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Google Glass seen as future of porn!

So yesterday I was sick but still managed to make it up to LA after my world religions final exam to sit in on a "Google Glass and Porn" seminar.. Ironic I know.. So I am 20 minutes early, don't know anyone and I am sitting outside of the door waiting to go in. This lady saw me wearing Google Glass and asked if I was a speaker at the seminar. I told her i wasn't, that I just use them because I don't get kicked out of public places as fast as when I use a big camera. lol So she told me she was a reporter for the L.A. Times and asked if she could interview me about Google Glass and Porn. Check out the L.A. Times article here! Brick Yates is the ONLY GUY brave enough to start using Glass for porn in public!!!!!!

True candid POV COMING with Google Glasses!!!

Hey everyone! I have exciting news.. I am editing this weeks update as we speak, but there is better news! I had to pull some strings but my friend Dirk and I got our hands on some Google Glasses this week and if you haven't heard of it you should youtube it! this means we are going to see some true candid porn encounters.. now I can use my glasses to film how I am meeting these models! so you guys can see it all from start to finish!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that we have fixed the problem with the authentication of android based mobile streaming! Everything seems to be working fine now. If you have any type of device that fails to stream a video please let me know! Happy Porning!

Mobile Device Problems

Hi, Thank you who made me aware of continued mobile device issues! I am having them install new software to make the mobile version better! It shouldn't take long to install.

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