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Model Of the Week - Aleksa

What's up, fuckers!

We got another Model Of the Week for you.

This week's model is Aleksa.

Aleksa has a special place in my heart. Her and I actually had a little fling going on for a few months. Aleksa is studying to be a registered nurse. I met her having lunch near the hospital she's interning at.

Now I'm a self-admitted pervert. When I saw Aleksa's fat ass in her tight blue scrubs, my dick was hungry for her asshole. I told her she looked sexy and I'd love to get to know her. She laughed at me and called me a bull-shitter. But she admired my boldness and gave me a shot.

We started dating and, more importantly, fucking like rabbits! She asked me why I was so comfortable doing dirty shit to her that most of her boyfriends don't do. That's when I spilled my beans and told her I work in porn.

I was ready for her to punch me in the face. I mean, when you tell a girl you're fucking that you're fucking other girls behind her back, that's probably gonna end badly. Thankfully, Aleksa thought that was hot. She was super interested in shooting porn with me. So I called up the head-hancho, Brick, and told him I got another hot pussy for him.

I brought Aleksa in the studio. Brick asked Aleksa what turns her on. She said, "kisses between my thighs, some ass play. I like being dominated."

Brick then asked her how old she was when she lost her virginity. "I was 14. It was with my boyfriend at the time. It was in the back of a car; a Coupe." "Did he cum inside of you?" asked Brick. "I think he did," said Aleksa, "but he had a condom on. So, technically, I guess not."

Brick asked Aleksa where was the craziest place she sucked a dick. "Probably my boyfriend's mom's bedroom. I like to suck dick. I love to give more than receive. I'm a nurse, so I always love to give."

Now it was time to fuck!

Brick told us to fuck how we normally fuck at home. I tongue fucked Aleksa's sweet clit. Her moaning got my dick super hard. When I was done licking her pussy, Aleksa grabbed me by the ears and licked her pussy juices off my mouth.

I pounded Aleksa like a dirty animal. I love giving her reverse-cowgirl because I can cup her ass cheeks while she's riding my cock.

But the biggest part of our sex scene was something that even shocked Brick.

After I dropped my hot load on Aleksa's mouth, I kneeled down to her and we swapped my jizz! That's right. Aleksa spat my spunk back into my mouth! I then spat my cum back into her mouth and she swallowed it down.

Yep. I love to swap my cum with some dirty bitches!

It's been a while since Aleksa and I have been together. But, man, let me tell you. If being in porn means I get to have girlfriends who love to get their pussies pounded on camera then I'm set for life!

Before I close out I wanna give a shout out to a fellow porn company. Much love to Fan Bangs! They're a local porn business in San Diego. It's a company that helps average joes meet and fuck their favorite porn stars. They have 19 million views on Porn Hub, so they're getting their name out there.

Check them out on Twitter @fanbangs.

See ya next week, freaks!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Luz

Hola, fuckers!

We're back with another Model Of the Week.

This week we're featuring the lovely Luz.

Luz is a special kind of girl. We have a lot girls who are interested in working for us. But not every girl we get is comfortable banging another model they don't know. Sometimes girls will bring their boyfriends or girlfriends with them, and they want to film with their significant other.

That's how we met Luz. Her husband Ivan brought her in because she was curious about getting fucked on camera. But she'd rather get fucked by someone she already knows. That's alright with us. Typically, we tend to have better scenes with couples who already know each other intimately, because they don't need to be directed as much. The more natural the scene looks, the better.

Luz lives here in San Diego. She doesn't speak English so we depended on Ivan to translate stuff. No worries. We're use to shooting girls who don't always speak English. We actually enjoy listening to a girl talk dirty in a different language. We're all about fucking international bitches!

Luz and Ivan are both registered nurses who cross into Tijuana and work at a hospital. Luz is not only a girl who loves to give sexually, but she's also someone who loves to take care of people. We love girls who give back to their community. So, naturally, we love giving something back to Luz that show our appreciation...in a perverted way!

When we shot with Luz she was very reserved and shy. We figured it was probably because of the language barrier. But sex is sex. And fucking is a universal language. Like all girls who shoot with us, once Luz got comfortable her freak flag began to fly! She told us (in Spanish) that she loves to be chocked during sex. She loves to be smacked on her ass until her cheeks burn red. She's been into rough sex since she lost her virginity at 15!

She wants to experiment more with BDSM, and loves to role play with Ivan in their nurses' scrubs. Luz loves foreplay. She love to be caressed until her pussy lips foam. Her favorite thing during foreplay is having her clit fingered and titty squeezed while sucking on a hard cock. Luz doesn't swallow cum. But she loves the feeling of getting cum in her hair and licking it off, then spitting it back onto Ivan's dick.

Ivan and Luz have shot several scenes with us: in a pool, on a massage table, and even Luz masturbating in bed while Ivan's asleep because he's too fucked out.

We hope to have Luz come back for more. Luz is definitely one of those girls who's super timid in public. But when you get her in a frisky mood she becomes a completely different person. The kind of person who wants to be pounded hard until she sinks into the bed!

