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Model Of the Week - Brandy Banks

Hey-yo, cunts!

Welcome back to another "Model Of the Week" blog. Or if this is your first time, hello. What the fuck took you so long?! :-D

Grip on your bats and pull out your balls! Cause we're headed to the baseball field this week. That's where we'll play a few rounds with Brandy Banks. She's a nineteen year old college student who plays for her college softball team.

Now, I don't know a god damn thing about sports. Let alone softball. Honestly, sports isn't my thing. I never got it and I don't care to get it. But hot bitches? Oh, yeah. I'm always gonna be into that. I'll watch all the softball games if it means my nose gets closer to sniffin' some good pussy.

Which brings us to Brandy's beautiful clit. Brick met Brandy (and her boyfriend Kidd) on the baseball field. He was taking his daily jog in the park when he saw Brandy. Brick, ever the professional, ran back to his car, took out his camera, and wanted to see Brandy play ball in a different way.

Brandy brought her boyfriend Kidd to help her practice her technique. That's pretty cool that Kidd is a supportive boyfriend. Take notes, fellas. If your girlfriend plays a sport, use every opportunity to practice with her. Help her break a sweat in the playing field, and she'll help you break a sweat in the beadroom.

Brick got down to business. He told Brandy and Kidd that he shoots porn and would love to film them fuck. Kidd was on board with it. He confessed that him and Brandy have filmed home movies plenty of times, so he didn't mind getting filmed professionally. Brandy, on the other hand, needed a little more convincing.

Brick made a bet with Brandy: if he could hit the ball further than Bandy, he could film her getting fucked. If Brandy could hit the ball further than Brick, he had to take her and Kidd out to lunch. Thankfully, Brick swung Brandy out of the park. Brandy wasn't upset by it and actually smiled at the thought of getting her cunt pounded on camera.

They all went back to the studio to shoot the scene. Brick told them that they can fuck like they do at home. Brandy said she wasn't going to fuck Kidd like they're at home. Brick asked why. Brandy suggested that she uses a, ahem, "smaller" bat to play with her pussy while Kidd is fucking her. Damn! Talk about your homeruns.

Once Brandy took off her softball gear her curves were popping out in all the right places. She's a natural beauty. She has a tight ass, thick legs, and is banging some C-cup tits. When Kidd began to go down on her, Brandy was already moaning loudly. Brandy came off shy when Brick met her. But when she stripped ass naked to get rammed, she was a screamer. It's always the quiet girls in public who are the loudest between the sheets.

After Kidd was done licking and dicking Brandy, she went down on her knees to swallow his hot jizz! Brandy might be an amateur at swinging some softballs. But she's a pro when it comes to guzzling a hot load!

After Kidd blew his white wad on Brandy's face, Brick asked her how it was. "It feels like I was getting rained on," she laughs. Brandy licked Kidd's cum off with her fingers. She wanted to jump in the shower so she could clean up and head back to practice. Whether it's a soft ball or a hard ball, Brandy showed us she's always ready to play ball.

See ya next week, filthy animals!

Ricky Rixxx

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