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Model Of the Week - Gabrielle


Hey there, pussy freaks!

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week Brick's hanging out in Prague. He's gonna meet up with Gabrielle. Brick was walking around Prague looking for a girl to shoot with and saw Gabrielle across the street. It was raining, too. Brick didn't have an umbrella to keep him dry. Gabrielle had an umbrella. It was big enough for both of them to stand under.

Imagine being Gabrielle. She's standing in the rain and, out of nowhere, this stranger walks up to her and goes under her umbrella. On top of that he's asking her to shoot a porno. Thankfully, Gabrielle thought Brick was cute. She didn't mind entertaining him for a few minutes. Brick had his camera and told Gabrielle that he's a photographer. Gabrielle was intrigued by that because she told him she's an erotic model. That's all Brick needed to hear to get his foot in the door.

Gabrielle is definitely an erotic model because she's super fit. Gabrielle doesn't miss leg day. She doesn't miss ass day either. She has a beautiful caramel complexion. Her short, brunette hair and golden-brown eyes make her look mature, but in a sensual way. Gabrielle's not a little girl. She's a fuckin' full grown woman. She's a sharp dresser, too. She looks regal in her business-casual blouse.

Brick asked Gabrielle if he could take a few pictures of her around the city. Gabrielle obliged. She told him to make it quick. Turns out Gabrielle is married. She wanted to get back home before her husband returned from work. Brick wasn't bothered by that. He's filmed plenty of married girls. He's also fucked plenty of them. After an hour and a half of pictures, Brick invited Gabrielle to his hotel room for a different kind of photo session.

Brick sold it to her by calling it "adult video modeling" for extra cash. Gabrielle's English was a bit broken since she speaks Czech. But she's not stupid. She knew what Brick was getting at and she was all in! Gabrielle confessed that she and her husband make sex tapes. Brick got excited by that. They were ready to fuck. According to the boss himself, Gabrielle's pussy taste like heaven. I'm not sure what flavor heaven would taste like. But seeing Gabrielle's naked ass and clit will bring me down to my knees and pray. Plus, Brick was fucking married pussy. Fucking married pussy that's not yours just hits differently. That's my kind of taboo.

Brick couldn't believe he was pounding Gabrielle. Every now and then he'd ask her, "are you sure you're husband will be okay with this?" Gabrielle was so worn out by Brick's hard dick that she could only moan, "mmm, hmm!" Gabrielle then took Brick's dick out of her pussy and stuck it right up her ass! That got Brick throbbing harder. He didn't know he was gonna give Gabrielle anal, so he wasn't expecting her asshole to be so tight. He was so unprepared by her tight asshole that he was ready to cum.

Brick turned Gabrielle over for a facial. She swallowed his hot load like a champion. Gabrielle spat Brick's cum back on his dick and then sucked it all off again. Looks like she loves spitting and swallowing at the same time. Brick asked Gabrielle if she wanted to come back later to shoot another scene. Gabrielle joked, "only if my husband can watch." I love married bitches!

Peace, fuckers.

Ricky Rixxx

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