No matter what language a girl speaks, that's always the type of girl we wanna feature. We hope to see Luz again. Maybe she can help us brush up on our Spanish. :-)

Peace out, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Ashton Morgan

Hey yo, perverts!

We're back with another Model Of the Week!

Grab your workout gear because we're going to the gym...the high school gym!

Ahston Morgan is a high school gym teacher right here in San Diego.

Although she's originally from Boston, Ashton is everything we love about San Diego girls: a hot blonde with long legs, voluptuous tits, and a juicy ass!

For her safety Ashton didn't tell us which high school in San Diego she teaches gym. Fair enough. We respect that. But she did tell us that when it comes to education, Ashton is all about extra curricular activities.

She told Brick that she use to date a guy who attended the Art Institute Of California. She said he was lame in the sack so she didn't date him long. Thankfully, her ex had enough friends in class that she could bang silly! "Ya, I pretty much fucked the entire art institute!" she said.

Well, god damn! I say this every blog post and it bears repeating: we need more smoking hot bitches like Ashton!

During the interview Brick asked her why she wanted to get into porn. Naturally, girls always tell us that they get into porn for the money. Ashton had a different answer. "Honestly, it's because I like being the center of attention. I don't need the money. I just love to have sex!"

And we love to show our appreciation for teachers like Ashton. We brought in two studs, Cooper and Rawlings, and had Ashton teach them some physical activities. Ashton confessed that this was her first time getting double pounded by two rock hard dicks on film.

Cooper and Rawlings were ready for gym lessons. Ashton sucked off Cooper while Rawlings was eating her pussy, and then ramming her cunt with his stiff dick. Then the guys flipped her over so she can taste her clit juices off Rawlings cock, and take Cooper up her pink coochie.

If this really was Aston's first time fucking two dudes on camera she sure fooled us, because she took her tag-teaming like a true pro!

Cooper and Rawlings blew their hot loads onto Ashton's blonde hair and blue eyes. Ashton looked like a hot marshmallow covered in all that white glaze.

When Brick asked her how the scene went Ashton replied, "It was wonderful!" She had to catch her breath. Ashton could barely speak after the double drilling she took.

Brick was amazed at how much cum was left on Ashton. "There's cum everywhere," he said. "Good," said Ashton, "that means I did it right."

Ashton wiped the spunk off her eyes, and licked it off her fingers like she just ate a big meal.

She blew a kiss to the camera and gave a sexy giggle. Ashton was ready to head back to school to teach gym.

You're a real hero, Ashton. We hope you continue to teach more guys how to break a sweat. I know I'll be at gym early...and stay after class. ;-)

Audios, sex creeps!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Roxanne

Hey, hey, fuck fiends!

It's time for another Model Of the Week.

This week we're gonna stay in and grab a bite to eat. I'm thinking pizza. But I'm especially thinking of Roxanne. She's a curvy, bubbly eighteen-year-old who's fresh outta high school.

We meet Roxanne during lunch time. Our boss Brick was hungry and was craving Domino's pizza. Timbo, the delivery guy, showed up with a pizza and a girl he was training -- Roxanne. Brick thought Roxanne was super cute in her Domino's uniform and black daisy dukes. That's when the boss was craving something much more than pizza. ;-)

Since Brick ordered the pizza to be sent to the studio he figured he'd show Roxanne and Timbo around the set. And wouldn't ya fuckin' know it, Brick had all the lights, audio, and camera ready to shoot a scene! Hey, when you're the head honcho of a porn company you gotta be ready to shoot a fuck flick at any moment.

Brick wanted Roxanne out of her Domino's uniform now! But he's a professional, and got to know her first. It turns out Roxanne and Timbo are a couple. They don't tell anyone at work that they're dating because work place relationships is a big no-no at work.

Roxanne and Timbo told us that they film themselves fucking. They use their smartphones and laptops to film each other pounding away. They don't sell any of their home movies. They just do it for fun.

Roxanne loves to fuck Timbo in public restrooms and the beach. Brick asked Roxanne what the chances are of her getting fired if she was filmed getting her teen pussy stretched. "I'm gonna get fired right away!" she laughs. Brick then tells her, "Don't worry. If you get fired you can come back and work for me."

Roxanne blushed at the thought of getting fucked on camera for a living. And, man, let me tell ya, Roxanne was not shy once she hopped on Timbo's dick. Roxanne took her top off. We were surprised to see one of her nipples had a piercing, and that she had a couple of tattoos on her torso.

Once Timbo was done licking and dicking Roxanne, he gave her some toppings of his own. Timbo shot his hot, white load on Roxanne's pretty face!

After they were done fucking they put their Domino's uniforms back on. Brick gave Roxanne a generous tip, and told Timbo, "Tell the cook not to burn my fucking crust again!"

I swear they don't make teens like Roxanne anymore. She has a natural round ass, perky, pink tits, and a soaking wet pussy.

Is pizza delivery a tired cliché in porn? Sure. But if fuckable girls like Roxanne keeps delivering pizza to us who the fuck cares?!

Speaking of which, it's lunch time. Time to call Roxanne for another slice! ;-)

Hasta luego, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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