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Model Of the Week - Scarlett Johnson

10/18/2022 10:05am

How's it hanging, fuckers!

It's time for a new Model Of the Week. This week we're keeping it local in the city of San Diego. Especially with our girl, Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson. Petty Officer Johnson is a barely legal cutie. She's recently out of high school, but actually got enlisted at a young age. "I'm stationed at North Island," Scarlett tells us, "I enlisted when I was seventeen. My parents signed for me to get enlisted." That's pretty young for a girl to join the Navy. But, hey, Scarlett is ambitious.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Scarlett now lives in National City. "Obviously," Scarlett points out, "I live in San Diego now because of the navy." But with all the marine girls that come our way, we wanna know why they wanna get into porn. Scarlett's reason was straight to the point. "I wanna do porn because I love dick!" Scarlett laughs. Shit! We love a girl who loves dick. More importantly, we love that we're able to give Scarlett all the dicks she craves for.

Before we give Scarlett a good dicking, we wanted to know more about her. Brick asked Scarlett how old she was when she lost her virginity. "I lost my virginity at eighteen," Scarlett blushes. "After the first time I got super horny and was, like, 'bring on some more!'" I love it when a girl opens up her sexual inhibitions, along with opening up her sweet pussy lips. It turns out Scarlett has a kinky side. "One time someone put a leash on me and pulled the leash while I was sucking his dick," Scarlett says. "I like kinky shit, bitches!" Note to self: have a leash with me anytime I'm around Officer Johnson.

Scarlett shared even more kinky stuff with us. "I've actually had sex on a naval ship," she says with a grin on her face. "It was with a guy. I would've fucked a girl if I could, too. I like girls." What type of girl does Scarlett prefer? "My type of girl is if they're short they have to have a fat ass and long hair. I'm an ass girl. I love booty!" There's nothing more beautiful about a girl who loves ass; or should I say "booty-ful"? Haha! Scarlett's also not afraid to get freaky in public. "I've had sex in a restroom stall," she laughs. "It was at a Target store." Damn! That's what I call hitting Scarlett's target.

We've had the pleasure of shooting Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson in several scenes. In fact, she's been one of our featured girls for quite some time now. Our fans absolutely love Petty Officer Johnson's cute smile, sense of humor, and the ability to take a hard dick like a champ! Check out her scenes. Whether she's blowing cocks through a glory hole like in Petty Officer Johnson VS. The Glory Hole, or getting pounded while she's dressed like Princess Leia in Princess Leia Fucks Kylo Ren for Halloween, Scarlett is a porn girl on the rise. And speaking of "on the rise" that's what Scarlett will have you doing for days!

I'll leave you today with a quote from Scarlett. It's about one of her tattoos. She has a couple of Chinese symbols on her right arm. "The tattoo means hope, love, and happiness," she says. "I got it because I have hope, love, and happiness." Well, Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson, we wish you all the hope, love, and happiness in the world. You're an angel, sweetheart. A kinky, freaky, and devilish angel!

Hasta manana, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Nikki Haines


Howdy, mother fuckers!

You know what time it is. It's time for another Model Of the Week. This week we're gonna give a lesbian her first dick! Nikki Haines is a twenty-year-old cutie and is all about the snatch. Typically, we'd shoot a girl on girl scene if we're filming lesbians. No dicks allowed, obviously. Unless it's a dildo. Yet, somehow or another, Nikki was not only going to shoot her first porn scene with us, but also get fucked by a dude for the first time in her life! Porn is weird.

Nikki came into the studio wearing her Alpha uniform. "I'm from Texas," says Nikki, "although I grew up mostly in Europe. But then I moved back to Texas." Looks like we got ourselves a European Texan. That's a first. Nikki explains why she came back to Texas from Europe. "I wanted to graduate in the States before I joined the marine corps."

What we really wanna know is why Nikki, a self proclaimed lesbian, wanted to fuck a guy. Let alone shoot her first porn with a guy. Nikki kind of gave Brick one of those non-answers. "Obviously, I've had sex before," she said, "just never with a guy. I've never had a dick in my vagina. My girlfriend's cool with it." We hope Nikki's girlfriend is cool with it, too. Maybe even cool enough to join her for a future lesbian shoot? For now, Brick gave Nikki a good ol' Alabama boy named River.

Nikki wore a special kind of panties for her first dick. "I'm wearing black colored panties," she says. "I watched the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, and in the movie black panties mean you're about to have sex for the first time. That's exactly why I wore black panties today, since I'm gonna fuck a guy for the first time!" That's a pretty unique way to celebrate your first dick.

Although Nikki is all about the pussy, she actually was excited about River's cock. "I checked out River's crotch when we met earlier today. I can tell he's hung like a horse!" she says. Nikki even has a twinkle in her eyes while talking about River's schlong. Nikki also jokes to Brick "You told me earlier that River's dick is like a baby's arm. I actually hate that comparison. 'Cause now that's what I'm gonna imagine when he fucks me: a baby's arm!" Nikki bursts out laughing at that thought.

