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Model Of the Week - Alexia

11/02/2022 09:00am

Sup, sex feinds.

You know what time it is. It's time for another Model Of the Week! This week we're gonna get personal with Alexia. She's a twenty-five year old, Salvadorian sex kitten. Alexia has that natural, no makeup required, beauty. On top of being a natural beauty, Alexia is also a badass Marine girl. "I'm stationed at Camp Pendleton," she says, "My rank is E-5. I like the Marines. It's awesome. Everyone I've met are all badass." Alexia is definitely a badass with a hot ass.

Alexia says she joined the Marines as a personal goal. "I wanted to join the Marines because I need a challenge in my life," she says. Alexia's ambitious. She doesn't let anything hold her back from reaching her goals. She especially doesn't let her size get in her way, too. Which, Alexia admits, is something people tease her about. "I hate it when people think I'm short!" she complains. "I'm four-foot-eleven. Everyone says that's midget height!" Alexia laughs, "but it's not. It's actually four-foot-nine! So I barely make the cut." Jeez. Don't piss Alexia about her height, folks.

Alexia explains why she's not that short. "I'm very proportionate. I don't have little arms or little legs. No offense to little people." Don't worry, Alexia. Since you're shooting a porn you probably already offended all the prudes out there. Plus, I heard midget porn is a popular genre. At least that's what my search history tells me! Haha! Brick asked Alexia if she'd bang someone shorter than her. "I wouldn't have sex with someone shorter than me," Alexia admits. "I'm sorry, but I gotta have standards!" I'm five-foot-seven, so I'm at least tall enough to ride Alexia.

Brick asked Alexia her MOS, which is an acronym for Military Occupational Specialties. Basically, it's just a sophisticated way to say what someone's job is on base. "I'm a sixty-forty-six maintenance admin. I deal with the aircrafts. I like it. It's pretty chill. I think it's definitely easy going." Alexia, however, isn't sure about staying in the Marines for long. Alexia explains, "I'm still debating whether I want to be a lifer. I've been enlisted for five years. I was previously stationed at Cherry Point in North Carolina. It was awful there! It's so hot, humid, and there's bugs everywhere." Okay, so Alexia doesn't wanna fuck people shorter than her, and she's not into small bugs. I'm starting to think she's all about "bigger" things. Wink-wink! ;-)

Alexia may look like a cute, unassuming girl. But if she's with us you know she's got a fuck freak in her that she wants to unleash. "I have a huge sex drive!" she says. "I don't masturbate often now. I have a boyfriend, so I don't need to masturbate when I can just have sex with him. Sex is better, anyway." Indeed, Alexia. It is. But Alexia did admit that when she was on base that she'd masturbate quietly. "I always had to masturbate at night on my bunk because that's the only privacy I could get. I'm not a loud masturbator." Well, isn't that polite of her to not wake the other girls while she's pleasuring herself.

Alexia love to mix sex with her hobbies. She jokingly flexed her muscles and said, "I love to workout! My boyfriend works out, too. All we do is work out and fuck. It's pretty hot." Speaking of which, you can check out Alexia and her boyfriend, Cam in 'Marine Works Out In A Public Park with Her Boyfriend'. While you're at it, check out Alexia getting stuffed up the ass by the head hancho, Brick, in 'Marine Experiments with Anal' and 'Marine Experiments with Anal Part 2'.

Before we fuck off for today, Alexia tells us what turns her on the most. "Massages and fourplay really turn me on. I love giving and receiving oral; receiving more, though." And what's Alexia's favorite moment when someone went down on her? "I meet this one girl I got drunk with" she laughs. "She was married to her husband. But her and I got wasted and went down on each other. It was awesome!" If any guys want their wives to meet Alexia for a munch session just let her know. As long as they're not shorter than she is. Haha!

Until next time, lovelies.

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Marie

10/25/2022 10:12am

Welcome back, bitches!

We're back with another Model Of the Week! This week we're taking a bite out of a sweet, Georgia peach. That peach belongs to nineteen year old Marie Hendrix. She's a petite, ebony beauty who's also in the Navy. "I'm stationed at 32nd Street," says Marie. Originally from Georgia, Marie has taken to San Diego very well. "San Diego is really great," she says with excitement. "I never been to San Diego before I was stationed here. I love San Diego. I plan on staying here after I get out of the Navy." I can't think of a better way for a girl to live the California lifestyle than to be in porn.

