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Happy Memorial Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Memorial/ Decoration day! Especially Our active duty military, our veterans, and our fallen brothers and sisters. I hope wherever you are, you get to enjoy it today! -Brick Yates

Marine from Camp Pendleton

Great News! I snagged another Marine from Camp Pendleton. She came over in her Alphas and was a good enough sport to give anal a go. She said it hurt like a mother fucker, but like any good Marine, she was a man about it!

Brick Yates turns 1 Year Old!

Hey guys and gals.. We did it! we made it through our first year of being a website as of today! I want to thank all of you! What better way to do that than cumshot compilations? Don't worry, this will not take the place of an update, it will be an extra bonus update. I am editing it now, then I will upload it to you guys sometime later today! P.S. As of the asian massage girl from my last update, I am still working on it. Her friends at the massage parlor told her it was a bad idea. After I bought the massage table on amazon already lol. It just goes to show, these really are not porn stars! Happy tapping ladies and gents!

Happy Ending Massages

Okay, so we all know what an AMP is and a happy ending! they are G-d's gift to man. My good friend Dirk told me yesterday that 20 asian foot massage parlors were busted this weekend in San Diego for extra curricular activities. So what do I do that night? I go to my favorite massage parlor to make sure they were still their. To my good fortune they were and my favorite girl was there too. So I get a massage and finally work up the courage to ask her if she ever though about doing an adult massage video and let her know that she could make a lot more than giving massages. To my surprise she said yes and took my card. Now keep in mind this is a sexy asian girl in her mid 20's with a banging body, not a 45 year old fugly mama-son. So I will be setting up a time for her to come in and do the massage this week. Stay Tuned!

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