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Model Of the Week - Bella Baby


Hola, bitches.

It's time for another Model Of the Week. We're flying back to Prague to have some dinner, and a lot of dessert, with Bella Baby. Bella is a 25 year old Czech hottie who is all about sports, dancing, and fucking. Especially if she gets roughed up by a stud in uniform. That's where her boyfriend Yay Dee comes in. Yay serves for the Czech Army. He actually does look like a bad ass soldier straight from an action movie. Yay is over 6-foot, and Bella is under 5'5". They're your typical couple: a Czech super model and her tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend. Bella and Yay are beautiful people, so you know they fuck like angels.

Like most of the women Brick filmed in Prague, Bella doesn't speak much English. Yay was the translator, but even his English was a little broken. But Brick is an ambitious man with a camera. If he sees a hot girl he wants to film all he needs is a little charm and lots of cash. Brick noticed Bella and Yay having dinner across from him. And they noticed him too. If you see a stranger with a camera checking you out you'd be skeptical. But Bella and Yay were polite and invited Brick to sit with them.

Brick cut to the chase and told them that he films nude videos. Brick even showed Bella and Yay a couple of pictures from his camera. They were in a restaurant filled with people so Brick spoke quietly. Brick told them he doesn't speak Czech. Bella joked in broken English, "We teach you!" Bella can teach me anything with her hot fucking body. Brick was getting flirty with Bella by speaking a little bit of English, Spanish, Czech, and German. Looks like the boss wanted to impress Bella. Right in front of her army boyfriend too! That's pretty ballsy of the boss.

After they got friendly at the restaurant, Brick invited Bella and Yay back to his studio. Brick wanted to know more about Bella. Specifically, he wanted to know her sexual fantasies. Bella said that she loves cum. She loves to spit and swallow. As long as she has a load blown all over her face she's happy. "I'm a good girl," Bella insists. Although she said that with a smirk on her face; implying that there's a crazy nympho underneath that good girl persona.

Yay confessed to Brick that he's saving his money for a wedding ring. He wants to tie the knot with Bella! But he doesn't have enough money saved up. Brick offered Bella and Yay a decent amount of dough to add to their wedding ring fund. Bella got excited about that idea. Brick even offered to give Bella a car if she shot a scene. "I'm really shy," laughed Bella. She jokingly took Yay's army hat and covered her face like she was embarrassed. "It's okay," laughed Brick, "We'll break you out of your shell."

Once the cameras started rolling, Bella didn't need any help breaking out of her shell. As soon as Yay and Bella started making out, she was wild! She was riding Yay's hard rod like the cameras weren't even there. Yay then took his gun out of his holster and rubbed his gun right on her pussy! Holy shit! That's extreme! What's crazier is that Bella loved every minute of Yay's gun rubbing against her clit. Her blue panties were on while his gun was caressing her slit. But it's still a fun visual. I wonder if he actually fucks her pussy with his pistol like a dildo.

The rest of their scene is fucking amazing. Seriously, go look for Bella on our site if you haven't already. She's a sexy Czech model who loves getting pussy pounded and taking a hot load on her face. What man wouldn't want to put a ring on a fuck doll like Bella? Hell, if Yay still hasn't proposed to Bella I'll fly my ass to Prague right now. I can use a hottie to be my wifey.

Hasta luego, amigos.

Ricky Rixxx

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