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Model Of the Week - Adriana

Sup, fuckers!

It's Wednesday! You know what that means!

We got another model of the week. We're going across the pond for this one.

Brick was in Prague where he met Adriana. She's a hot redhead with some rockin' tattoos.

Brick talked to Adriana and noticed she didn't have a Czech accent. That's because Adriana is from the United Kingdom; so she had a sexy British accent.

Brick and Adriana met in downtown Prague at a hotdog stand, as you do. Haha! Brick asked Adriana what she was doing in Prague. She told him she was backpacking across Europe before she went back to Uni. That's short for university. I guess they say "Uni" in the UK.

They hit it off quickly. Brick is a smooth talker and was able to make Adriana laugh. That's the way to a woman's heart, gentlemen: humor. It's also eventually the way to her panties!

Brick asked Adriana if she wanted to shoot with him later in the day. She was definitely interested.

They met in Brick's room and got busy. "I usually ask people a bunch of questions before we shoot," Brick told Adriana, "but this time I'm not gonna!" The boss was that hard for Adriana's pussy.

He was so hard that Adriana immediately made him cum! But no worries. Adriana was far from finished. She wanted to suck and fuck him completely dry.

After a few minutes of head, Adriana got on Brick's hard cock and started riding him reverse cowgirl. Brick could see Adriana's tight asshole winking at him, so he took a chance and shoved his thumb up her ass. Adriana didn't mind at all. She moaned in excitement.

Since he already came, Brick just pounded Adriana until he was exhausted. Once Brick was fucked out, he asked Adriana if she wanted to have a cold beer with him. She giggled, wiped the sweat off her body, and moaned yes.

We really hope Adriana is doing well in Uni. We wish her all the success. More importantly, we wish her all of that stiff Uni dick!

Hasta luego!

Ricky Rixxx

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