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New videos!

Hey everyone, I am away from my main computer at home, but I PROMISE to have more hot videos up this Sunday when I get home!! And FYI while I've been in Washington, I met this sexy half latina waitress that's going to come over to my hotel room with her boyfriend and have some fun. So that will be coming soon as well!

Sexy Latina Waitress Slut

I went to get my haircut today, and swung into the mexican restaurant next door to grab a quick carne asana burrito. My servers name was Estella, she was sexy as shit. I'm guessing around 29 years old, tight shirt with skin tight black pants. The same kind they have at all mexican restaurants. She had big ass DD titties and a big rock on her wedding finger. I brought up a few things about her job to get an idea of how she was for money, but couldn't really tell so before I left, I gave it to her straight. I told her she could come by if she wanted to make some extra cash so we will see if she calls. I left her my number. Lets all keep our fingers crossed! Hopefully she will be as willing as Natalia Springs

I met a HIGH SCHOOL cheerleader today!!!

Today I met a cute little Latina chick that was super flirtatious! It turns out she is a cheerleader and is still in high school. She went to prom this week and just sent me a pic of her in her dress. I felt like a total creeper, but it was way hott!!! Her name is Nicole. She wants to come over and get crazy, so we shall see how it turns out!!

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