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Model Of the Week - Asia


What's up, perverts! It's time for another Model Of the Week. This week we're visiting Asia. In more ways than one. Asia is a 20 year old California girl. Asia's been in the ROTC program at Cal State San Marcos for two years. She's played soccer for 8 years, and she's been a ballet dancer since she was a kid. Besides all that Asia works at Hooters for extra money. "I am Ethiopian, French, and Hawaiian," she says, and jokes, "and my name is Asia, so I'm fully cultured."

Asia explained her experience as an ROTC; which is an acronym for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Asia says, "I do ROTC in college. I'm a 200. It's my second year basically. You start off as a 100 in your Freshman year. After 200 you go to field training, which is what I'm hoping to do." I'm a civilian so most of the military terms fly over my head. I didn't understand what Asia was saying. But fuck it! She looks hot saying it.

Thankfully, Asia breaks down the ROTC program more. "Basically, ROTC is an officer program," she states. "You start in college to get your degree. And when you graduate you become an officer." Sure, that's cool. But Asia, sweetie, tell us about your side hustle at Hooters! "I work at hooters part time," she smiles. "I love it. I pretty much love wearing uniforms." I love that Asia wears uniforms too...and then takes them off.

It's great to know Asia takes her ROTC work seriously. But we wanna know if she takes her sexual exploits just as seriously as her work. "Some of my favorite things in sex is that I love to give head" she says. "Plus, I love all sexual positions so I'm not picky." Well, god damn. It turns out Asia is happy with a fat cock regardless of positioning.

She admits that she hardly does anal. "I've done anal once. The guy was too big so it hurt. But I don't mind trying it again." It's great to know Asia is a resilient woman. If a dick hurts her asshole does she give up? Nope! She's gonna try on another dick. Asia admits that she'd love to get over her fear of anal because she wants to get double penetrated. I love a girl who dreams big.

Asia's shot a couple of scenes for us. For on of those shoots she brought her fellow marine, and fuck buddy, Dray. "We met in Camp Pendleton," she says, "and we actually never had sex before." Damn! I need a fuck buddy like Asia. She's feisty as fuck, too. After Dray came on Asia's face, she asked Brick if she can do a three-way with him and Dray. Even the boss didn't know how to reply to that. But he did invite Asia back to fuck her in her Hooter's uniform.

When Brick invited Asia back for another shoot, this time in her Hooter's outfit, he was gonna explode. Brick wanted to fuck Asia so bad that he ripped her pantyhose off. He apologized because he didn't want to ruin her outfit. But Asia got so wet from Brick's aggressiveness, she begged him to take control of her. Brick banged Asia's sweet pussy from behind. After Brick came on Asia he asked her if she can come back for more hot scenes. Asia, with Brick's jizz dripping off her mouth, said, "I will if you're here."

Later, bitches.

Ricky Rixxx

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