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Model Of the Week - Jasmin


Hello, lovelies.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week we're study-buddies with Jasmin: a college student from the Philippines. Jasmin's a 20-year-old Filipina beauty. More importantly, she's ready to exposes all of her sexual fantasies with us. "I usually fantasize about the guys I see on campus," she says, "and I think about them fucking me. It's really hot and it gets me horny." God damn! Jasmin makes me regret not taking advantage of college more. Or is it taking advantage of more college girls? Haha!

Her sexual desires go beyond her classmates. She also dreams about fucking her math professor. "I actually teased my professor during class," she blushes. Jasmin loved flirting with her math professor, too. "I told him he was handsome and bit my lip," she said, with a shy smirk, "he smiled back at me...I think he likes me." We hope Jasmin's professor likes her, too. We'd love to film a teacher-fucking-his-student scene.

Jasmin admits that she was a teenager when she got into sex. "I was sixteen when I first kissed a guy, started touching myself, and lost my virginity." Talk about a year of sexual discovery. Jasmin learned what turns her on as she matured. "I love oral and doggy style," she giggles. Jasmin continues, "I also love to ride on a dick, and enjoy it when my pussy's getting eaten by a guy." Jasmin talking about how she loves having her pussy eaten makes me want to tuck a napkin around my neck, and dive in for a hot meal.

When Jasmin doesn't have a dick to play with, she loves having her vibrators and dildos with her. In fact, she loves them so much that she stuffs them in her backpack, takes them to school, and masturbates with them when she's horny! Jasmin moans, "vibrators make me cum a lot, like, right away." "I love the feeling of a dildo hitting my clit, rubbing my g-spot, and making me squirt a lot," she giggles. Fuck me! I wish I was Jasmin's vibrators and dildos right about now.

Jasmin imagines getting gangbanged when she's rubbing her clit. With a devilish grin on her face, she whispers, "I think about having three cocks inside my pussy all at once. It turns me on imagining three guys with big, hard cocks fucking my pussy!" Damn! Jasmin wants a triple pounding right in her cunt!

But we didn't bring Jasmin over to just talk about how she loves getting fucked. We wanted to film her getting fucked! That's where Russian hunk, Tony, comes in. Jasmin's pussy juices were soaking wet through her jeans once she saw Tony. You can see the sparkling in her eyes. She knew Tony had the dick to please her pink kitty cat.

Before their scene, Brick left the camera on and joked, "I'm gonna go get some coffee," and walked out of the room. While the boss left for coffee, Tony was gonna make Jasmin cream. Jasmin even bet Tony that she can cum more than he can. As Tony began to lick and dick her tight slit, Jasmin's orgasmic face let us know that she won that bet.

Jasmin has primarily shot with us, and we're happy about that. We know she's happy about it, too. In fact, she's even posted comments on our website about how she can't wait to come back. "I'm ready for more and more!...please comment, guys, because I really get off on if you like it. I want to please you!" You heard her, guys. Keeping coming back for Jasmin and she'll keep cumming back for you!
Until next time, fuck freaks!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Coralyn Jewel


Hola, mother fuckers!

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week Coralyn Jewel visits our studio. Coralyn's a business woman who's all about getting her foot in the door. Or, in this case, getting her mouth in the glory hole. We actually shot several scenes with Coralyn; she's been fantastic in all of them. We've filmed her double penetrating herself with a huge dildo, and fucking a yoga instructor (aka yours truly).

Coralyn is the definition of a hot MILF. She's got long legs, a tight body, and giant tits that'll give you a god damn concussion! There's a lot of women in the porn industry. But only a few of them are destined for it. Coralyn Jewel is one of those few. This woman was made to fuck! She's been in the business for years. Naturally, I assumed that Coralyn's done everything in this industry. But I was surprised to find out that Coralyn's never done a glory hole. My boss, Brick, was also surprised by that tidbit. So you know what we had to do. We had to be the first company to pop Coralyn's glory hole cherry!

Luckily for Coralyn, Brick had some guys ready to face fuck her into next year. Normally, Brick likes to interview models before the scenes. But Coralyn wasn't about all that. She was ready to suck every pipe dry, and she wanted to do it right now! Brick was actually disarmed by her eagerness, so he was only able to get a couple of comments from her.

