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News With 'update' TAG

Happy Holidays!



Hey Everyone, I hope you are all gearing up for a fun and safe holiday over the next couple of weeks. I met this girl who works at Hooters who said she was down to do photo shoots, but not porn. Since I will take what I can get, I did the photo shoot of her and am releasing it as a bonus update. It is not taking the place of a regular update. There will still be the regular scheduled update next week :) Remember, you can always send in sexy pictures of girls in uniform if you want them posted here!

Photo update



Hey Members, I was fucking around with Davina and took some sexy pictures and wanted to try and post them to the site for you. I am not sure how it will work without a video so I am testing it out this coming Tuesday. This will not take the place of, or affect, the normal updates. This will be a bonus update.

Who likes Uniforms and Sex?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am planning a special Christmas scene with some festive holiday themed fucking and sucking! Merry Christmas to porn lovers like me! I really just wanted to let you guys know Im still alive and that I have some cool shit coming! Have a happy thanksgiving! Cant wait to watch the football games! Oh ya, and if anyone has any ideas or would like to see anything in particular please let me know!

Brick Yates turns 1 Year Old!

Hey guys and gals.. We did it! we made it through our first year of being a website as of today! I want to thank all of you! What better way to do that than cumshot compilations? Don't worry, this will not take the place of an update, it will be an extra bonus update. I am editing it now, then I will upload it to you guys sometime later today! P.S. As of the asian massage girl from my last update, I am still working on it. Her friends at the massage parlor told her it was a bad idea. After I bought the massage table on amazon already lol. It just goes to show, these really are not porn stars! Happy tapping ladies and gents!

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