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Model Of the Week - Riaa


Welcome back, creeps!

It's time! It's time! It's Model Of the Week time!

Our boss, Brick, loves to travel to the Czech Republic. Euro girls are the hottest, sexiest, and nastiest bitches on the planet. So Brick flies across the globe to film as many Euro whores as he can.

Riaa is one of those Euro whores. Riaa's tall, blonde, and has legs and ass for days! She's also eighteen. Which means this Czech kitty cat has a fresh clit. Riaa is young, tight, and has the girl-next-door appeal. She just has that innocent teen pussy that's ready to get corrupted.

Now, the tricky thing to filming girls in the Czech Republic is that their English is broken, so communication is rocky. It's especially complicated to communicate when some girls don't speak English at all. Which was the case for Riaa.

But there's two universal languages: money and sex. Brick has the money and Riaa definitely has the sex.

Luckily, Brick's friend was with him to interpret that he wanted to shoot a porn with Riaa. Language barrier or not, Riaa was horny at the thought of fucking an American guy, and even taking his money.

Riaa agreed to go back to Brick's room and fuck him silly. Since they couldn't communicate verbally, Brick had to guide Riaa for a few minutes. He guided her hands across his chest and slowly moved down to his jeans. It didn't take Riaa long to get the idea.

Riaa unbuckled Brick's belt and began to wrap her lips around his hard mushroom tip. The more Riaa stroked Brick's dick, the harder it grew. She also has a pierced tongue. Riaa looks so fucking hot with the tip of her piercing sliding against Brick's throbbing helmet.

Riaa's head game was on point. Because she made Brick cum immediately. You know a girl can fuck if her head game makes you blow a hot load. Especially before she gives you pussy. If Riaa's mouth feels good you just know her pink slit is fire!

They both got ass naked. Riaa was riding on Brick cowgirl style. Riaa's tits are so perky that they barely bounced when she was riding up and down Brick's cock. Riaa turned around for reverse cowgirl. She didn't even take her pussy off Brick's dick. Her juicy lips stayed locked on his rod like a god damn Chinese finger trap!

Brick slammed his shaft deep in Riaa's cunt; making slapping noises with every pounding. He rubbed her clit with one hand while cupping her ass cheek with his other hand. Brick was ready to explode for a second time.

Since Brick blew his wad on Riaa's eye the first time, he decided to cum on her stomach for the second load. He didn't want to nearly blind her again. Quite the gentleman! Haha!

Brick thanked Riaa in Czech, and Riaa thanked Brick in English. See. They understood each other at least once. ;-)

The lesson today is don't let language barriers prevent you from fucking a hot bitch. If she's nasty for your dick there's not much that needs to be said anyway.

Adios, bitches.

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Victoria


What's good, mother fuckers?!

We're back with another Model Of the Week.

By the time this blog entry is posted we'll be in the smoky goodness of 4/20. So get fucked up, potheads!...responsibly, of course. :-)

For now we're celebrating Christmas early, in Prague, with Victoria.

Victoria is a petite, blonde beauty. Despite her thinness, Victoria has a thick ass that's softer than a pillow. And her blue, angelic eyes will melt your heart and stiffen your knob!

She's originally from the Czech Republic. Like all the girls Brick met in Prague, Victoria's English is a little broken. But Brick didn't fly to the Czech Republic to give Victoria an English lesson.

Instead, Brick gave Victoria something she can unwrap on Christmas morning: the hot stud Rawlings.

She may look naughty. But Victoria wanted to be a nice girl, and cook Rawlings some eggs for breakfast. Victoria cooked eggs wearing a red, loose crop top, and red and white candy cane striped panties. Those panties looked tight on her gorgeous ass.

Honestly, Victoria wasted some pretty good scrambled eggs. Because once Rawlings woke up and saw how sexy Victoria looked in her Christmas themed top and panties, he wanted to have a bite of something else.

Victoria was hungry, too. She threw the covers off Rawlings, pulled down his boxers, and sucked his dick. Rawlings' cock was already rock solid before Victoria wrapped her lips around his hard shaft.

Eventually, they went to the dinner table. Rawlings didn't take his plate with him. Instead, he lifted up Victoria and carried her to the dining room. He laid her back on the dinner table and slammed his cock in Victoria's sweet pussy. Victoria's clit was so wet and juicy for Rawlings, that her pussy foam began to drip on the edge of the table.

Rawlings turned Victoria over for doggy style. She raised her ass up in the air, spread her asshole wide open, and Rawlings shoved his dick in for anal. Victoria orgasmed so loudly that Rawlings drilled her ass faster. When Rawlings tried to pull out Victoria clenched her butt cheeks tight; as if she was telling him that he wasn't going away that easy.

Rawlings laid Victoria onto her back again, so he could give her anal missionary style. Rawlings plowed Victoria's shit pipe until he was ready to explode! He didn't have time to give Victoria a facial. He popped his cock out of her asshole, and sprayed his cum all over her torso. Victoria spread his jizz all over her tits; like butter spreading on warm toast.

