to shoot porn, Natalee called him out of the blue. She said she's ready to fuck on camera. Brick asked, "Why? Did you break up with your boyfriend?" She said, "No. But I thought 'fuck it! I'll hide it from him!'"

Natalee's dream is to be a famous pop singer. I don't know how doing porn would get Natalee's foot in the music industry. Hell, if Britney Spears did porn I'd probably buy her records, so maybe Natalee's on to something. Before she can handle a microphone, Natalee needs to put something else in her mouth!

Unfortunately, Brick didn't have a male model for Natalee. She sprang the news on him suddenly, so he wasn't prepared. He also couldn't do a POV scene with her because he had a few girls booked for that, and the timing was bad to squeeze her in. Natalee made a bet with Brick: if she could entice a random guy in the city to shoot a scene with her, Brick would take them back to his studio that day!

Natalee is hot. But even Brick didn't think she had the balls to ask a stranger to fuck her for a porno. She was willing to show Brick she could do it. Brick, however, didn't want to be present with her because he felt it would be uncomfortable. He gave Natalee his Google Glasses to wear (remember those fucking things?), so she could film her interactions.

They were close to a museum within the city center. Brick pointed out a few museum guards, and told Natalee to find the one she thinks is cute and work her magic. She walked up to a museum guard and charmed him.

Brick couldn't hear much of what they were saying because he kept his distance. Although he could tell they were both speaking Czech, and their body language implied that they were hitting it off. A few minutes later Natalee came back to Brick with the museum guard and joked, "Say hello to my co-star!" Brick learned that the guard's name is Lutro. He doesn't speak English much, but Brick didn't care. He was impressed by Natalee's moxie and couldn't wait to film them.

Once they went back to Brick's studio, Natalee and Lutro got down to fucking! Since Lutro was literally doing his first porn ever, he'd eventually cum inside Natalee. She didn't mind. Although she told Brick she needed to rush to the pharmacy for a morning after pill because she's not on birth control. Natalee thanked Lutro for the hard pounding. Natalee joked to Brick that she needs to get the pill because she doesn't want her boyfriend to think he's a baby daddy. Yikes! Talk about not envying Natalee's boyfriend.

Brick occasionally reaches out to Natalee and asks her if she'd ever want to shoot another scene if he travels back to Prague. She said, "It depends. As long as you try not getting me pregnant next time!"

Bye-bye, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Fernanda


Well, well, well, lovelies.

It's time for another Model Of the Week.

This week we're flying our asses to Huston, Texas, and checking into a hotel suite. Or should I say hotel "sweet"? Because our girl Fernanda is the sweetest hotel maid in el mundo!

Brick flew to Huston for a business trip. Although he's the Porn Kingpin of San Diego, Brick expands his...ahem..."business" across the country. He was in Huston to film a few girls for the site.

He actually wasn't planning on filming Fernanda. He shot a scene with Naomi, a girl who worked at the hotel Brick was staying in. I guess Naomi loved Brick's fat dick enough to let Fernanda know. Talk about a great girlfriend. Haha!

Fernanda and Naomi are coworkers at the same hotel. When Naomi told Fernanda about Brick's cock, and money, she was hot to trot. Once Brick took a good look at Fernanda's sensual curves, his god damn jeans nearly tore open!

Fernanda is a hot MILF. Honestly, you couldn't tell she's a mom because she's in great shape. And her tits? Man! The girl's got mother fucking bangers!
We didn't get much information from Fernanda. Mostly because she was too shy to open up about her personal life. That's understandable. She told Brick that she's been a hotel maid for a few years. Also, she's originally from Mexico.

The biggest secret Fernanda revealed is that she loves fucking her hotel guests! Plus, she's a cum swallowing fiend! Now that's what I call a fucking bed and breakfast.

We absolutely love having Fernanda on our site. Watch her work, and give yourself a good jerk. And if you're ever in the Huston area check into Fernanda's hotel. She'll hang that "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door knob all night long.

Adios, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Lexus White


Sup, bitches!

We're back with a new Model Of the Week.

This week we got our girl Lexus White.

Lexus is 5-foot, blonde, and wears glasses that make her look adorable. She looks like a study buddy who's down for more fucking than studying.

