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Model Of the Week - Dona

Oye, fuckers!

You know what time it is! We got another "Model Of the Week" for ya. This week we're hoppin' our asses back to Europe. That's where we'll find Dona.

Borka, a porn actor and producer from Eastern Europe, found Dona in Amsterdam. Dona is as sexy as a European hottie can get: blonde, seductive, and speaks in that sensual foreign accent (we later found out she's from Romania). Imagine a hot femme fatale seducing James Bond to fuck her. That's the vibe you get from Dona.

It's a rainy day out. But Borka's horny to get Dona's pussy wet. Dona's relaxing outside the balcony of a public plaza. Borka gives her a single rose as a token of affection. She seductively caresses the rose against her lips. Dona is a bitch in heat! She's frisky for Borka. There's no denying she wants to caress Borka's hard dick against her lips.

Dona, looking stunning in her black silk dress and lingerie, told Borka that she's 21. She even showcased her long legs to Borka by sitting on the edge of the balcony and raising her legs up; giving everyone at the plaza a great view of her black panties. Borka freaked out because he didn't want her to fall. But Dona laughed it off. She was excited about making Borka nervous.

Now it's time for Dona to show Borka how much of a slut she is. Before they fucked Donna looked Borka directly in the eyes and said, "I'm gonna eat you." Holy shit! It's definitely lunch time!

Dona doesn't wait to be taken into the room to get fucked. She wants Borka to ram her from behind on the balcony. In front of everyone in the plaza! "They don't mind," Dona says to Borka, and stroking his dick through his pants. "There's a lot of people here. You're crazy!" Broka protests. But Dona doesn't give a fuck. She's immediately down on her knees and gives him a blow job in front of the entire city of Amsterdam!

You can simultaneously hear Dona slurping on Borka's thick meat while people are making noises. Are they aware that Dona's getting face-fucked? Maybe. But it makes Dona's clit wet and juicy.

Borka was holding the camera while Dona was sucking his dick. He'd occasionally switch the camera angel from Dona blowing him, to shooting the crowd; seeing if anyone was watching them fuck in public.

Borka turned Dona around, ripped her panties off, and raw dogged her from behind. If people at the plaza couldn't tell they were fucking before, they probably could now.

Borka was slamming Dona's cunt from behind so hard that Dona was screaming. That was enough for Bokra to decide it was time to fuck Dona inside; away from the public. Dona strip-teased for Borka for a few minutes. She then begged "now can I have your dick?" You sure can, Dona.

Borka laid Dona on a glass table and shoved his thick helmet in her mouth, pussy, and ass! Dona couldn't resist having him deep inside all of her holes. It was time for Borka to drop his fuckin' loads all over Dona's face. She sucked his warm jizz like a vacuum. After she was done drinking every drop of Borka's cum, he asked her if she was still hungry. "Yes!" Dona moaned. She then wiped Borka's spunk off her chin and rubbed it in her asshole.

I don't know about y'all. But I need to take a trip to Europe. Cause girls like Dona love to fuck BEFORE dinner. That deserves an extra, ahem, "tip" from me. ;-p

Adios, perverts.

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Mandy Alvarez

What up, perv-fucks!

You know what time it is. It's another model of the week. This week we got Mandy Alvarez. Mandy's a petite Latina. She's a bite-sized cutie. She's got a tiny frame and perky tits. She's basically every girl next door you wanted to bone, and then send her on her way to study.

Mandy's training to be a nurse at Pima Medical Institute in Chula Vista. When we found out she was a nurse we immediately wanted to see her in her scrubs.

Mandy's tiny frame is striking. She's absolutely fuckin' adorable. Her petite body makes me wanna fuck her tight pussy! She's got a smile that would hypnotize anyone to pound her raw! Mandy is just a grade A cutie pie!

Before we filmed Mandy getting hammered by a thick cock, we wanted to get to know her. Brick asked her why she wanted to study nursing. "I absolutely love it," she said, "I'm learning a lot. It's a field I wanna go into because I love helping people." We could tell by the tone of her voice that she genuinely cares about people. We love a woman like Mandy who can be a big part of her community AND be a fuck-freak!

We brought in our boy Mike Felps to do the honors, and pound Mandy's sweet clit in her very first porn! That's right. We got to be the first to shoot this Latina firecracker! We love finding out we're the first porn company that gets to pop Mandy's cherry. And, oh boy, did Mike do some fuckin' poppin'!

One thing we noticed during our interview with Mandy is that while she was talking to us on our bed, she had her hand clutching on Mike's throbbing dick the whole time! Talk about a multi-tasker. Mandy is 5'1 ("fun-sized" according to her) and Mike is over 6-feet tall. Seeing Mike tower over Mandy's small body was a sight.

Mandy and Mike got busy. Mike started off by rubbing on Mandy's pussy while she still had her scrubs on. He got her wet to the point that her pussy juices where soaking through the crotch of her pants! Mandy then went down on Mike. As we expected, Mike's dick was too big for Mandy to deep throat him. She gagged instantly!

