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Model Of the Week - Marie

10/25/2022 10:12am

Welcome back, bitches!

We're back with another Model Of the Week! This week we're taking a bite out of a sweet, Georgia peach. That peach belongs to nineteen year old Marie Hendrix. She's a petite, ebony beauty who's also in the Navy. "I'm stationed at 32nd Street," says Marie. Originally from Georgia, Marie has taken to San Diego very well. "San Diego is really great," she says with excitement. "I never been to San Diego before I was stationed here. I love San Diego. I plan on staying here after I get out of the Navy." I can't think of a better way for a girl to live the California lifestyle than to be in porn.

Marie told us why she decided to do porn. "I ordered an Uber to take me back to 32nd Street. It turns out my Uber driver works with Brick Yates on the side, and offered me a porn gig." Hey, there's crazier ways people get into porn. At least she wasn't offered to shoot porn by her Grubhub guy! Regardless, Marie's juicy, fat, teen ass is with us. We can't wait to watch her ass-cheeks get squeezed on while riding a hard dick. Before Brick gave Marie some dicks, he asked her how old she was when she had her first dick.

"I was eighteen when I lost my virginity," said, Marie. "I literally lost my virginity last year. Which means I fucked while I was on base. I was sneaky about it." Marie's actually not the first girl to tell us that she's fucked around while on base. It just goes to show that not even the most powerful military in the world can stop a woman from popping her pussy! I'll salute to that. Marie admits to touching herself on base all the time, too. "I'll masturbate sometimes while I'm there. I haven't been caught yet." Damn. With all the sneaking around Marie does on base, I'm surprised she's not some sex ninja.

Speaking of masturbating! Marie says that she plays with her pussy all the time. Especially since she's relatively new to fucking. "I masturbate a lot," Marie giggles, "I don't even bother keeping count at this point. If you ask me how many times a day I masturbate, I'd make that face where I'm thinking about it for a long time." Wow! That's a lot of masturbating. I'm surprised Marie's hand isn't glued to her pussy. Marie credits her constant masturbating to when she first started watching porn. "I started watching porn at a young age; just like everyone else. One time I got carried away watching porn. My mom came in and caught me. Surprisingly, my mom took it well." Shit, I wonder what her dad would've done if he caught her!

Marie shares more about her first impressions watching pron. "I'll never forget it" she says, "when I first saw porn I actually didn't know what the actors were doing. I just new it turned me on. That's the first time I came." Wow! Marie loves reminiscing about her sexual inhibitions. Check out our videos of Marie Hendrix. You can watch her live out her sexual fantasies in 'Navy Sailor Fresh Out Of Bootcamp', 'Condom Breaks Inside An E-2', and 'Young Sailor Knew What A Glory-hole Was'. They're all hot!

I'll leave you with some advice Marie has for us dudes. Specifically, how we can have better tasting cum. "I love the taste of cum," Marie says, "as long as guys keep drinking water, their jizz can taste like frosting." You heard her, fellas! Eight glasses of water a day can make your cum taste like birthday cake. Drink it up, fuckers!

Goodbye, geeks!

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