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Model Of the Week - Cali West


What's good, sluts!

It's time for the Model Of the Week.

We're headed to Oceanside, CA. That's where we'll have some fun in the sun with Cali West. She's everything we love about California beach girls. She's fit, slim, and looks fuckin' smokin' in a micro bikini. She's a bubbly, petite redhead with long legs that lead up to a juicy ass.

Brick found Cali and her boyfriend, Jay, at the beach. Brick was taking pictures of hot girls for 4th Of July. Sure, taking photos of random women at the beach for your own sexual pleasures is nasty. But porn is nasty, baby! We don't have time for squeaky clean boy scouts!

Brick approached Cali and Jay as they were walking along the shore. He told them he wanted to take a couple of photos of them for the website. Cali and Jay were flattered and agreed to it.

Brick noticed Cali had red, white, and blue face paint on her cheeks. Turns out Cali's friend airbrushed a bikini on her body! That would explain the black robe she was wearing to cover herself up. "The police and life guards told me I had to keep my robe on," Cali laughs.

Cali thought being technically naked in public was a lot of fun. So did Brick. But he didn't want Cali to get in trouble, so he suggested they take photos in a more secluded area.

Once Brick took pictures of Cali, he invited her and Jay back to his place to have some BBQ by the pool. Brick asked Cali how she felt about people giving her looks at the beach. "There were some moms checking me out. But I think they were making sure their sons weren't checking me out," she said. Cali can pass for a sweet girl next door. But it turns out you can't take her home to mom!

Eventually, Cali and Jay got down to fucking in Brick's pool. Jay took no time jamming his rock hard dick in Cali's asshole. While Jay had Cali up for doggy style, the water in the pool was already washing away the airbrush off her body. Every time Jay pounded Cali harder from behind, her ass slapped louder and louder; every penetration wiping away Cali's paint.

By the time Jay was ready to blow his hot load on Cali, all of her paint was gone. The combination of the pool water and sweat from the fucking made Cali look like a mess! But, fuck me, did she look hot being ruined by Jay's throbbing cock.

Cali laid down by the pool and took Jay's cum right in her fuckin' mouth. She still had a little blue star pained on her cheek. Jay dropped the rest of his load on that star like a target. He did some air brushing of his own all over her face!

4th Of July might be once a year. If we get to film Cali's hot pussy again you know what that means? We're goin', goin', back, back, to Cali, Cali! :-D

Later, cunts!

Ricky Rixxx

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