"I've never even sucked off a guy's dick before," Nikki admits. She continues, "Penises are alien to me. I never even fucked around with dudes in high school. I dated a guy once but he was gay, so it doesn't count. He was my beard. It's a gay term." I looked up what beard means in the gay culture and it's "a person who is used knowingly, or unknowingly, as a date, romantic partner, or a spouse to conceal one's sexual orientation." That's an interesting term that I've never heard until now. But, hey, code words are code words, I suppose.

Honestly, for a lesbian who's never sucked a dick before, Nikki knows what the fuck she's doing. Brick didn't have to instruct her at all on how to suck off River. She gave River's cock a couple of nice spit shines until he got rock hard. Nikki barely got any spit and pre-cum on her Alpha uniform. When it was time for River to eat out Nikki she was ready to instruct him on how to eat her pussy. "Slower strokes with your tongue," Nikki demanded. Then she told him to go faster. When River was pounding Nikki from behind she unbuttoned her Alpha uniform while moaning heavily.

River then stuck his cock in Nikki's asshole. "Can I shove it up your ass?" River asked. "I don't know. Maybe it'll fit?" Nikki replied. She was visibly uncomfortable from the pain. But then she'd laugh it off once she got comfortable. "Holy fuck!" Nikki screamed, "that hurts like a bitch!" River took his time fucking Nikki's ass. She got into it once she could tell he was being gentle with her butthole. After a few more seconds of anal penetration Nikki pushed River off her and said, "okay, it hurts." She grabbed his dick and shoved it back into her pussy. Not long after River creamed on Nikki's tits.

River rubbed his dick on Nikki's nipples. Then he told her to suck the rest of the cum off his cock. She went right for his mushroom tip. When Brick asked Nikki how her first time with a guy went she moaned, "I was good. It was really good, honestly. Although I don't like cum. Pussy is still better!" We can't argue with that logic.

I'm outtie, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Elodie Lee


Fancy meeting you here, beautiful.

It's time for another Model Of the Week. This week we're gonna try not to put our foot in our mouths. Although, we definitely wanna see Elodie Lee put her foot in someone's mouth: mine! Elodie's a redhead who's cute as a button. But underneath Elodie's cute, innocent look is a badass mistress who'll make you her bitch! Take it from me because she definitely made me beg for gods I didn't even know I had!

Firstly, let's get to know Elodie. "Well, I'm twenty-two and I'm from Tampa, Florida," Elodie says. She's also a marine. She joined the Navy because, according to her, "It's kind of been in my family. So I grew up always wanting to serve, and the Navy's what I settled on." And those Navy girls don't settle for less.

Besides being a smoking hot redhead with a sexy bubble butt, she's super intelligent. "I love to study math and read about string theory. I think everyone should have a basic understanding of mathematics. Especially our future generation. That's important to me." I think that's important, too. Remember, folks. Don't just get yourself a looker. Get yourself someone like Elodie: a looker who also has the brains to take care of her business like a boss.

Speaking of taking care of business like a boss, Elodie is her own business woman in the adult industry. "I already do some adult stuff on the side," Elodie says with a smile. "But this is my first time shooting a porn in my uniform," she confessed. If anyone knows how to take care of a service member in uniform it's the head hancho himself, Brick. The man's got plenty of experience with people in uniform, so Elodie was gonna be in good hands.

Elodie told us that she has a fantasy getting laid in her uniform. "Wearing my uniform while I'm fucking is a fantasy of mine" she says. "Especially, when I get to fuck other people in their uniform. I'll look at a man or woman in uniform and I'll definitely get a little heated," Elodie says. Well, the girl came to the right place when it comes to fucking in their uniforms!

Elodie also told us about how she loves to masturbate. "I use my imagination a lot when I masturbate," she giggles. "I lay down, close my eyes, and just think about whoever I'm attracted to at the moment. It's never the same scenario in my fantasies. It's just a lot of heat and passion with me. I masturbate a couple times a week. Sometimes a couple times a day depending on how bothered I am." Talk about a girl who's literally hot and bothered! Haha!

But Elodie wouldn't be shooting with us if she wasn't a certified freak. Especially, when it comes to Elodie's favorite fetish. "I have a huge foot fetish!" she says. "I love to put my feet all over a man," Elodie laughs. "I'm very dominant. I love to hook my toes on a guy's mouth and be called 'mistress'. It's one of my favorite things. That's what gets me going." Elodie kind of reminds me of Cinderella. Except instead of a princess finding slippers to match her perfect feet, Elodie is a mistress finding mouths to match her perfect feet!

Elodie loves to shove her beautiful toes in a dirty mother fucker's mouth. And I'd like to think I'm the dirtiest mother fucker there is. My mouth was ready to take Elodie's feet like it's a part of my complete breakfast! Haha! As much as I loved Elodie feeding me her gorgeous feet, she admits she doesn't enjoy the experience happening to her. "I'll never touch a man's feet," Elodie says with a disgusted look on her face. "I won't even look at a man's feet. It's a power thing that gets me going." In Elodie's defense I don't like my feet either. My feet and toes look like Edward Scissorhands, so I don't blame Elodie for not wanting to take a bite out of my feet.

