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Model Of the Week - Tori

What's up, fuckers!

It's model of the week time!

This week we hit up Tori. Tori's definitely got the porn star look: blonde, big tits, and tattoos. She's a punk rock chick you'd see going crazy at the bar; the one yelling "shots" to the crowd and having people drink tequila off her tits.

It was interesting how we got Tori. A member of the website told us he had a girl that wanted to shoot with us. That's usually how we get most of our girls. Normally, Brick vets potential models for the site before he schedules a shoot. But this time around Brick put together a shoot quickly, because it turns out Tori was visiting from the East coast and she could only shoot with us that day and then bounce.

So this was gonna be a "get her in, get her fucked, and get her out" type of shoot. Thankfully, Brick was pleasantly surprised to see that Tori was a knockout. He was also surprised to find out that she didn't have enough time to change before her flight, so she showed up in her work clothes. It turns out Tori is a cashier at PetSmart.

Funny enough Brick shot a scene with a PetSmart girl before -- Alice. Fuck! I'm beginning to think all the horny bitches work a PetSmart. Get yourself a pet, fellas. Bitches love pets.

Tori has some heavy fuckin' titties. She told us she's a natural 34F. I'm not up with women's breasts sizes. If I like what I see, I like what I see. But with Tori you can immediately tell she's packing some fuckin' knockers. Her tits look like they can barely be contained by her tight PetSmart t-shirt. "My tits pop out of my bra, too" Tori says, "so it's kinda embarrassing. But guys love it."

Brick asked Tori what her favorite thing about sex is. "I'm really good at sloppy blowjobs," she says, "like deep throat." Well, Tori. We just so happen to have a nice dick ready for you. When Tori titty fucked our male model's dick, his dick got lost between her giant breasts. It was crazy to see how easily her tits swallowed up his mushroom tip.

Tori's large bangers were even hotter when she lubed them up with oil. When she was riding on our guy's cock her breasts where clapping up in down loudly. It was at this point Brick thought "fuck it!" and actually joined them! Tori got her ass up for doggy style. While she was getting fucked by our guy from behind she was sucking on Brick's dick.

In the end, Brick dropped his fuckin' load inside Tori's throat while our male model jizzed in her ass. After the scene Tori didn't even clean up. She wiped the cum off her asshole, swallowed the spunk she had in her mouth, put her PetSmart uniform back on and headed back to the airport to fly back home.

For those of you reading this blog, remember: if you know a girl who'd like to shoot with us, or if you ARE a girl who'd like to shoot with us, hit us up. We'll bring you some cash...and leave you drenched in hot cum!

Peace, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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