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2015 Rabbits Review RISE award Nominee

Hey everyone, its that time of the year again! The Rabbits Review RISE awards are here!!! Last year we won Best New Site, and this year we have been nominated Amateur Site of the Year! I hope everyone likes the videos! I know everyone likes something different, so if Brick Yates doesnt tickle your fancy make sure to check out Rabbits Reviews before signing up with another website so you know what your getting! Happy Fapping!

Hardcore Super Bowl Seahawk Sex

Hardcore Seahawks sex with a sexy seagal. While I was in Las Vegas, I ran into Dick and he was with a sexy Seagal and Rawlings had his Kam Chancellor Seahawks jersy on too. She is the ultimate MILF and wanted to take Rawlings upstairs to show her appreciation for his 12th man spirit by fucking his brains out and sucking the cum out of him and Dick. The video will be bumped up to this Tuesday n light of the super bowl V. the New England Patriots.

Who likes Uniforms and Sex?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am planning a special Christmas scene with some festive holiday themed fucking and sucking! Merry Christmas to porn lovers like me! I really just wanted to let you guys know Im still alive and that I have some cool shit coming! Have a happy thanksgiving! Cant wait to watch the football games! Oh ya, and if anyone has any ideas or would like to see anything in particular please let me know!

Charity for homeless and homeless veterans this Christmas

I am a U.S. Navy veteran of 6 years. I was stationed in the wonderfull city of San Diego during my servive where I made my new home. After seeing homeless people all over the world during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I thought it was going to be a relief and a wonderfull feeling to return home to San Diego. Unfortunately there is a lot of our fellow San Diegans and some veterans that are experiencing the same homeless hardships right here in our back yard. After I got out of the Navy, I started a small Photo and Video company that I have ran by myself for the past 2 years. This winter I want to do a little more than something for my company or for myself. I want to make sure the unsheltered homeless people can at least stay warm this winter. I do not just want to raise money, I will be investing personal and company money for this as well. My Goal is to be able to deliver 1,000 sweatshirts to unsheltered homeless individuals throughout San Diego this year. I am working with a great screenprinting company that is also helping with this endeavor. Six19 Printing is extending their generocity by giving me the hooded sweatshirts for $8.00 per shirt. Thanks to them, I will be saving at least $3.00 per shirt. Our 1,000 shirts is expecting to cost $8,000 to purchase and deliver to people in need. I am trying to raise $3,000 to contribute to this endeavor. Please find it in your heart to help! Thank You, Brick Yates

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