Lexus is actually a special kind of girl. Normally, we cold-call a lot of models through want ads. Females rarely contact us to be in porn. That's just the nature of the business. Lexus found our site days after moving to San Diego from Florida. She was a straight shooter: she wanted to be in porn right away.

This was new territory for Brick. He never had a girl ask him to show her around town, hook her up with hot studs, and film her getting fucked senselessly. So, in a way, Brick was Lexus' fuck-chaperone.

Lexus told Brick that her dream is to be a porn star. She says she's a self professed "kinky little fuck toy!" She also wants to be in porn because she loves giving oral. "I have an oral fixation for sure," says Lexus. "Plus, I have a daddy complex. And I wanna share that on film." Holy shit! Lexus is a hottie who wants to put her taboos to good use.

Another fun fact about Lexus is that she was briefly in the marines. But she left as soon as she got the chance. Turns out the marines wasn't meant for her. But Lexus doesn't mind. "I had to find my true calling in life," she says, "and that true calling is porn." Right on, Lexus! Follow that dream, girl.

When Lexus isn't fucking on camera, she loves spending time outdoors. She loves kayaking, hiking, and camping. She loves spending time with her cute beagle puppy, too. She's also a competitive gamer. "I love beating mother fuckers on Halo and Call Of Duty," she laughs, "I'll make a bitch cry!"

Brick made sure Lexus got the full porn treatment, and she didn't disappoint. Whether she's throat fucking the gondola rider, banging mechanics with her girlfriend at a motorcycle shop, or getting penetrated by three marines, Lexus is a fuck freak!

Brick threw Lexus' pussy through the ringer; and her hot clit kept coming back for more.

If we had more girls like Lexus we'd never go out of business. Hit us up, ladies. Be like Lexus: dream big! Cause we'll give ya big.

Later, gators.

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Ellen


Hola, gente.

It's time. It's time. It's Model Of the Week time!

We're back in Prague this week with Ellen; an 18 year old Polish hottie. Ellen is a textbook example of the girl-next-door: innocent looking, petite, and pussy that's fresher than a ripe cherry.

Ellen just started college. I don't know how college financial aid works in Europe. But, let's face it, college is expensive all over the world. Even Ellen needs money to afford college. Since Ellen is fresh outta high school, our boss Brick was ready to invest in her doctorates degree. Hell, if I saw a fresh piece of teen ass like Ellen, I'd pay to see her get fucked until she bursts like a geyser, too!

There was a language barrier between Ellen and Brick. Ellen speaks two languages: Polish and Czech. Brick only speaks English. Understandably, Brick and Ellen had a hard time communicating. Brick, in a stroke of genius, decided to use Google Translate to communicate with Ellen. Wouldn't you fuckin' know it! Google Translate was a saving grace. Once Brick and Ellen figured out the kinks, Ellen was comfortable enough to translate her kinks.

Ellen says she loves horses and horseback riding. And my perverted mind immediately goes to Ellen loving a well-hung animal before I complete this sentence. Haha! Ellen has a boyfriend but rarely has sex with him because she's still nervous in bed. That's a shame because Ellen is smokin' hot! Nothing worse than a sweet kitty cat who's too shy to purr. Obviously, the best cure for a sexually timid girl is to throw her directly into porn!

Even though Ellen confessed she's bashful about sex, she told Brick that she loves anal. Seriously, it's always the shy girls who are the freakiest. Why is that? Any of you perverts with a psychology degree, and time to stop fondling your cock, please explain that to me.

Ellen doesn't love cum. But she doesn't mind getting a facial as long as she can spit. If Ellen knew that I love to cum-swap, she'd love a gross mother fucker like me.

Thankfully, our male model, Borka, was ready to pump Ellen up her ass. It's fuckin' hot seeing a girl who looks like she goes to bible camp get violated up her shit-pipe by a mature man.

Even though Ellen feels insecure about her sexual ambitions, she's certainly a teenybopper who's made for porn. It doesn't matter what language she speaks. Sexy is sexy. And Ellen is a sexy mother fucker.

Today's lesson: don't let language barriers stop you from hitting on a hot chick. Take out your smartphone, use Google Translate, and give it a go. Who knows? With the right charm you might land yourself a girl like Ellen. I don't know. Google it!

Later, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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