Elodie was excited to tells us another favorite fetish of hers. It's actually a fetish even I didn't know was a thing. Elodie, with a devilish grin, says "One of my favorite things is smell and sock torture. I'll wear my socks for multiple days. I'll take them off at night, stuff them in a zip-lock bag, put them back on in the morning, sweat in them, and then stuff them in a man's mouth." Note to self: if Elodie has a zip-lock full of socks run! Or stay if that's your thing. Fuck it! I'm a self professed creep, so I ain't judging the sock torture community.

Finally, Elodie tells us how much she loves busting a guy's balls...literally! Again, Elodie looks too excited to explain to us how she likes to annihilate a dude's nut sack. "I have videos where I'll just kick a guy right in his nuts! It's pretty fun. There's this one guy who loves it when I kick his balls. Three kicks in and his dick is rock hard!" Holy shit! I wanna meet that guy! If that dude has kids after getting his balls hammered in like a fucking cinder block, I wanna know what the fuck he's on!

Elodie Lee is a pleasure to have on our site. We have several videos of her that you need to definitely check out. Plus, show her some love on her Twitter @only_elodielee. That is, of course, if you've got the balls to do it!

Until next time, fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Gina Parley


Hello there, sexy.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week we're gonna get frisky and possibly break a few laws. How so? Well, Cooper brought his lady friend, Gina Parley, to Brick's studio. Cooper's shot a couple of scenes with us before. This one's a bit different. Cooper is a marine and is stationed at Miramar Air Station here in San Diego.

Normally, Cooper brings over hot girls he wants to fuck on camera. They're usually girls he's not familiar with on a personal level; the ol' "fuck 'em and leave 'em" routine. This time Cooper brought over Gina and she's not just a random girl he met. Gina is also a marine who's stationed at the same command as Cooper.

"Gina's one of my closet friends," says Cooper, "and she knows I do porn on the weekends. So I figured 'Why not?' So I brought Gina down here to see if she wants to try it out." A lot of great ideas began with the phrase "why not?": inventing the wheel, going to space, and banging a hot chick on film! Apparently, marines aren't allowed to fraternize with each other. I don't know the ins and outs of that rule since I'm a civilian. Brick, however, is a former marine. So it was enough for him to make sure Gina and Cooper don't get in trouble with their superiors.

"Are you worried about a Gunny seeing any of this?" asked Brick. "I hope not," Gina laughs. "I have a boyfriend, but Cooper and I have fucked once or twice," Gina confessed. She admits that her boyfriend doesn't know she's shooting a porn with Cooper for our site. If Gina's man wants to see her get fucked he's gotta pay for a membership. Those are the rules, bitches!

Gina gives us a little bit of her background. "I'm from Oregon. The weather's different here in California. But I like it," says Gina. I've never been to Oregon. But I bet Gina has a hot trail underneath her navy uniform. Hey-oh! Brick kept the interview short and cut to the chase. "I know what you guys do on base," said Brick, "so show me and our members how you fuck on base!"

Once Brick let Gina and Cooper do their magic, Gina didn't hesitate to drop Cooper's marine pants and give him a wet blowjob. Gina's eyes are so fucking gorgeous, too. They're a lovely golden brown, and Gina looks extra sexy when her beautiful eyes are looking up at Cooper while she's sucking him off.

Admittedly, Gina's not much of a talker. Personally, the more reserved a girl is with talking the wilder she is in the sack. It's like they balance out their minimal talking with maximum fucking. That's my theory at least. But as soon as Cooper stripped off Gina's camo-pants and went after her pussy, Gina quickly moaned with excitement.

It's sexy watching Gina still have her green, marine t-shirt on while Cooper is eating her out. Gina's taking her time getting completely naked. She knows she's turning Cooper on by disrobing slowly. That's my favorite kind of tease: when a woman slowly takes off her clothes in the middle of fourplay. Cooper turned Gina over on her stomach, lifted up her ass, and licked her asshole and pussy like a fucking envelope!

Again, Gina didn't speak much while getting fucked. But she's one hell of a moaner and screamer. As soon as her and Cooper got into their groove, Gina looked like a fucking angel taking her drilling. Cooper was getting too exited tapping Gina's ass that she told him to take it real slow. She also wanted his dick to fuck her right up her shit pipe! Gina laid back down on her back, pushed her ass up high, and gapped her asshole wide open!

After getting her pussy and asshole pounded into dust, Gina was ready to swallow Cooper's hot load. Cooper put Gina's head on the edge of the bed and exploded his jizz all over her mouth. After she swallowed his cream Gina said, "Mmm, yummy" in the sexiest fucking moan ever.

Like all of the military girls we've shot, we cleaned Gina up, put her uniform back on her, and sent her back to her base feeling refreshingly fucked. Before Brick sent Gina on her way he asked her what she'll do for the rest of her evening. "Well," Gina said, "I have bars of soap that I actually like to carve into dicks. It's actually a hobby of mine. So I'm gonna do that." Holy shit! Way to spring that on the boss last minute! To quote Martin Lawrence: damn, Gina!

Hasta luego, amigos.

Ricky Rixxx

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