Victoria wasn't done cleaning out Rawlings just yet. She got off the dinner table, kneeled down to her knees, and licked him dry. Rawlings might not have eaten his eggs for breakfast. But he served Victoria with some of his milk.

If Victoria can be this slutty during breakfast, I'd love to take the nasty bitch out for lunch and dinner. :-D

Happy humpin', perverts!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Lexi


Hey, hey, hot bitches!

You know what time it is.

We got another Model Of the Week to keep your sexy giblets wet and hard!

For this one the head honcho himself, Brick, is flying to Prague. That's where's he'll meet a hot piece of Czech pussy called Lexi.

Lexi is a 20 year old college student. She's studying economics. Now I don't know shit about economics. But Lexi can spread her legs wide open and teach me how to divide and multiply!

Lexi is a blonde beauty with natural big tits and a tight ass. She even has a red chili pepper tattooed on her butt cheek. Talk about your hot asses! She also has freckles that give her that cute girl-next-door look. So we know our boss Brick is gonna teach this college whore a good fucking.

Although, when Lexi told Brick what she liked during sex, the boss was wondering if he was up to the challenge. It turns out Lexi mostly loves to get fucked by two dicks at the same time. She said to Brick that she can only cum if she's getting double penetrated in her ass and pussy. And she'll only swallow cum if she can have two guys jizz in her mouth at the same time.

Lexi said she wanted to fuck Brick because she's never been to the United States. When she has down time from studying, she likes to walk around Prague and find American tourists, take them back to her dorm, and welcome them to the Czech Republic with her tasty clit. Banging American guys makes Lexi feel like she's in the US. Now THAT'S fucking hospitality!

Brick took Lexi back to his studio he was renting for shoots. Lexi was already soaking wet. She wanted Brick to bend her down and fuck her from behind on the stairsteps and against the window. And our boss loves helping out a student in need.

While Brick's American cock was drilling Lexi's sweet Czech cunt, she was playing with her pink panties. Lexi was rubbing her panties all over her body, and gagged her panties in his mouth. Once Brick blew his hot wad all over Lexi's tits and mouth, she swallowed his jizz like the obedient college slut that she is.

Lexi didn't have time to shower. She needed to rush back to her campus or she'd be late for class. She threw on her clothes, but left her pink panties with Brick. She told him to keep it as a memento. Lexi's panties were filthy with her pussy juices and some of Brick's cum. Lexi was going back to school with messy hair, no panties, and Brick's white load dripping on her lips.

Attention college dudes: if you're studying in Prague hit up Lexi. She'll be delighted to be your study buddy. Just make sure to bring an extra friend for Lexi, too. The bitch loves group studies! ;-)

Adios, fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Cali West


What's good, sluts!

It's time for the Model Of the Week.

We're headed to Oceanside, CA. That's where we'll have some fun in the sun with Cali West. She's everything we love about California beach girls. She's fit, slim, and looks fuckin' smokin' in a micro bikini. She's a bubbly, petite redhead with long legs that lead up to a juicy ass.

Brick found Cali and her boyfriend, Jay, at the beach. Brick was taking pictures of hot girls for 4th Of July. Sure, taking photos of random women at the beach for your own sexual pleasures is nasty. But porn is nasty, baby! We don't have time for squeaky clean boy scouts!

Brick approached Cali and Jay as they were walking along the shore. He told them he wanted to take a couple of photos of them for the website. Cali and Jay were flattered and agreed to it.

Brick noticed Cali had red, white, and blue face paint on her cheeks. Turns out Cali's friend airbrushed a bikini on her body! That would explain the black robe she was wearing to cover herself up. "The police and life guards told me I had to keep my robe on," Cali laughs.

Cali thought being technically naked in public was a lot of fun. So did Brick. But he didn't want Cali to get in trouble, so he suggested they take photos in a more secluded area.

Once Brick took pictures of Cali, he invited her and Jay back to his place to have some BBQ by the pool. Brick asked Cali how she felt about people giving her looks at the beach. "There were some moms checking me out. But I think they were making sure their sons weren't checking me out," she said. Cali can pass for a sweet girl next door. But it turns out you can't take her home to mom!

Eventually, Cali and Jay got down to fucking in Brick's pool. Jay took no time jamming his rock hard dick in Cali's asshole. While Jay had Cali up for doggy style, the water in the pool was already washing away the airbrush off her body. Every time Jay pounded Cali harder from behind, her ass slapped louder and louder; every penetration wiping away Cali's paint.

By the time Jay was ready to blow his hot load on Cali, all of her paint was gone. The combination of the pool water and sweat from the fucking made Cali look like a mess! But, fuck me, did she look hot being ruined by Jay's throbbing cock.

Cali laid down by the pool and took Jay's cum right in her fuckin' mouth. She still had a little blue star pained on her cheek. Jay dropped the rest of his load on that star like a target. He did some air brushing of his own all over her face!

4th Of July might be once a year. If we get to film Cali's hot pussy again you know what that means? We're goin', goin', back, back, to Cali, Cali! :-D

Later, cunts!

Ricky Rixxx

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