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Model Of the Week - Carolina


What's good, fuckers!

Welcome back to another Model Of the Week.

Today we're jumping in the shower with Carolina.

Carolina is a native San Diegan. Right now she lives in Tijuana. She's a sensual Latina who's got curves for days.

Carolina works as a nurse. But her real passion is being a bikini model. She's currently training for her bikini competition and it shows. The girl's in great shape. For someone who's only 21, Carolina's body is fuckin' grown! This ain't no petite bitch we're fucking with. She's got giant tits and a round ass that screams, "juicy!"

Brick and Carolina hit it off by talking about a Chargers game. Specifically, about a security guard who got caught on national TV jacking off for perving out on a Chargers cheerleader. That's, uh, one way to break the ice with a girl. Haha!

Carolina is all about getting tatted and pierced up. She has a piercing on her left titty nipples, and a giant tattoo on her stomach. She says she loves it for the pain. Oh, and she got a boob job to celebrate her 21st birthday. That's certainly a present for us.

Brick invited Carolina to the studio on New Years Eve because she doesn't have any plans for the new year. Well, if she's with us she does now! Cause Brick is gonna film her washing her ripe pussy and ass in the shower.

Carolina took off her clothes to reveal her red, micro-bikini. Her bikini is so tiny that it can barely contain her huge tits.

Thankfully, her bikini doesn't stay on for too long. She strips naked and heads for the shower. Carolina's ass is a work of art when it's wet. She goes right to her clit and plays with herself. She's instantly soaking wet from the shower water and her clit juices.

Brick's shower has a glass door where he clamped a huge dildo on; the dildo has a suction cup at the end for it to stick on the glass.

Carolina stuck her ass out and slid her coochee in the dildo. She penetrated her clit back and forth so hard her ass was slapping against the glass door. She then kneeled down and deep throated the dildo until she gagged. I bet her pussy tasted sweet while she was licking off her moist clit from the dildo.

The shower has a lot of space, too, so Carolina sat across the tile floor. She spread her legs wide open; showing off her sweet, pink pussy. She rubbed her wet kitty until she came!

When she was finished she dried up, put her bikini back on, and left the studio in her bikini. She didn't even put her jeans and t-shirt back on. She said she wanted to stay in her bikini for the new year. That's a hot way to celebrate.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take a shower. I need to wash off all the filth from thinking about Carolina's luscious fuckin' ass!

Peace out, pussy fiends.

Ricky Rixxx

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