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Role Play? Pierced Clit, Redhead and delicious!

02/06/2023 09:00am

Role play, the way to be yourself yet be who ever you want to be. EMILY really makes you double take when it comes to the Harry Potter persona, with just a dash of librarian. With that CLIT shinning with that hidden gem. Winning our Role Play Monthly spot for super sexy nerdiness.

EMILY has mastered the art of DILDO magic wand, pumping that PUSSY just right! I know every seen change I was wonder if she was just going to explode. But, you really get a good watch with the tease factor on this one.

If your like that crimson hair and that role play just gets you solid, the video can be found here.

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By Sticks

San Diego Locals. White Girl Freckles Mmmmm! Like, Got Milk?

01/30/2023 09:00am

You just need some of that Freckly white girl on your dick. Petty Officer Johnson really knows whats UP. She has that solid juicy body you can really sink your teeth into. Again, we just can not get enough of those freckles. We just had to go with her for Model of the Month.

Petty Officer Johnson really knows how to wear that thong too. Like a rodeo you just want to jump on and go for a ride. Man, I was getting hand cramps on this one. haha. She really does have those eyes that just look straight though you.

To see just what Petty Officer Johnson brings to the party, the video can be found here.

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Big Areolas! Top shelf Boots on Ballerina?

01/23/2023 09:00am

You just got to love when a bitch wear some shoes and wants you to fuck her wearing them. AUGUST really plays to her strengths. Showing off those lovely big brown AREOLAS. Bouncing up and down with such natural waves. Makes you just want to dive right in. AUGUST really brings it home with her Ballerina shoes on to earn Boots on Monthly.

AUGUST really lets Larry give it to her. Ripping right through her tights. No time to waste. Got me thinking, "Larry stop eating and just stick it in already!" Those TITS just hypnotized me right in. I could not help but keep rhythm if you know what I mean.

If you want to see some of that ASS, the video can be found here.

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By Sticks

Model Of the Week - Mia Bryant

11/09/2022 09:00am

Well, well, well. Look who's back.

Welcome to another Model Of the Week, lovelies. This week we're doing New York! Or, rather, we're doing someone from New York. Cause the head hancho himself, Brick, has got himself a baddy from the east coast. Mia Bryant is a feisty twenty-three year old from the Big Apple. Speaking of big apples, good lord! Mia has got an ass you wanna smack like a bongo. We actually got a hold of Mia through another girl we shot, Nataly Lopez.

"I'm stationed in Camp Pendleton," she says, "I like to call it Camp P. for short. That place is huge. Sometimes I still get lost when I drive up there." Mia said she joined the Marines to defy her parents. "My parents use to tell me the Military and Navy was for males," she laments, "so I decided to prove them wrong. That's why I joined. Besides, everyone loves a girl in uniform. That's a fact!" That's always a bummer to hear that someone's parents don't believe in them. I believe in you, Mia! I also believe I wanna get to know your nasty side. ;-)

"I'm a mixed bag when it comes to what I like sexually," Mia says. "I like a little bit of everything: sensual, rough, or kinky. If it's with the right guy who knows how to turn me on, I'm game!" Man, I love it when a woman is confident in her ability to fuck raw. It's a beautiful thing. "I haven't done double penetration; not even with a toy. But I'd like to try it," Mia says with a devilish grin. That's what Brick loves to hear from a woman: wanting to get DP'd by two solid cocks. And Brick's got plenty of Marine cocks for Mia to choose from. Pick up your phone, Brick. Make those calls, so Mia can swim in those balls!

Since Mia's into threesomes, Brick wanted to know if she's ever had a three-way. "I've never had one," Mia pouts, "but I came close to it one time. It was me, a guy, and another girl. I actually don't like girls. So I opted out of it last minute." Wow! I gotta be honest. In an era where everyone is so open about loving all kinds of dicks and pussies, it's still surprising to hear a woman say that girls aren't her thing. Sometimes I forget not all women love to eat pussy. I've been around too many filthy people in this industry. Porn, man. It'll desensitize you. Haha!
"For a threesome I'd rather be with two guys," Mia says. "I know most people don't like two guys and a girl, but it's hot to me. I love dick. So why not have two, or more, at a time?" Did you hear that, Brick! Again! Pick up your phone and hit up some of your Marine buddies. Although Mia insisted that she doesn't munch snatch, she actually confessed that she's had sex on base with other girls. That even made Brick go, "Wait! But you just said you don't like girls!" "I know!" Mia shouts, "but I was super horny. So I got eaten out by a girl in the barracks shower. It did the job." I guess Mia is one of those "last resort" kind of girls. But fuck it! When you gotta pop, you gotta pop.

Speaking of popping, Mia revealed that she's a fan of cum. "I love to see people cum" she laughs, "I love to make people cum." But she does have one request for anyone who wants to cum on her. "I don't want people cumming in my mouth!" Mia says with a disgusted look. "The texture and taste of jizz is super weird. I have tits and an ass. You can cum on them if you like." Man! Talk about a girl who's a trooper. Mia doesn't like girls but will fuck them when she's too horny, and she doesn't like cum in her mouth but is happy to get creamed on her tits and ass. You gotta love a girl who can negotiate. You can watch Mia Bryant's pretty pussy in 'Marine from New York Isn't Sure About Anal'. You'll have a great time watching Mia have a great time.

Until then, fuckers! Have a great time!

Ricky Rixxx

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