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Model Of the Week - Lynn

Hello, Brick Yates fans!

I hope everyone's having a great week.

This blog entry is about the model of the week, Lynn. She's a cute teen who's done several shoots for us. Lynn is originally from Illinois and was shipped out for boot camp after graduating high school. While Lynn was stationed in Camp Pendleton she found us and was excited about the idea of getting fucked on camera. And you know us. We love serving those who serve our country.

Lynn is now a marine admin. "I'm a desk jockey pretty much," she says. We asked Lynn why she wanted to join the marines. Lynn said it was for the challenge and travel. "I want to do something better for the world," she says.

Lynn told us that the big guys shouting orders at her is the one thing that scares her about the marines; especially since she's barely 5'0". "A lot of them call me a bitch and they don't care if you're a girl. It is intimidating."

We asked Lynn why she wants to be in porn. "I wanna do porn for extra cash and the thrill to be on camera. I've pretty much done everything sexual, but just not on camera," says Lynn.

Lynn refers to her sex life in female boot camp as a lesbian orgy. Smiling, she admits, "I do like women. I'd cuddle with women at night. I catch girls laying with other girls; fucking, touching, and moaning on each other. In the shower you'd catch the girls touching each other."

Lynn excitedly goes further with her sex life and what turns her on. "I love sex! One time when I was in North Carolina, I was with my girlfriend. We meet these two marines earlier in the day. We snuck them into our room through the fire escape. And me and my friend fucked the guys in the same room!"

Lynn doesn't just love fucking on a good dick. She also loves pussy! "I have been with a girl," she says. "We fucked in a car. It was awesome. I had relationships with girls in high school."

God damn! Lynn is just an all around cutie. Watch her pretty, teen pussy get fucked like a maniac! I personally love her scene with Russian hunk Tony Sting. It's so hot watching Tony's thick dick pound Lynn's wet cunt.

Until next time, you horny fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday. You know what that means: Hump Day!

Today for Hump Day I thought I'd be fun to pick a model from the site and show off her sexy ass!

Asia is a sexy Hooters waitress who's plump ass looks incredible in those orange, tight shorts. I love how Asia's ass is so round you can see her pussy lips peek out of her shorts. It's like those orange shorts of hers is fighting to stay on her ass.

Imagine having Asia give you a big, wet, juicy blowjob while she sticks up her big juicy ass in the air! I'd love nothing more than to grab the bottom of Asia's orange shorts and pull them up to tighten against her clit. I just wanna smack her plump ass until it burns bright red.

Asia's ass is just incredible. Which is why she's the best girl for Hump Day. What do you love about Asia's ass? What would you do to her ass in you had it? Send me your perverted ass fantasies!

Ricky Rixxx

Hi, Guys! It's Ricky Rixxx!

Hello, Brick Yates members!
This is Ricky Rixxx.

For those of you familiar with the models on this site you've probably seen me already. If you haven't seen me before check out my scenes. Don't worry. I'll wait. :)

Anyway, I'm more than just a model for the Brick Yates website. I'm also an administrator for the site. I also contribute to the site's twitter page (@BrickYates. Follow us. Don't worry. I'll wait).

Recently, Brick and I have been discussing how we can engage fans more. Fans meaning YOU! This blog entry is to let you guys know that we'll be working hard to interact with fans more on Twitter, and here on the blog.

We got a lot of ideas: retweeting our fans, posting more pictures and GIFs from our site, and posting videos of behind the scene stuff. We're even working on Q&As (We want your Qs in our As. Haha!).

We can't thank you guys enough for being apart of our journey. Like anything in life there's growing pains, and this site is no different.

We hope you guys continue to grow along with us. Plus, this will be a great opportunity for me to get to what you guys like and how I can help apply that to the website. We love our models. We love our men and women in uniform. And we love you!

Cheers to the next chapter. See you soon,
Ricky Rixxx

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor day everyone!

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