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Big Areolas! Top shelf Boots on Ballerina?

01/23/2023 09:00am

You just got to love when a bitch wear some shoes and wants you to fuck her wearing them. AUGUST really plays to her strengths. Showing off those lovely big brown AREOLAS. Bouncing up and down with such natural waves. Makes you just want to dive right in. AUGUST really brings it home with her Ballerina shoes on to earn Boots on Monthly.

AUGUST really lets Larry give it to her. Ripping right through her tights. No time to waste. Got me thinking, "Larry stop eating and just stick it in already!" Those TITS just hypnotized me right in. I could not help but keep rhythm if you know what I mean.

If you want to see some of that ASS, the video can be found here.

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By Sticks

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