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Model Of the Week - Ellen


Hola, gente.

It's time. It's time. It's Model Of the Week time!

We're back in Prague this week with Ellen; an 18 year old Polish hottie. Ellen is a textbook example of the girl-next-door: innocent looking, petite, and pussy that's fresher than a ripe cherry.

Ellen just started college. I don't know how college financial aid works in Europe. But, let's face it, college is expensive all over the world. Even Ellen needs money to afford college. Since Ellen is fresh outta high school, our boss Brick was ready to invest in her doctorates degree. Hell, if I saw a fresh piece of teen ass like Ellen, I'd pay to see her get fucked until she bursts like a geyser, too!

There was a language barrier between Ellen and Brick. Ellen speaks two languages: Polish and Czech. Brick only speaks English. Understandably, Brick and Ellen had a hard time communicating. Brick, in a stroke of genius, decided to use Google Translate to communicate with Ellen. Wouldn't you fuckin' know it! Google Translate was a saving grace. Once Brick and Ellen figured out the kinks, Ellen was comfortable enough to translate her kinks.

Ellen says she loves horses and horseback riding. And my perverted mind immediately goes to Ellen loving a well-hung animal before I complete this sentence. Haha! Ellen has a boyfriend but rarely has sex with him because she's still nervous in bed. That's a shame because Ellen is smokin' hot! Nothing worse than a sweet kitty cat who's too shy to purr. Obviously, the best cure for a sexually timid girl is to throw her directly into porn!

Even though Ellen confessed she's bashful about sex, she told Brick that she loves anal. Seriously, it's always the shy girls who are the freakiest. Why is that? Any of you perverts with a psychology degree, and time to stop fondling your cock, please explain that to me.

Ellen doesn't love cum. But she doesn't mind getting a facial as long as she can spit. If Ellen knew that I love to cum-swap, she'd love a gross mother fucker like me.

Thankfully, our male model, Borka, was ready to pump Ellen up her ass. It's fuckin' hot seeing a girl who looks like she goes to bible camp get violated up her shit-pipe by a mature man.

Even though Ellen feels insecure about her sexual ambitions, she's certainly a teenybopper who's made for porn. It doesn't matter what language she speaks. Sexy is sexy. And Ellen is a sexy mother fucker.

Today's lesson: don't let language barriers stop you from hitting on a hot chick. Take out your smartphone, use Google Translate, and give it a go. Who knows? With the right charm you might land yourself a girl like Ellen. I don't know. Google it!

Later, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Devin


Hey-ho, fuckers!

It's time for another Model Of the Week!

This week we're scoring all the goals with Devin.

Devin is 21 years old. She's a cutie from our neck of the woods -- San Diego. Her body's super banging. She's got a tight figure and a plump ass. Devin said she got her petite body from being a soccer player and a referee.

My favorite thing about Devin (other than she's hot) is that she's got a giant personality. She's super giggly and loves to laugh. Devin has that tomboy, "just one of the guys" charisma. Her charm is so infectious that you forget she's smokin' hot. I absolutely love girls like that. The kind of girls that are gorgeous, but their looks take second place to their character.

What's even cooler is that Devin shot her very first scene with us! Brick wanted to know more about Devin before she got down to the bumpin' and grindin'.
First, he asked Devin about playing soccer. "I've been playing for a long while," says Devin, "and I've been a soccer ref for 4 years because I love being a know-it-all in soccer."

Devin transitioned from soccer player to referee because she wants to have a career in the sport. I guess if you're a soccer player (or any athlete for that matter) injuries eventually pile up. Moving from a player to an official is the right call if Devin wants to stick to the game. Props to ya, girl!

Brick asked Devin why she wants to get into porn. Devin said, "The money doesn't hurt. I'm kinda branching out and feeling comfortable with myself. I need a side hustle, and porn is kinda fun."

Devin told Brick that she loves to be a freak in bed. Being a freak in the sheets helps her know what her boundaries are. "I like pain," she says, "biting and scratching is my thing. I wanna know where I can stop. I haven't found my limit yet." I sure hope she finds her limit with us!

Devin also said that she's bisexual, although she hasn't been with many girls. "I've only been with five girls my whole life. With guys I like to be submissive. But with girls I like to be dominant and on top. I love to be a little rough with girls. I love the look on their faces when I tell them to 'get over here!'" Then she jokingly did the "get over here" arm gesture, like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Damn! I love this girl's sense of humor!

Brick asked Devin how old she was when she lost her virginity. It wasn't so much the age that shocked Brick, but with WHO she lost her virginity to. "I lost my virginity when I was 14 to my gay best friend. Even though he was gay I convinced him to be my first. I trusted him. I didn't want my first time to be with some random dude, and then regret it later." Wow! I wonder how many girls lose their virginity to their gay male friends? That's something we don't hear very often. Someone get a census on that, stat.

It was super cool to get to know Devin. If you wanna get to know her more, and I mean MORE, then check out her scenes. On top of having an awesome personality, she also has a sexual presence that compliments the camera. Some women are just made to fuck on film. Trust me. Devin is definitely one of those women.