Mandy was so overwhelmed by Mike's package that she could barely breathe. Once he stuck his dick in her twat, Mandy moaned loudly and had a painful look on her face. That's how much Mike was hurting Mandy so good. After Mike gave Mandy a dicking with some doggy and missionary, he was ready to blow his load.

Brick asked Mandy how she's gonna enjoy the cum shot in her mouth. Mandy said, "No! I'm not use to it!" Mandy wanted to get jizzed in her face. It made no difference to Mike. He was ready to blow his load like a Geiser!

Mike glazed Mandy's face like a cream filled donut. He aimed for her mouth and Mandy made sure to close it shut. After Mike came, Brick joked that Mandy didn't want his cum in her mouth. "That's the first place you go, man!" laughs Mike. Hey, he's not wrong. Haha!

Mandy was thrilled to shoot with us. When she graduates nursing school we know what we're getting her for a graduation present: more huge dick to choke her throat dry!

Peace out, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Tori

What's up, fuckers!

It's model of the week time!

This week we hit up Tori. Tori's definitely got the porn star look: blonde, big tits, and tattoos. She's a punk rock chick you'd see going crazy at the bar; the one yelling "shots" to the crowd and having people drink tequila off her tits.

It was interesting how we got Tori. A member of the website told us he had a girl that wanted to shoot with us. That's usually how we get most of our girls. Normally, Brick vets potential models for the site before he schedules a shoot. But this time around Brick put together a shoot quickly, because it turns out Tori was visiting from the East coast and she could only shoot with us that day and then bounce.

So this was gonna be a "get her in, get her fucked, and get her out" type of shoot. Thankfully, Brick was pleasantly surprised to see that Tori was a knockout. He was also surprised to find out that she didn't have enough time to change before her flight, so she showed up in her work clothes. It turns out Tori is a cashier at PetSmart.

Funny enough Brick shot a scene with a PetSmart girl before -- Alice. Fuck! I'm beginning to think all the horny bitches work a PetSmart. Get yourself a pet, fellas. Bitches love pets.

Tori has some heavy fuckin' titties. She told us she's a natural 34F. I'm not up with women's breasts sizes. If I like what I see, I like what I see. But with Tori you can immediately tell she's packing some fuckin' knockers. Her tits look like they can barely be contained by her tight PetSmart t-shirt. "My tits pop out of my bra, too" Tori says, "so it's kinda embarrassing. But guys love it."

Brick asked Tori what her favorite thing about sex is. "I'm really good at sloppy blowjobs," she says, "like deep throat." Well, Tori. We just so happen to have a nice dick ready for you. When Tori titty fucked our male model's dick, his dick got lost between her giant breasts. It was crazy to see how easily her tits swallowed up his mushroom tip.

Tori's large bangers were even hotter when she lubed them up with oil. When she was riding on our guy's cock her breasts where clapping up in down loudly. It was at this point Brick thought "fuck it!" and actually joined them! Tori got her ass up for doggy style. While she was getting fucked by our guy from behind she was sucking on Brick's dick.

In the end, Brick dropped his fuckin' load inside Tori's throat while our male model jizzed in her ass. After the scene Tori didn't even clean up. She wiped the cum off her asshole, swallowed the spunk she had in her mouth, put her PetSmart uniform back on and headed back to the airport to fly back home.

For those of you reading this blog, remember: if you know a girl who'd like to shoot with us, or if you ARE a girl who'd like to shoot with us, hit us up. We'll bring you some cash...and leave you drenched in hot cum!

Peace, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Adriana

Sup, fuckers!

It's Wednesday! You know what that means!

We got another model of the week. We're going across the pond for this one.

Brick was in Prague where he met Adriana. She's a hot redhead with some rockin' tattoos.

Brick talked to Adriana and noticed she didn't have a Czech accent. That's because Adriana is from the United Kingdom; so she had a sexy British accent.

Brick and Adriana met in downtown Prague at a hotdog stand, as you do. Haha! Brick asked Adriana what she was doing in Prague. She told him she was backpacking across Europe before she went back to Uni. That's short for university. I guess they say "Uni" in the UK.

They hit it off quickly. Brick is a smooth talker and was able to make Adriana laugh. That's the way to a woman's heart, gentlemen: humor. It's also eventually the way to her panties!

Brick asked Adriana if she wanted to shoot with him later in the day. She was definitely interested.

They met in Brick's room and got busy. "I usually ask people a bunch of questions before we shoot," Brick told Adriana, "but this time I'm not gonna!" The boss was that hard for Adriana's pussy.

He was so hard that Adriana immediately made him cum! But no worries. Adriana was far from finished. She wanted to suck and fuck him completely dry.

After a few minutes of head, Adriana got on Brick's hard cock and started riding him reverse cowgirl. Brick could see Adriana's tight asshole winking at him, so he took a chance and shoved his thumb up her ass. Adriana didn't mind at all. She moaned in excitement.

Since he already came, Brick just pounded Adriana until he was exhausted. Once Brick was fucked out, he asked Adriana if she wanted to have a cold beer with him. She giggled, wiped the sweat off her body, and moaned yes.

We really hope Adriana is doing well in Uni. We wish her all the success. More importantly, we wish her all of that stiff Uni dick!

Hasta luego!

Ricky Rixxx

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