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Model Of the Week - Dona

Oye, fuckers!

You know what time it is! We got another "Model Of the Week" for ya. This week we're hoppin' our asses back to Europe. That's where we'll find Dona.

Borka, a porn actor and producer from Eastern Europe, found Dona in Amsterdam. Dona is as sexy as a European hottie can get: blonde, seductive, and speaks in that sensual foreign accent (we later found out she's from Romania). Imagine a hot femme fatale seducing James Bond to fuck her. That's the vibe you get from Dona.

It's a rainy day out. But Borka's horny to get Dona's pussy wet. Dona's relaxing outside the balcony of a public plaza. Borka gives her a single rose as a token of affection. She seductively caresses the rose against her lips. Dona is a bitch in heat! She's frisky for Borka. There's no denying she wants to caress Borka's hard dick against her lips.

Dona, looking stunning in her black silk dress and lingerie, told Borka that she's 21. She even showcased her long legs to Borka by sitting on the edge of the balcony and raising her legs up; giving everyone at the plaza a great view of her black panties. Borka freaked out because he didn't want her to fall. But Dona laughed it off. She was excited about making Borka nervous.

Now it's time for Dona to show Borka how much of a slut she is. Before they fucked Donna looked Borka directly in the eyes and said, "I'm gonna eat you." Holy shit! It's definitely lunch time!

Dona doesn't wait to be taken into the room to get fucked. She wants Borka to ram her from behind on the balcony. In front of everyone in the plaza! "They don't mind," Dona says to Borka, and stroking his dick through his pants. "There's a lot of people here. You're crazy!" Broka protests. But Dona doesn't give a fuck. She's immediately down on her knees and gives him a blow job in front of the entire city of Amsterdam!

You can simultaneously hear Dona slurping on Borka's thick meat while people are making noises. Are they aware that Dona's getting face-fucked? Maybe. But it makes Dona's clit wet and juicy.

Borka was holding the camera while Dona was sucking his dick. He'd occasionally switch the camera angel from Dona blowing him, to shooting the crowd; seeing if anyone was watching them fuck in public.

Borka turned Dona around, ripped her panties off, and raw dogged her from behind. If people at the plaza couldn't tell they were fucking before, they probably could now.

Borka was slamming Dona's cunt from behind so hard that Dona was screaming. That was enough for Bokra to decide it was time to fuck Dona inside; away from the public. Dona strip-teased for Borka for a few minutes. She then begged "now can I have your dick?" You sure can, Dona.

Borka laid Dona on a glass table and shoved his thick helmet in her mouth, pussy, and ass! Dona couldn't resist having him deep inside all of her holes. It was time for Borka to drop his fuckin' loads all over Dona's face. She sucked his warm jizz like a vacuum. After she was done drinking every drop of Borka's cum, he asked her if she was still hungry. "Yes!" Dona moaned. She then wiped Borka's spunk off her chin and rubbed it in her asshole.

I don't know about y'all. But I need to take a trip to Europe. Cause girls like Dona love to fuck BEFORE dinner. That deserves an extra, ahem, "tip" from me. ;-p

Adios, perverts.

Ricky Rixxx

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