Coralyn said, "I've never done a glory hole or a blow bang before. I'm excited!" I've actually never heard someone call a glory hole a blow bang. Maybe a blow bang is when a girl blows multiple dudes without the glory hole? Glory holes add to the mystery because there's a door separating the giver and the receiver. I'm guessing a blow bang is when there's no door. Come on, porn community. Let's make the phrase "blow bang" popular.

Since Coralyn was about to suck multiple cocks, Brick asked her what sizes she's into. "It doesn't matter," she said, "I just love it when a cock grows in my hands...and in my mouth!" God damn! Coralyn is a woman who wants to earn that hard dick! Talk about a woman who puts in the work. Brick also asked her how she feels about a guy cumming too fast. "It doesn't matter if they cum fast. As long as I get to have my present." Don't worry, Coralyn. Brick has plenty of presents for you to unwrap. And you can't return them. Haha!

In total, Brick gave Coralyn three solid rods to suck on; four including his. I mean, c'mon. Brick's the boss. You know he's gotta get his dick wet. After all, porn is the only company where the boss CAN fuck his employees and not get in trouble. Coralyn got to swallow four fat dicks like she was at an all-you-can-eat buffet. After she blew each dick and got jizzed on, her hair, dress, and face got wetter. As each dick creamed in her mouth, Coralyn was drenched like a glazed donut. She moaned, "Keep 'em cumming!" Brick joked, "No pun intended."

When the glory hole was over, Coralyn was showered in so much white cum. She looked like she popped her head out of a snow bank. She was covered in so much hot spunk that her blue dress was unrecognizable. You would have thought she got into an accident at a glue factory. Coralyn was a hot fuckin' mess, which made her look even hotter! I'd love to rub all the guys' cum off her face with my dick, and then raw dog their cum into her sweet pussy!

After we finished the shoot she said, "I think I'm gonna have some holes drilled into my doors at my place. And invite some friends over." Fuck! If she does that I'm gonna give Coralyn a daily house visit. I'll call a couple of buddies of mine, too. The more the fuckin' merrier!

Adios, pussy fiends!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Jessica Mor


How's it hangin', peeps.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. Today we're going to the movies. Lights. Camera. Fuckin' action! Brick is a connoisseur of the visual arts. Other than filming and starring in some of the scenes for the site, he's also his own camera crew and editor. He's a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to filming pornography.

As a film maker he likes to watch movies so he can unwind, and even find inspiration for his next scene. Brick loves going to Edwards Cinema in Temecula, CA (a city north of San Diego). It's a far trip for him to go to that specific theater. But he goes because he's got the hots for Jessica Mor. She's a cutie who works at the ticket booth.

Jessica has blue eyes, blonde hair, and is a bit shy. Brick's seen her a few times during her shift. He was happy to see her again when he visited the theater. He saw her taking customers' tickets and noticed she was bored. Once it was his turn to give her his ticket he said, "You should smile more. It's good for you." Ah, yes. The good old "you should smile more" icebreaker. That totally wouldn't get a guy kicked in the nuts!

Luckily for Brick, Jessica laughed at how corny his compliment was. They chatted a bit. Jessica told Brick that she's attending UCSD to complete her business major. She only works at the movies to make extra cash. If Brick knows anything about working in porn, he knows that when a girl says she needs extra cash that's code for "I might do porn for the right price."

Because the ticket line was moving along, Brick knew this was his one shot to ask her to film a porn. He said that he could help her with extra cash and asked for her number. Jessica obliged. The only issue is Brick didn't want to say it was for a porn; especially in a crowd full of people at the movies. He figured he could tell her when he called her.

A few days later, Brick called Jessica and told her that the extra cash would be for porn. Naturally, Jessica was defensive. Jessica asked Brick if he could give her a few days to think about it and she'd call him back. Hell, that's better than a flat out no. A few days after that, Jessica called him and said, "Alright. I'll let you fuck me!" It's fair to say the boss's pants exploded when she said that.

Brick discovered that Jessica is a closeted freak. During the shoot Jessica squirted on Brick's cock twice! She also begged him to fuck her in the ass. That surprised Brick the most because he wasn't expecting to give her anal. She joked with Brick that her ass was sore from the day before from mountain biking. But she was super wet and needed to get pounded in her shit pipe!

