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Model Of the Week - Roxanne

Hey, hey, fuck fiends!

It's time for another Model Of the Week.

This week we're gonna stay in and grab a bite to eat. I'm thinking pizza. But I'm especially thinking of Roxanne. She's a curvy, bubbly eighteen-year-old who's fresh outta high school.

We meet Roxanne during lunch time. Our boss Brick was hungry and was craving Domino's pizza. Timbo, the delivery guy, showed up with a pizza and a girl he was training -- Roxanne. Brick thought Roxanne was super cute in her Domino's uniform and black daisy dukes. That's when the boss was craving something much more than pizza. ;-)

Since Brick ordered the pizza to be sent to the studio he figured he'd show Roxanne and Timbo around the set. And wouldn't ya fuckin' know it, Brick had all the lights, audio, and camera ready to shoot a scene! Hey, when you're the head honcho of a porn company you gotta be ready to shoot a fuck flick at any moment.

Brick wanted Roxanne out of her Domino's uniform now! But he's a professional, and got to know her first. It turns out Roxanne and Timbo are a couple. They don't tell anyone at work that they're dating because work place relationships is a big no-no at work.

Roxanne and Timbo told us that they film themselves fucking. They use their smartphones and laptops to film each other pounding away. They don't sell any of their home movies. They just do it for fun.

Roxanne loves to fuck Timbo in public restrooms and the beach. Brick asked Roxanne what the chances are of her getting fired if she was filmed getting her teen pussy stretched. "I'm gonna get fired right away!" she laughs. Brick then tells her, "Don't worry. If you get fired you can come back and work for me."

Roxanne blushed at the thought of getting fucked on camera for a living. And, man, let me tell ya, Roxanne was not shy once she hopped on Timbo's dick. Roxanne took her top off. We were surprised to see one of her nipples had a piercing, and that she had a couple of tattoos on her torso.

Once Timbo was done licking and dicking Roxanne, he gave her some toppings of his own. Timbo shot his hot, white load on Roxanne's pretty face!

After they were done fucking they put their Domino's uniforms back on. Brick gave Roxanne a generous tip, and told Timbo, "Tell the cook not to burn my fucking crust again!"

I swear they don't make teens like Roxanne anymore. She has a natural round ass, perky, pink tits, and a soaking wet pussy.

Is pizza delivery a tired cliché in porn? Sure. But if fuckable girls like Roxanne keeps delivering pizza to us who the fuck cares?!

Speaking of which, it's lunch time. Time to call Roxanne for another slice! ;-)

Hasta luego, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Vanessa

Welcome, Sex Pervs!

It's that time of the week.

We got another model of the week to entice your naughty bits.

Let's take a trip to the Czech Republic. That's were we'll find Vanessa.

Vanessa's a barely legal teen beauty fresh outta high school. She's now in college. She was too nervous to tell us what college she's enrolled in because she doesn't want weirdos stalking her. Good call, Vanessa. Haha!

When Vanessa isn't attending classes she freelances as a model. She's done fashion shoots and nude modeling across Europe, and even travels to the States for work.

That's impressive for someone as young as her. But, fuck it! Look at her! I'm glad to know there's sexy fuckin' girls like Vanessa showing off her fresh, young pussy around the world!

Despite a little language barrier, Vanessa had no problem talking about her interest in porn. She admits she's doing it for the money to pay for college. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a wild side.

Vanessa has a gorgeous smile. When she explains to us why she loves sex, Vanessa can't hold back her big, beautiful grin. She gave us that reminiscing look people give to you when they're explaining a fond memory.

She was 14 when she lost her virginity to her boyfriend, and after that explored her sexuality more with both sexes.

Vanessa told us that the best way to get her turned on is to take her out dancing. She loves getting hyper on the dance floor. It's the best way she can break a sweat and get her heart pumping before she takes a guy home to get fucked doggy style; her favorite sex position.

Her favorite sexual experience was in Rome in a public pool! While they were in the pool her boyfriend turned her around, pulled down her bikini, and stuck his dick right up her twat! How no one was able to notice Vanessa getting her ass pounded in a public pool I'll never fuckin' know! Or maybe they did notice and just enjoyed the show.

We haven't shot in Europe for a while. But girls like Vanessa makes us long for going back and filming her tight clit getting stretched by a thick, veiny, dick!

See ya'll next week you filthy animals!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Nataly Lopez


Hello, fuckers!

Today's model of the week is Nataly Lopez.

Nataly is an all natural Cuban beauty. What strikes me about Nataly is her lovely hazel eyes and curly brunette hair.

Most girls who start doing porn are typically timid. Girls are entering the porn industry where they're gonna show off their coochies to millions of strangers on the internet. So it's understandable that we get a lot of new girls who are guarded at first.

Nataly, however, is far from nervous. She's the type of girl who can't wait to show off her perky tits and tight, pink pussy. She's also a ballerina which makes her flexible.

Nataly told us that her flexibility means she's double jointed. She can bend her legs all the way up to her head: a great position to see her spread open her juicy clit.

Nataly loves her cunt being tongued fucked! She loves the feeling of someone sucking her pussy lips and pinching her nipples. "It's the only way I can scream and orgasm!" she says.

Nataly knows she looks like a plain Jane to most people. She says she likes people who think she's not a freak in bed. That makes it extra hot for her when she fucks them until she squirts all over the sheets!

Check out Nataly if you haven't already. Trust us. Nataly Lopez is a Cuban beauty who can twist like a pretzel while taking a big, hard dick up her delicious ass!

'til next time, perverts!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Summer

Hi there, perverts!

Our model of the week is Summer.

Summer is a nurse from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She moved to San Diego so she can get a fresh start in her nursing career. But let's be real. She showed up to our shoot so she can get her pussy smashed by some fresh dick!

I recruited Summer. At the time I was driving for Uber part-time. The gig was so-so. But the cool part about it was that I'd pick up a hot girl I wanted to fuck raw!

Summer was one of my passengers. She has curvy hips, round knockers, and a beautiful smile that made me jizz through my jeans.

I was a bold mother fucker and told her straight up that I work in porn and I'd love to take her to the studio and fuck her entire body! Normally, that'll get anyone fired.

Summer told me I was nasty. But, luckily for me, she told me she was even nastier! She told me she couldn't wait to take my dick and shove it in her pussy and mouth!

Sure enough we went back to the studio, fucked like wild animals, and finished with my thick, hot cum creaming on Summer's luscious lips. Summer didn't hesitate to take my cum and rub it all over her face and giant melons.

It's been a hot minute since I worked with Summer. I constantly think about pounding her sweet cunt. Then I remember that I don't have to think about it. I can re-watch our hot scene over and over.

I hope you guys enjoy my scene with Summer. I sure fucking enjoyed filming it with her!

Until next week, fuck freaks!

Ricky Rixxx

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