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Model Of the Week - Zay Fisher


Howdy, cunts!

It's Model Of the Week time!

This week we're dropping our pants and saluting our "troops" to Zay Fisher.

Zay is a US soldier. She's a woman who's up front and doesn't take bullshit from anyone. She especially doesn't take shit from punk ass men. That was gonna be a challenge for me, because I was shooting with her.

Zay's done several scenes for the site. She's what we call in the porn biz a fuck alumni (we don't REALLY call it that, but let's make it a thing).

I was excited to shoot with Zay. I love getting to know the girls I work with. It's a great way to break the ice.

Normally, I have an easy time connecting with female models. But Zay was a tough cookie. She didn't seemed impressed by my friendly approach. So, ever the Don Juan, I had to up my game.

I'm a very jokey guy, and I'll say anything to make a girl smile. That's when I pulled out the big guns: dad jokes!

I banged out all the classics: "why did the chicken cross the road?" "What do you call a..." and my all time favorite, ""What's black and white and red all over?" And...well...Let's just say I got crickets.

Zay didn't laugh at any of my jokes (she knows what good comedy is, apparently). But she did blush red and smile at me. Although I think she blushed and smiled because she thought I was a nerd. Whatever. I'll take a pity smile. I'll also take a pity fuck!

Zay told me to shut the fuck up and eat her pussy. If you don't want to let a woman down, you have to GO DOWN. ;-)

And, man, let me tell you, Zay's pussy ain't fucking around. I loved how she had just the right amount of pubic hair: not completely shaven, yet not a tangled bush. Her clit tasted so sweet, too. I was licking on her pink lips like I was eating the last candy on earth!

We fucked on her couch. She took off her uniform, but put her camo jacket back on. I'm not aware if soldiers are allowed to fuck with their camo jackets on. Is that against military rules, or something? Fuck it! Don't tell her commanding officer!

Zay's the first soldier I got to fuck. I've always wanted to support the troops. I don't know about "God bless America," but pounding Zay's wet snatch made me feel all kinds of blessed. Haha!

After we finished fucking like animals, I gave Zay a sweet treat of my own. I slapped my dick against her lips and dropped a hot load all over her mouth. Zay sucked me off like a lollipop.

After Zay put her uniform back on I asked her if she wanted to hear more dad jokes. She told me if I didn't say any dad jokes she'd fuck me again.

Ouch! Tough crowd.

Later, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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