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Model Of the Week - Scarlett Johnson

10/18/2022 10:05am

How's it hanging, fuckers!

It's time for a new Model Of the Week. This week we're keeping it local in the city of San Diego. Especially with our girl, Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson. Petty Officer Johnson is a barely legal cutie. She's recently out of high school, but actually got enlisted at a young age. "I'm stationed at North Island," Scarlett tells us, "I enlisted when I was seventeen. My parents signed for me to get enlisted." That's pretty young for a girl to join the Navy. But, hey, Scarlett is ambitious.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Scarlett now lives in National City. "Obviously," Scarlett points out, "I live in San Diego now because of the navy." But with all the marine girls that come our way, we wanna know why they wanna get into porn. Scarlett's reason was straight to the point. "I wanna do porn because I love dick!" Scarlett laughs. Shit! We love a girl who loves dick. More importantly, we love that we're able to give Scarlett all the dicks she craves for.

Before we give Scarlett a good dicking, we wanted to know more about her. Brick asked Scarlett how old she was when she lost her virginity. "I lost my virginity at eighteen," Scarlett blushes. "After the first time I got super horny and was, like, 'bring on some more!'" I love it when a girl opens up her sexual inhibitions, along with opening up her sweet pussy lips. It turns out Scarlett has a kinky side. "One time someone put a leash on me and pulled the leash while I was sucking his dick," Scarlett says. "I like kinky shit, bitches!" Note to self: have a leash with me anytime I'm around Officer Johnson.

Scarlett shared even more kinky stuff with us. "I've actually had sex on a naval ship," she says with a grin on her face. "It was with a guy. I would've fucked a girl if I could, too. I like girls." What type of girl does Scarlett prefer? "My type of girl is if they're short they have to have a fat ass and long hair. I'm an ass girl. I love booty!" There's nothing more beautiful about a girl who loves ass; or should I say "booty-ful"? Haha! Scarlett's also not afraid to get freaky in public. "I've had sex in a restroom stall," she laughs. "It was at a Target store." Damn! That's what I call hitting Scarlett's target.

We've had the pleasure of shooting Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson in several scenes. In fact, she's been one of our featured girls for quite some time now. Our fans absolutely love Petty Officer Johnson's cute smile, sense of humor, and the ability to take a hard dick like a champ! Check out her scenes. Whether she's blowing cocks through a glory hole like in Petty Officer Johnson VS. The Glory Hole, or getting pounded while she's dressed like Princess Leia in Princess Leia Fucks Kylo Ren for Halloween, Scarlett is a porn girl on the rise. And speaking of "on the rise" that's what Scarlett will have you doing for days!

I'll leave you today with a quote from Scarlett. It's about one of her tattoos. She has a couple of Chinese symbols on her right arm. "The tattoo means hope, love, and happiness," she says. "I got it because I have hope, love, and happiness." Well, Petty Officer Scarlett Johnson, we wish you all the hope, love, and happiness in the world. You're an angel, sweetheart. A kinky, freaky, and devilish angel!

Hasta manana, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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