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Model Of the Week - Dayanara

What up, fuck freaks!

This week's Model of the Week is the super cute Dayanara.

Dayanara is one of those girls who has that "girl next door" look. She has a bubbly smile and a sweet laugh. She's a petite girl with a slender ass and perky tits. If Dayanara were a babysitter she'd definitely be the kind of girl who'd fuck a married man while his wife and kids are away.

Her slender body is due to her experience as a ballerina. Naturally, her tiny frame looks incredible in her pink tutu. I'd love to cut the crotch part of her tutu and fuck her pussy raw while she's still in her uniform! And, god damn, those long, sexy legs of hers would make anyone cum!

Despite Dayanara's shyness she's not afraid to admit she loves a hard dick. She confesses to losing her virginity in high school when she turned 18. She loved it but said, "it was painful. My pussy was really tight. It was like the guy shoved a hotdog into a pencil sharpener!" Fuck me! That's a visual!

Overall, Dayanara is an innocent girl. But behind the blushing and shy laughing Dayanara is a girl who loves squirting on a hard cock, getting reamed in the ass while rubbing her tight pussy, and having her toes showered in thick jizz.

Show Dayanara some love. And she'll show you everything she's got!

Later, pervs!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Alison

Happy Hump Day, Perverts!

This week we're going to Europe to dive deeper into one of our hot ladies. And believe me, when you check out Alison you're gonna wanna dive real deep into her! Alison is from Eastern Europe. She is a hooker who has the perfect body for porn: giant tits, curvy ass, sweet pussy lips, and a mouth that can blow you for days!

We met Alison in a seedy, underground club. There were plenty of hot hookers stripping off their panties to some disco tech music. In a gang of horny women ready to open their pussies for a good dick, Alison was the horniest of them all!

Our friend Borka took one look at Alison in her big trench coat and knew he wanted to bone her raw. But Alison is a professional. Like all strippers Alison stripped down slowly. She teased Borka by shaking her ass and rubbing her cunt right in front of Borka's face.

Eventually, Alison gets naked. She stands over Borka's hard dick, spreads her pussy lips wide, and leans down to take her fucking like a pro! Alison is such a tease. Before she takes all of Borka's cock she rubs her pussy on his dick. Once she slides that dick into her pink hole, Alison is all business!

What I love the most about this scene is that Alison's tits look so fucking hot bouncing up and down while she's getting reamed out! She also keeps her white, high heel boots on while she's fucking like a true whore.

When Borka is ready to cream all over her tits, Alison grabs his cock, aims it right on her chest, and Borka creams all over her giant melons. Alison gladly rubs Borka's dick against her boobs to spread his jizz all over her, like a paintbrush to a canvas.

It's been a while since we visited Europe. We're totally coming back one day. We hope that when we return Alison will still be there and ready to fuck like a grade A slut!

Until next week, fuck freaks!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Melissa Book

Welcome, fellow perverts!

This week's Brick Yates model is Melissa Book.

We meet Melissa on a college campus. Melissa is a high school cheerleader who was visiting the campus for cheer camp. She was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, but she admitted to us that they were having a fight.

Thankfully, our man Jason is a hunk who was able to distract Melissa from her boyfriend. And once we gave Melissa a ride to our studio Jason was able to help Melissa do more than just take her mind off her boyfriend! Luckily for Jason Melissa is a nympho who loves college guys.

Melissa is the kind of teen who has a grown woman's body in all the right places. She has a beautiful curvy ass and a hot tattoo from her ribcage to her ass cheeks! Melissa's tits are nice and perky too. Her glasses make her look adorkable. She was definitely giving us Eva Angelina vibes with her cute glasses.
When Melissa was in our studio she was ready to fuck! When we interviewed her she was super shy and sweet. But once the cameras started rolling she was ass naked and her pussy was ready for pounding. Jason stripped off Melissa's cheer uniform and that got his dick hard! For a nineteen year old high schooler Melissa sucks and rides a dick like a fucking pro!

After Jason beat up Melissa's pussy with his thick cock Melissa's ass was ready for a nice dicking. And when Jason blew his hot load all over her cute glasses Melissa moaned, "I love college boys! I love anal!"

We need more barely legal high school girls like Melissa. She's a cute girl with a bubbly smile. But when she's between the sheets and she's a fuck-freak for weeks!
Until next time, perverts!

Ricky Rixxx

Model Of the Week - Lynn

Hello, Brick Yates fans!

I hope everyone's having a great week.

This blog entry is about the model of the week, Lynn. She's a cute teen who's done several shoots for us. Lynn is originally from Illinois and was shipped out for boot camp after graduating high school. While Lynn was stationed in Camp Pendleton she found us and was excited about the idea of getting fucked on camera. And you know us. We love serving those who serve our country.

Lynn is now a marine admin. "I'm a desk jockey pretty much," she says. We asked Lynn why she wanted to join the marines. Lynn said it was for the challenge and travel. "I want to do something better for the world," she says.

Lynn told us that the big guys shouting orders at her is the one thing that scares her about the marines; especially since she's barely 5'0". "A lot of them call me a bitch and they don't care if you're a girl. It is intimidating."

We asked Lynn why she wants to be in porn. "I wanna do porn for extra cash and the thrill to be on camera. I've pretty much done everything sexual, but just not on camera," says Lynn.

Lynn refers to her sex life in female boot camp as a lesbian orgy. Smiling, she admits, "I do like women. I'd cuddle with women at night. I catch girls laying with other girls; fucking, touching, and moaning on each other. In the shower you'd catch the girls touching each other."

Lynn excitedly goes further with her sex life and what turns her on. "I love sex! One time when I was in North Carolina, I was with my girlfriend. We meet these two marines earlier in the day. We snuck them into our room through the fire escape. And me and my friend fucked the guys in the same room!"

Lynn doesn't just love fucking on a good dick. She also loves pussy! "I have been with a girl," she says. "We fucked in a car. It was awesome. I had relationships with girls in high school."

God damn! Lynn is just an all around cutie. Watch her pretty, teen pussy get fucked like a maniac! I personally love her scene with Russian hunk Tony Sting. It's so hot watching Tony's thick dick pound Lynn's wet cunt.

Until next time, you horny fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

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