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Model Of the Week - Lexi


Hey, hey, hot bitches!

You know what time it is.

We got another Model Of the Week to keep your sexy giblets wet and hard!

For this one the head honcho himself, Brick, is flying to Prague. That's where's he'll meet a hot piece of Czech pussy called Lexi.

Lexi is a 20 year old college student. She's studying economics. Now I don't know shit about economics. But Lexi can spread her legs wide open and teach me how to divide and multiply!

Lexi is a blonde beauty with natural big tits and a tight ass. She even has a red chili pepper tattooed on her butt cheek. Talk about your hot asses! She also has freckles that give her that cute girl-next-door look. So we know our boss Brick is gonna teach this college whore a good fucking.

Although, when Lexi told Brick what she liked during sex, the boss was wondering if he was up to the challenge. It turns out Lexi mostly loves to get fucked by two dicks at the same time. She said to Brick that she can only cum if she's getting double penetrated in her ass and pussy. And she'll only swallow cum if she can have two guys jizz in her mouth at the same time.

Lexi said she wanted to fuck Brick because she's never been to the United States. When she has down time from studying, she likes to walk around Prague and find American tourists, take them back to her dorm, and welcome them to the Czech Republic with her tasty clit. Banging American guys makes Lexi feel like she's in the US. Now THAT'S fucking hospitality!

Brick took Lexi back to his studio he was renting for shoots. Lexi was already soaking wet. She wanted Brick to bend her down and fuck her from behind on the stairsteps and against the window. And our boss loves helping out a student in need.

While Brick's American cock was drilling Lexi's sweet Czech cunt, she was playing with her pink panties. Lexi was rubbing her panties all over her body, and gagged her panties in his mouth. Once Brick blew his hot wad all over Lexi's tits and mouth, she swallowed his jizz like the obedient college slut that she is.

Lexi didn't have time to shower. She needed to rush back to her campus or she'd be late for class. She threw on her clothes, but left her pink panties with Brick. She told him to keep it as a memento. Lexi's panties were filthy with her pussy juices and some of Brick's cum. Lexi was going back to school with messy hair, no panties, and Brick's white load dripping on her lips.

Attention college dudes: if you're studying in Prague hit up Lexi. She'll be delighted to be your study buddy. Just make sure to bring an extra friend for Lexi, too. The bitch loves group studies! ;-)

Adios, fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

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