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Eastern European Sluts !!!

When I was in Las Vegas, aside from getting drunk with my brother and yelling dumb shit at hot girls, I met this guy named Borya from Eastern Europe. He does the same thing as I do in Europe! Which is pretty awesome because that means that Dirk and I aren't the only two weird mother fuckers on this planet! haha Anyways, I have been talking to Borya about going to Eastern Europe and filming some local sluts with European accents to put on Brick Yates! I will most likely be going this summer. Until then, Borya sent me a couple of videos he made of some amateur sluts that let him film them. The update this week is one that he sent me. As with all of my other stuff, you can not find it anywhere else on the web. Only on Brick Yates! Let me know what you guys think of it, and if i should get more!

Local Employees

Im looking for some new local "talent" today... I have been to Ralph's grocery store more times than I can count and just can't seem to find any cute girls. I went to Starbucks and tried talking a girl into doing a video and she called me a "creepy fucker" in front of every one. hahaha oh well. Are there any types of uniforms/ employees you guys and girls want to see more of? comment here or email me at ideas@brickyates.com

New blog

Hey everyone, I started a new Brick Yates blog, you don't have to be a member to post. Feel free to check it out, ask questions, talk shit about me, everything is fair game. Post as many naked nasty pics as you want. Brick Yates Blog

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