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New site for members and an upgrade!!

Hey everyone, I will be upgrading the website shortly with a new proxy pass so it will work better on your mobile devices, and play the videos easier. ALSO We will be adding our very own Brick Yates live webcam site in the members area with 1,000 of girls performing live.... This may not be good, because I will probably be constantly watching it lol.

Vote For Brick!

Hey everyone! XBIZ is doing "Executive awards" and Iv never won anything so why not?! click and vote for me please. You do not have to sign up for anything I don't think. Vote Here

Listen to me on the radio talk about how I get these girls

I will be live on the radio tomorrow (June 18, 2013) talking about these girls, and how I go about finding them and the even harder part; how I talk them into having sex on camera. You guys can all listen for free. The radio station is Radio Frequency Online. You can either listen on the website which is www.radiofreqencyonline.co Or you can download their free app on your phone or IPad. I will be on tomorrow from 0900-1100. The talks how is called freshly squeezed.

New blog

Hey everyone, I started a new Brick Yates blog, you don't have to be a member to post. Feel free to check it out, ask questions, talk shit about me, everything is fair game. Post as many naked nasty pics as you want. Brick Yates Blog

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