I know this entry isn't as filthy as my other blogs. But fuck it! Devin is super amazing. I wanted to be a little modest writing about her. You can be a pervert on your own god damn time!

Priorities, people. Priorities.

Hasta luego!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Zay Fisher


Howdy, cunts!

It's Model Of the Week time!

This week we're dropping our pants and saluting our "troops" to Zay Fisher.

Zay is a US soldier. She's a woman who's up front and doesn't take bullshit from anyone. She especially doesn't take shit from punk ass men. That was gonna be a challenge for me, because I was shooting with her.

Zay's done several scenes for the site. She's what we call in the porn biz a fuck alumni (we don't REALLY call it that, but let's make it a thing).

I was excited to shoot with Zay. I love getting to know the girls I work with. It's a great way to break the ice.

Normally, I have an easy time connecting with female models. But Zay was a tough cookie. She didn't seemed impressed by my friendly approach. So, ever the Don Juan, I had to up my game.

I'm a very jokey guy, and I'll say anything to make a girl smile. That's when I pulled out the big guns: dad jokes!

I banged out all the classics: "why did the chicken cross the road?" "What do you call a..." and my all time favorite, ""What's black and white and red all over?" And...well...Let's just say I got crickets.

Zay didn't laugh at any of my jokes (she knows what good comedy is, apparently). But she did blush red and smile at me. Although I think she blushed and smiled because she thought I was a nerd. Whatever. I'll take a pity smile. I'll also take a pity fuck!

Zay told me to shut the fuck up and eat her pussy. If you don't want to let a woman down, you have to GO DOWN. ;-)

And, man, let me tell you, Zay's pussy ain't fucking around. I loved how she had just the right amount of pubic hair: not completely shaven, yet not a tangled bush. Her clit tasted so sweet, too. I was licking on her pink lips like I was eating the last candy on earth!

We fucked on her couch. She took off her uniform, but put her camo jacket back on. I'm not aware if soldiers are allowed to fuck with their camo jackets on. Is that against military rules, or something? Fuck it! Don't tell her commanding officer!

Zay's the first soldier I got to fuck. I've always wanted to support the troops. I don't know about "God bless America," but pounding Zay's wet snatch made me feel all kinds of blessed. Haha!

After we finished fucking like animals, I gave Zay a sweet treat of my own. I slapped my dick against her lips and dropped a hot load all over her mouth. Zay sucked me off like a lollipop.

After Zay put her uniform back on I asked her if she wanted to hear more dad jokes. She told me if I didn't say any dad jokes she'd fuck me again.

Ouch! Tough crowd.

Later, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Carolina


What's good, fuckers!

Welcome back to another Model Of the Week.

Today we're jumping in the shower with Carolina.

Carolina is a native San Diegan. Right now she lives in Tijuana. She's a sensual Latina who's got curves for days.

Carolina works as a nurse. But her real passion is being a bikini model. She's currently training for her bikini competition and it shows. The girl's in great shape. For someone who's only 21, Carolina's body is fuckin' grown! This ain't no petite bitch we're fucking with. She's got giant tits and a round ass that screams, "juicy!"

Brick and Carolina hit it off by talking about a Chargers game. Specifically, about a security guard who got caught on national TV jacking off for perving out on a Chargers cheerleader. That's, uh, one way to break the ice with a girl. Haha!

Carolina is all about getting tatted and pierced up. She has a piercing on her left titty nipples, and a giant tattoo on her stomach. She says she loves it for the pain. Oh, and she got a boob job to celebrate her 21st birthday. That's certainly a present for us.

Brick invited Carolina to the studio on New Years Eve because she doesn't have any plans for the new year. Well, if she's with us she does now! Cause Brick is gonna film her washing her ripe pussy and ass in the shower.

Carolina took off her clothes to reveal her red, micro-bikini. Her bikini is so tiny that it can barely contain her huge tits.

Thankfully, her bikini doesn't stay on for too long. She strips naked and heads for the shower. Carolina's ass is a work of art when it's wet. She goes right to her clit and plays with herself. She's instantly soaking wet from the shower water and her clit juices.

Brick's shower has a glass door where he clamped a huge dildo on; the dildo has a suction cup at the end for it to stick on the glass.

Carolina stuck her ass out and slid her coochee in the dildo. She penetrated her clit back and forth so hard her ass was slapping against the glass door. She then kneeled down and deep throated the dildo until she gagged. I bet her pussy tasted sweet while she was licking off her moist clit from the dildo.

The shower has a lot of space, too, so Carolina sat across the tile floor. She spread her legs wide open; showing off her sweet, pink pussy. She rubbed her wet kitty until she came!

When she was finished she dried up, put her bikini back on, and left the studio in her bikini. She didn't even put her jeans and t-shirt back on. She said she wanted to stay in her bikini for the new year. That's a hot way to celebrate.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take a shower. I need to wash off all the filth from thinking about Carolina's luscious fuckin' ass!

Peace out, pussy fiends.

Ricky Rixxx

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