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Model Of the Week - Mandy Alvarez

What up, perv-fucks!

You know what time it is. It's another model of the week. This week we got Mandy Alvarez. Mandy's a petite Latina. She's a bite-sized cutie. She's got a tiny frame and perky tits. She's basically every girl next door you wanted to bone, and then send her on her way to study.

Mandy's training to be a nurse at Pima Medical Institute in Chula Vista. When we found out she was a nurse we immediately wanted to see her in her scrubs.

Mandy's tiny frame is striking. She's absolutely fuckin' adorable. Her petite body makes me wanna fuck her tight pussy! She's got a smile that would hypnotize anyone to pound her raw! Mandy is just a grade A cutie pie!

Before we filmed Mandy getting hammered by a thick cock, we wanted to get to know her. Brick asked her why she wanted to study nursing. "I absolutely love it," she said, "I'm learning a lot. It's a field I wanna go into because I love helping people." We could tell by the tone of her voice that she genuinely cares about people. We love a woman like Mandy who can be a big part of her community AND be a fuck-freak!

We brought in our boy Mike Felps to do the honors, and pound Mandy's sweet clit in her very first porn! That's right. We got to be the first to shoot this Latina firecracker! We love finding out we're the first porn company that gets to pop Mandy's cherry. And, oh boy, did Mike do some fuckin' poppin'!

One thing we noticed during our interview with Mandy is that while she was talking to us on our bed, she had her hand clutching on Mike's throbbing dick the whole time! Talk about a multi-tasker. Mandy is 5'1 ("fun-sized" according to her) and Mike is over 6-feet tall. Seeing Mike tower over Mandy's small body was a sight.

Mandy and Mike got busy. Mike started off by rubbing on Mandy's pussy while she still had her scrubs on. He got her wet to the point that her pussy juices where soaking through the crotch of her pants! Mandy then went down on Mike. As we expected, Mike's dick was too big for Mandy to deep throat him. She gagged instantly!

Mandy was so overwhelmed by Mike's package that she could barely breathe. Once he stuck his dick in her twat, Mandy moaned loudly and had a painful look on her face. That's how much Mike was hurting Mandy so good. After Mike gave Mandy a dicking with some doggy and missionary, he was ready to blow his load.

Brick asked Mandy how she's gonna enjoy the cum shot in her mouth. Mandy said, "No! I'm not use to it!" Mandy wanted to get jizzed in her face. It made no difference to Mike. He was ready to blow his load like a Geiser!

Mike glazed Mandy's face like a cream filled donut. He aimed for her mouth and Mandy made sure to close it shut. After Mike came, Brick joked that Mandy didn't want his cum in her mouth. "That's the first place you go, man!" laughs Mike. Hey, he's not wrong. Haha!

Mandy was thrilled to shoot with us. When she graduates nursing school we know what we're getting her for a graduation present: more huge dick to choke her throat dry!

Peace out, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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