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Model Of the Week - Victoria


What's good, mother fuckers?!

We're back with another Model Of the Week.

By the time this blog entry is posted we'll be in the smoky goodness of 4/20. So get fucked up, potheads!...responsibly, of course. :-)

For now we're celebrating Christmas early, in Prague, with Victoria.

Victoria is a petite, blonde beauty. Despite her thinness, Victoria has a thick ass that's softer than a pillow. And her blue, angelic eyes will melt your heart and stiffen your knob!

She's originally from the Czech Republic. Like all the girls Brick met in Prague, Victoria's English is a little broken. But Brick didn't fly to the Czech Republic to give Victoria an English lesson.

Instead, Brick gave Victoria something she can unwrap on Christmas morning: the hot stud Rawlings.

She may look naughty. But Victoria wanted to be a nice girl, and cook Rawlings some eggs for breakfast. Victoria cooked eggs wearing a red, loose crop top, and red and white candy cane striped panties. Those panties looked tight on her gorgeous ass.

Honestly, Victoria wasted some pretty good scrambled eggs. Because once Rawlings woke up and saw how sexy Victoria looked in her Christmas themed top and panties, he wanted to have a bite of something else.

Victoria was hungry, too. She threw the covers off Rawlings, pulled down his boxers, and sucked his dick. Rawlings' cock was already rock solid before Victoria wrapped her lips around his hard shaft.

Eventually, they went to the dinner table. Rawlings didn't take his plate with him. Instead, he lifted up Victoria and carried her to the dining room. He laid her back on the dinner table and slammed his cock in Victoria's sweet pussy. Victoria's clit was so wet and juicy for Rawlings, that her pussy foam began to drip on the edge of the table.

Rawlings turned Victoria over for doggy style. She raised her ass up in the air, spread her asshole wide open, and Rawlings shoved his dick in for anal. Victoria orgasmed so loudly that Rawlings drilled her ass faster. When Rawlings tried to pull out Victoria clenched her butt cheeks tight; as if she was telling him that he wasn't going away that easy.

Rawlings laid Victoria onto her back again, so he could give her anal missionary style. Rawlings plowed Victoria's shit pipe until he was ready to explode! He didn't have time to give Victoria a facial. He popped his cock out of her asshole, and sprayed his cum all over her torso. Victoria spread his jizz all over her tits; like butter spreading on warm toast.

Victoria wasn't done cleaning out Rawlings just yet. She got off the dinner table, kneeled down to her knees, and licked him dry. Rawlings might not have eaten his eggs for breakfast. But he served Victoria with some of his milk.

If Victoria can be this slutty during breakfast, I'd love to take the nasty bitch out for lunch and dinner. :-D

Happy humpin', perverts!

Ricky Rixxx

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