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Model Of the Week - Riaa


Welcome back, creeps!

It's time! It's time! It's Model Of the Week time!

Our boss, Brick, loves to travel to the Czech Republic. Euro girls are the hottest, sexiest, and nastiest bitches on the planet. So Brick flies across the globe to film as many Euro whores as he can.

Riaa is one of those Euro whores. Riaa's tall, blonde, and has legs and ass for days! She's also eighteen. Which means this Czech kitty cat has a fresh clit. Riaa is young, tight, and has the girl-next-door appeal. She just has that innocent teen pussy that's ready to get corrupted.

Now, the tricky thing to filming girls in the Czech Republic is that their English is broken, so communication is rocky. It's especially complicated to communicate when some girls don't speak English at all. Which was the case for Riaa.

But there's two universal languages: money and sex. Brick has the money and Riaa definitely has the sex.

Luckily, Brick's friend was with him to interpret that he wanted to shoot a porn with Riaa. Language barrier or not, Riaa was horny at the thought of fucking an American guy, and even taking his money.

Riaa agreed to go back to Brick's room and fuck him silly. Since they couldn't communicate verbally, Brick had to guide Riaa for a few minutes. He guided her hands across his chest and slowly moved down to his jeans. It didn't take Riaa long to get the idea.

Riaa unbuckled Brick's belt and began to wrap her lips around his hard mushroom tip. The more Riaa stroked Brick's dick, the harder it grew. She also has a pierced tongue. Riaa looks so fucking hot with the tip of her piercing sliding against Brick's throbbing helmet.

Riaa's head game was on point. Because she made Brick cum immediately. You know a girl can fuck if her head game makes you blow a hot load. Especially before she gives you pussy. If Riaa's mouth feels good you just know her pink slit is fire!

They both got ass naked. Riaa was riding on Brick cowgirl style. Riaa's tits are so perky that they barely bounced when she was riding up and down Brick's cock. Riaa turned around for reverse cowgirl. She didn't even take her pussy off Brick's dick. Her juicy lips stayed locked on his rod like a god damn Chinese finger trap!

Brick slammed his shaft deep in Riaa's cunt; making slapping noises with every pounding. He rubbed her clit with one hand while cupping her ass cheek with his other hand. Brick was ready to explode for a second time.

Since Brick blew his wad on Riaa's eye the first time, he decided to cum on her stomach for the second load. He didn't want to nearly blind her again. Quite the gentleman! Haha!

Brick thanked Riaa in Czech, and Riaa thanked Brick in English. See. They understood each other at least once. ;-)

The lesson today is don't let language barriers prevent you from fucking a hot bitch. If she's nasty for your dick there's not much that needs to be said anyway.

Adios, bitches.

Ricky Rixxx

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