Marie told us why she decided to do porn. "I ordered an Uber to take me back to 32nd Street. It turns out my Uber driver works with Brick Yates on the side, and offered me a porn gig." Hey, there's crazier ways people get into porn. At least she wasn't offered to shoot porn by her Grubhub guy! Regardless, Marie's juicy, fat, teen ass is with us. We can't wait to watch her ass-cheeks get squeezed on while riding a hard dick. Before Brick gave Marie some dicks, he asked her how old she was when she had her first dick.

"I was eighteen when I lost my virginity," said, Marie. "I literally lost my virginity last year. Which means I fucked while I was on base. I was sneaky about it." Marie's actually not the first girl to tell us that she's fucked around while on base. It just goes to show that not even the most powerful military in the world can stop a woman from popping her pussy! I'll salute to that. Marie admits to touching herself on base all the time, too. "I'll masturbate sometimes while I'm there. I haven't been caught yet." Damn. With all the sneaking around Marie does on base, I'm surprised she's not some sex ninja.

Speaking of masturbating! Marie says that she plays with her pussy all the time. Especially since she's relatively new to fucking. "I masturbate a lot," Marie giggles, "I don't even bother keeping count at this point. If you ask me how many times a day I masturbate, I'd make that face where I'm thinking about it for a long time." Wow! That's a lot of masturbating. I'm surprised Marie's hand isn't glued to her pussy. Marie credits her constant masturbating to when she first started watching porn. "I started watching porn at a young age; just like everyone else. One time I got carried away watching porn. My mom came in and caught me. Surprisingly, my mom took it well." Shit, I wonder what her dad would've done if he caught her!

Marie shares more about her first impressions watching pron. "I'll never forget it" she says, "when I first saw porn I actually didn't know what the actors were doing. I just new it turned me on. That's the first time I came." Wow! Marie loves reminiscing about her sexual inhibitions. Check out our videos of Marie Hendrix. You can watch her live out her sexual fantasies in 'Navy Sailor Fresh Out Of Bootcamp', 'Condom Breaks Inside An E-2', and 'Young Sailor Knew What A Glory-hole Was'. They're all hot!

I'll leave you with some advice Marie has for us dudes. Specifically, how we can have better tasting cum. "I love the taste of cum," Marie says, "as long as guys keep drinking water, their jizz can taste like frosting." You heard her, fellas! Eight glasses of water a day can make your cum taste like birthday cake. Drink it up, fuckers!

Goodbye, geeks!

Model Of the Week - Scarlett Johnson

10/18/2022 10:05am

How's it hanging, fuckers!

It's time for a new Model Of the Week. This week we're keeping it local in the city of San Diego. Especially with our girl, Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson. Petty Officer Johnson is a barely legal cutie. She's recently out of high school, but actually got enlisted at a young age. "I'm stationed at North Island," Scarlett tells us, "I enlisted when I was seventeen. My parents signed for me to get enlisted." That's pretty young for a girl to join the Navy. But, hey, Scarlett is ambitious.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Scarlett now lives in National City. "Obviously," Scarlett points out, "I live in San Diego now because of the navy." But with all the marine girls that come our way, we wanna know why they wanna get into porn. Scarlett's reason was straight to the point. "I wanna do porn because I love dick!" Scarlett laughs. Shit! We love a girl who loves dick. More importantly, we love that we're able to give Scarlett all the dicks she craves for.

Before we give Scarlett a good dicking, we wanted to know more about her. Brick asked Scarlett how old she was when she lost her virginity. "I lost my virginity at eighteen," Scarlett blushes. "After the first time I got super horny and was, like, 'bring on some more!'" I love it when a girl opens up her sexual inhibitions, along with opening up her sweet pussy lips. It turns out Scarlett has a kinky side. "One time someone put a leash on me and pulled the leash while I was sucking his dick," Scarlett says. "I like kinky shit, bitches!" Note to self: have a leash with me anytime I'm around Officer Johnson.

Scarlett shared even more kinky stuff with us. "I've actually had sex on a naval ship," she says with a grin on her face. "It was with a guy. I would've fucked a girl if I could, too. I like girls." What type of girl does Scarlett prefer? "My type of girl is if they're short they have to have a fat ass and long hair. I'm an ass girl. I love booty!" There's nothing more beautiful about a girl who loves ass; or should I say "booty-ful"? Haha! Scarlett's also not afraid to get freaky in public. "I've had sex in a restroom stall," she laughs. "It was at a Target store." Damn! That's what I call hitting Scarlett's target.

