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Model Of the Week - Vanessa

Welcome, Sex Pervs!

It's that time of the week.

We got another model of the week to entice your naughty bits.

Let's take a trip to the Czech Republic. That's were we'll find Vanessa.

Vanessa's a barely legal teen beauty fresh outta high school. She's now in college. She was too nervous to tell us what college she's enrolled in because she doesn't want weirdos stalking her. Good call, Vanessa. Haha!

When Vanessa isn't attending classes she freelances as a model. She's done fashion shoots and nude modeling across Europe, and even travels to the States for work.

That's impressive for someone as young as her. But, fuck it! Look at her! I'm glad to know there's sexy fuckin' girls like Vanessa showing off her fresh, young pussy around the world!

Despite a little language barrier, Vanessa had no problem talking about her interest in porn. She admits she's doing it for the money to pay for college. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a wild side.

Vanessa has a gorgeous smile. When she explains to us why she loves sex, Vanessa can't hold back her big, beautiful grin. She gave us that reminiscing look people give to you when they're explaining a fond memory.

She was 14 when she lost her virginity to her boyfriend, and after that explored her sexuality more with both sexes.

Vanessa told us that the best way to get her turned on is to take her out dancing. She loves getting hyper on the dance floor. It's the best way she can break a sweat and get her heart pumping before she takes a guy home to get fucked doggy style; her favorite sex position.

Her favorite sexual experience was in Rome in a public pool! While they were in the pool her boyfriend turned her around, pulled down her bikini, and stuck his dick right up her twat! How no one was able to notice Vanessa getting her ass pounded in a public pool I'll never fuckin' know! Or maybe they did notice and just enjoyed the show.

We haven't shot in Europe for a while. But girls like Vanessa makes us long for going back and filming her tight clit getting stretched by a thick, veiny, dick!

See ya'll next week you filthy animals!

Ricky Rixxx

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