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Gym update this week

For all of you gym goers out there, and all of you gym voyeurs out there, we all are thinking the same thing. Damn! When a bad bitch walks in with a bright colored tank top and sexy yoga pants or booty shorts, our brain immediately sends a signal to our cock saying "wake up motherfucker, this is what we have been talking about!". So when I was in Salt Lake filming Siren, I decided to follow her to the hotel gym. It was really just so I could jack off to it later, but fuck it, why spruce it up a bit and put it on the website for everyone?! This update is hot, it follows Siren through some workouts, but gets cut a little short because someone walked into the gym while I was filming her ass on the elliptical machine. Then Siren goes back to the room to freshen up in the shower and decides to have a little anal action with herself.

Best New Site

Best New Site: Brick Yates What we said: "Brick is the man behind everything that goes on on his site. Whether he is just filming the amateur scene or getting his dick involved with the hot chicks he finds, this site is his doing." Breakdown: While whittling down the long list for the final nominees, the decision was made that there were so many worthy contenders for Best New Site this year that we would expand the category to eight. X Angels, Sex POV, PJ Girls, Charlotte Springer, Sophia Winters and Brand New Amateurs all made their mark in 2013. In the end, the panel felt that Brick Yates, featuring the titular star finding local amateurs and getting them to perform solo, hardcore and lesbian scenes, was a cut above the rest. It might also be the first site to liberally use Google Glass in shooting its scenes.

Eastern European Sluts !!!

When I was in Las Vegas, aside from getting drunk with my brother and yelling dumb shit at hot girls, I met this guy named Borya from Eastern Europe. He does the same thing as I do in Europe! Which is pretty awesome because that means that Dirk and I aren't the only two weird mother fuckers on this planet! haha Anyways, I have been talking to Borya about going to Eastern Europe and filming some local sluts with European accents to put on Brick Yates! I will most likely be going this summer. Until then, Borya sent me a couple of videos he made of some amateur sluts that let him film them. The update this week is one that he sent me. As with all of my other stuff, you can not find it anywhere else on the web. Only on Brick Yates! Let me know what you guys think of it, and if i should get more!

Coming SOON!

When I was in Vegas in January, I met a guy from eastern Europe who does a lot of what I do here but over there. We have been talking for a while, and he said he knows a lot of crazy bitches over there who will definitely fuck on camera. So I am planning on taking a trip over there to see what it's like. But he filmed a couple girls and sent me the video and it was exactly what I hope my trip will be like when I go there this summer. He told me I can put the videos up on my website, so you guys will get to see them soon! Sexy European girls do anal for a fraction of the cost as girls here do it for!

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