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Going to Eastern Europe in 3 weeks

Hey everyone, I hope you all liked Azbella in her Air Force uniform. An next weeks Zombie scene should raise a few eyebrows. It was a Comic-Con tribute because San Diego holds the largest comic book/ entertainment convention every year. But more importantly, I am on my way to Eastern Europe on the 24th of this month with my camera and a pocket full of cash. Since it will be overseas, I will hold no reserves. I will be trying to talk everyone into doing things on camera! The update schedule will continue as normal while I am gone, nothing will be skipped!

Air Force

Hey guys, good news. I met this girl online a while back and have been talking to her for quite a while now. She is active duty Air Force. We all know how sexy Air Force girls are. She is coming to San Diego for some competition, and she is interested in making some extra cash while she is here. She will be flying in this weekend, and I will see what types of shoots I can get. I am going to try my hardest to get one in uniform! On a side note, A member on the site gave me a great idea of a ComiCon shoot. Nothing is guaranteed, but it is a good idea and I am going to be at ComiCon anyways so I might as well troll a little bit and try and fid some willing superheroes.


So today I am up north and slopped at a gas station to fill up. I saw this girl in a carwash uniform and started talking to her and eventually asked if she wanted to do porn. That's when her hand proceeded to make contact with my face. I have had a lot of girls say no, but never slapped. I liked it...

Pizza & Sex Delivery

Yesterday I ordered a pizza to be delivered because I didn't have time to go out to eat for lunch. When the delivery guy brought my pizza, there were two of them. I have never seen two pizza delivery people before. The girl was a new hire so she was being trained on deliveries. As it turns out, they are a couple too. Boyfriend and girlfriend both working at the same place. I would go crazy if my girlfriend worked at the same place as me. But then again I film porn, so it might not be so bad. Both of them were 18 years old, and just graduated high school this year. Obviously short on cash, otherwise they wouldn't be delivering pizzas. So I capitalized on my opportunity. They came in and fucked instead of making their next delivery. I was in for more of a surprise than I thought though. It was quite an eventful 30 minutes. Throat fucking, surprise anal, wrong holes, cock injuries oh ya, and if you have a weak stomach you may want to skip the 14:38 area. It was quite a surprise and a Brick Yates first.

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