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Listen to me on the radio talk about how I get these girls

I will be live on the radio tomorrow (June 18, 2013) talking about these girls, and how I go about finding them and the even harder part; how I talk them into having sex on camera. You guys can all listen for free. The radio station is Radio Frequency Online. You can either listen on the website which is www.radiofreqencyonline.co Or you can download their free app on your phone or IPad. I will be on tomorrow from 0900-1100. The talks how is called freshly squeezed.

New blog

Hey everyone, I started a new Brick Yates blog, you don't have to be a member to post. Feel free to check it out, ask questions, talk shit about me, everything is fair game. Post as many naked nasty pics as you want. Brick Yates Blog

Employees from Kennewick Washington

So I am at the airport in Denver on my way back to San Diego from my trip to Washington. It turned out better than I thought. Not only did the Latina waitress bring her boyfriend over to the hotel for some fun, I also got a last minute call from my buddy Rawlings saying he knows this girl who just graduated high school and she asked him if he know of any work were she could make $80. So Rawlings offered for her to come by my hotel for $200 and she was waiting outside when we went to pic her up. Se was on the high school basketball team at River View and wore her basketball uniform. It was awesome, I can't wait to get to Diego and get it up!!

Multiple Languages!

Hi guys and girls. I am currently sitting in Starbucks right now translating the site into different languages! Pretty soon members will have access to the site with the option of either English, German, French, Italian, Russian, or Arabic! Please let me know what other languages you might like!

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