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Looking forward

Hey everyone, I know it has been a little while since my last blog post but I just wanted to update you and give you a hint at what's coming. I have another job now, but that DOES NOT mean you will be getting less updates! It just means I don't have as much time to make blog posts. I am looking g at getting a 4k camera here when I can. That way we will be able to see these girls in even higher resolution than ever! I have also been talking to a few marines about doing some shoots soon so we have that to look forward to!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hey everyone, hope you all have your costumes sorted out for this years tick-or-treating! When your done bag-snatching from the neighborhood kids be sure to check out some of the Halloween porn updates! Whether you're into sexy zombies sucking cock, Bat Girl fucking the Joker, A leopard getting fucked by Scooby-Doo, or Bat Girl fingering her ass we have it! Be safe... or not, fuck it, get drunk then come home and jack off!!!

More Bonus Updates!

Hey everyone, I am putting together a special shoot for ComicCon this year! All of you comic fans will like it... I hope! And to have the update out during ComicCon next week, I was going to have to either push one update back or release one early. So I am going to release the next two early! one will be coming out tonight as soon as I get it uploaded, and if all goes as planned the other will be out next week!

Military Updates and Bonus Content!

This Tuesday, another sailor from 32nd street will be on the site.. She will be in uniform of coarse! I also have a few bonus updates of guys and girls in the military here in San Diego from a few years ago that were never released. They were filmed by Dirk Yates, I am just going through the old footage and seeing if their is enough for 4 separate updates. These will NOT take the place of any regular updates, they will all be extra bonus updates. So far I have an hour and 38 minutes of footage.. These girls are fucking sexy, young and all get tagged teamed by more than one military guy! Woot Woot!

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