We've had the pleasure of shooting Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson in several scenes. In fact, she's been one of our featured girls for quite some time now. Our fans absolutely love Petty Officer Johnson's cute smile, sense of humor, and the ability to take a hard dick like a champ! Check out her scenes. Whether she's blowing cocks through a glory hole like in Petty Officer Johnson VS. The Glory Hole, or getting pounded while she's dressed like Princess Leia in Princess Leia Fucks Kylo Ren for Halloween, Scarlett is a porn girl on the rise. And speaking of "on the rise" that's what Scarlett will have you doing for days!

I'll leave you today with a quote from Scarlett. It's about one of her tattoos. She has a couple of Chinese symbols on her right arm. "The tattoo means hope, love, and happiness," she says. "I got it because I have hope, love, and happiness." Well, Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson, we wish you all the hope, love, and happiness in the world. You're an angel, sweetheart. A kinky, freaky, and devilish angel!

Hasta manana, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Nikki Haines


Howdy, mother fuckers!

You know what time it is. It's time for another Model Of the Week. This week we're gonna give a lesbian her first dick! Nikki Haines is a twenty-year-old cutie and is all about the snatch. Typically, we'd shoot a girl on girl scene if we're filming lesbians. No dicks allowed, obviously. Unless it's a dildo. Yet, somehow or another, Nikki was not only going to shoot her first porn scene with us, but also get fucked by a dude for the first time in her life! Porn is weird.

Nikki came into the studio wearing her Alpha uniform. "I'm from Texas," says Nikki, "although I grew up mostly in Europe. But then I moved back to Texas." Looks like we got ourselves a European Texan. That's a first. Nikki explains why she came back to Texas from Europe. "I wanted to graduate in the States before I joined the marine corps."

What we really wanna know is why Nikki, a self proclaimed lesbian, wanted to fuck a guy. Let alone shoot her first porn with a guy. Nikki kind of gave Brick one of those non-answers. "Obviously, I've had sex before," she said, "just never with a guy. I've never had a dick in my vagina. My girlfriend's cool with it." We hope Nikki's girlfriend is cool with it, too. Maybe even cool enough to join her for a future lesbian shoot? For now, Brick gave Nikki a good ol' Alabama boy named River.

Nikki wore a special kind of panties for her first dick. "I'm wearing black colored panties," she says. "I watched the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, and in the movie black panties mean you're about to have sex for the first time. That's exactly why I wore black panties today, since I'm gonna fuck a guy for the first time!" That's a pretty unique way to celebrate your first dick.

Although Nikki is all about the pussy, she actually was excited about River's cock. "I checked out River's crotch when we met earlier today. I can tell he's hung like a horse!" she says. Nikki even has a twinkle in her eyes while talking about River's schlong. Nikki also jokes to Brick "You told me earlier that River's dick is like a baby's arm. I actually hate that comparison. 'Cause now that's what I'm gonna imagine when he fucks me: a baby's arm!" Nikki bursts out laughing at that thought.

"I've never even sucked off a guy's dick before," Nikki admits. She continues, "Penises are alien to me. I never even fucked around with dudes in high school. I dated a guy once but he was gay, so it doesn't count. He was my beard. It's a gay term." I looked up what beard means in the gay culture and it's "a person who is used knowingly, or unknowingly, as a date, romantic partner, or a spouse to conceal one's sexual orientation." That's an interesting term that I've never heard until now. But, hey, code words are code words, I suppose.

Honestly, for a lesbian who's never sucked a dick before, Nikki knows what the fuck she's doing. Brick didn't have to instruct her at all on how to suck off River. She gave River's cock a couple of nice spit shines until he got rock hard. Nikki barely got any spit and pre-cum on her Alpha uniform. When it was time for River to eat out Nikki she was ready to instruct him on how to eat her pussy. "Slower strokes with your tongue," Nikki demanded. Then she told him to go faster. When River was pounding Nikki from behind she unbuttoned her Alpha uniform while moaning heavily.

River then stuck his cock in Nikki's asshole. "Can I shove it up your ass?" River asked. "I don't know. Maybe it'll fit?" Nikki replied. She was visibly uncomfortable from the pain. But then she'd laugh it off once she got comfortable. "Holy fuck!" Nikki screamed, "that hurts like a bitch!" River took his time fucking Nikki's ass. She got into it once she could tell he was being gentle with her butthole. After a few more seconds of anal penetration Nikki pushed River off her and said, "okay, it hurts." She grabbed his dick and shoved it back into her pussy. Not long after River creamed on Nikki's tits.

River rubbed his dick on Nikki's nipples. Then he told her to suck the rest of the cum off his cock. She went right for his mushroom tip. When Brick asked Nikki how her first time with a guy went she moaned, "I was good. It was really good, honestly. Although I don't like cum. Pussy is still better!" We can't argue with that logic.

I'm outtie, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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