Jessica also surprised Brick with her piercings. She had two piercings on both her nipples, and one on her pussy. Jessica looks like a church girl who doesn't miss a day of bible study. But underneath this sweet, innocent looking angel there's a devil begging to be drilled out by a rock hard cock. Brick's dick got thicker when he saw the veins on Jessica's neck throbbing. Her veins looked like they were about to burst!

After Brick was finished corrupting Jessica's pierced pussy and tight asshole, she told him why she was defensive to film porn in the first place. "I have a boyfriend," she confessed. "I was worried he'd be upset. But when I told him I had a chance to shoot a porn he got excited at the idea of another man fucking me. Maybe next time I can come over and you can film me getting fucked in front of my boyfriend."

Well, fuck me, Jessica! If the business degree doesn't work out, perhaps she has a career in the adult film industry. Besides, Jessica technically has a film credit with us. Haha!

By-bye, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Natalee


Hello there, beautiful.

Welcome back to another Model Of the Week. This week we're back in Prague, Czech Republic. Brick was in Prague for several weeks filming dozens of hot, Czech bitches. When he wasn't filming porn he'd spend his down time hanging out with Natalee. She's 21-years-old and is born and raised in Prague. Brick's known Natalee for a couple of years when he visited Prague for business unrelated to porn.

Natalee is down to earth. Although she's a natural beauty, she loves to dress down; blue jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers is her preferred look. Natalee doesn't have many girlfriends because she loves being "one of the boys." Which is why her and Brick get along so well. She's a hot girl who doesn't care to look lady-like. But, hell, she's still a hot piece of ass!

Natalee is aware that Brick shoots porn, but she's okay with it. He'd joke to her that he could use her for a shoot, and she'd joke back that she'll consider it when she breaks up with her boyfriend. When Brick went back to Prague a year later to shoot porn, Natalee called him out of the blue. She said she's ready to fuck on camera. Brick asked, "Why? Did you break up with your boyfriend?" She said, "No. But I thought 'fuck it! I'll hide it from him!'"

Natalee's dream is to be a famous pop singer. I don't know how doing porn would get Natalee's foot in the music industry. Hell, if Britney Spears did porn I'd probably buy her records, so maybe Natalee's on to something. Before she can handle a microphone, Natalee needs to put something else in her mouth!

Unfortunately, Brick didn't have a male model for Natalee. She sprang the news on him suddenly, so he wasn't prepared. He also couldn't do a POV scene with her because he had a few girls booked for that, and the timing was bad to squeeze her in. Natalee made a bet with Brick: if she could entice a random guy in the city to shoot a scene with her, Brick would take them back to his studio that day!

Natalee is hot. But even Brick didn't think she had the balls to ask a stranger to fuck her for a porno. She was willing to show Brick she could do it. Brick, however, didn't want to be present with her because he felt it would be uncomfortable. He gave Natalee his Google Glasses to wear (remember those fucking things?), so she could film her interactions.

They were close to a museum within the city center. Brick pointed out a few museum guards, and told Natalee to find the one she thinks is cute and work her magic. She walked up to a museum guard and charmed him.

Brick couldn't hear much of what they were saying because he kept his distance. Although he could tell they were both speaking Czech, and their body language implied that they were hitting it off. A few minutes later Natalee came back to Brick with the museum guard and joked, "Say hello to my co-star!" Brick learned that the guard's name is Lutro. He doesn't speak English much, but Brick didn't care. He was impressed by Natalee's moxie and couldn't wait to film them.

Once they went back to Brick's studio, Natalee and Lutro got down to fucking! Since Lutro was literally doing his first porn ever, he'd eventually cum inside Natalee. She didn't mind. Although she told Brick she needed to rush to the pharmacy for a morning after pill because she's not on birth control. Natalee thanked Lutro for the hard pounding. Natalee joked to Brick that she needs to get the pill because she doesn't want her boyfriend to think he's a baby daddy. Yikes! Talk about not envying Natalee's boyfriend.

Brick occasionally reaches out to Natalee and asks her if she'd ever want to shoot another scene if he travels back to Prague. She said, "It depends. As long as you try not getting me pregnant next time!"

Bye-bye, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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