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Model Of the Week - Aleksa

What's up, fuckers!

We got another Model Of the Week for you.

This week's model is Aleksa.

Aleksa has a special place in my heart. Her and I actually had a little fling going on for a few months. Aleksa is studying to be a registered nurse. I met her having lunch near the hospital she's interning at.

Now I'm a self-admitted pervert. When I saw Aleksa's fat ass in her tight blue scrubs, my dick was hungry for her asshole. I told her she looked sexy and I'd love to get to know her. She laughed at me and called me a bull-shitter. But she admired my boldness and gave me a shot.

We started dating and, more importantly, fucking like rabbits! She asked me why I was so comfortable doing dirty shit to her that most of her boyfriends don't do. That's when I spilled my beans and told her I work in porn.

I was ready for her to punch me in the face. I mean, when you tell a girl you're fucking that you're fucking other girls behind her back, that's probably gonna end badly. Thankfully, Aleksa thought that was hot. She was super interested in shooting porn with me. So I called up the head-hancho, Brick, and told him I got another hot pussy for him.

I brought Aleksa in the studio. Brick asked Aleksa what turns her on. She said, "kisses between my thighs, some ass play. I like being dominated."

Brick then asked her how old she was when she lost her virginity. "I was 14. It was with my boyfriend at the time. It was in the back of a car; a Coupe." "Did he cum inside of you?" asked Brick. "I think he did," said Aleksa, "but he had a condom on. So, technically, I guess not."

Brick asked Aleksa where was the craziest place she sucked a dick. "Probably my boyfriend's mom's bedroom. I like to suck dick. I love to give more than receive. I'm a nurse, so I always love to give."

Now it was time to fuck!

Brick told us to fuck how we normally fuck at home. I tongue fucked Aleksa's sweet clit. Her moaning got my dick super hard. When I was done licking her pussy, Aleksa grabbed me by the ears and licked her pussy juices off my mouth.

I pounded Aleksa like a dirty animal. I love giving her reverse-cowgirl because I can cup her ass cheeks while she's riding my cock.

But the biggest part of our sex scene was something that even shocked Brick.

After I dropped my hot load on Aleksa's mouth, I kneeled down to her and we swapped my jizz! That's right. Aleksa spat my spunk back into my mouth! I then spat my cum back into her mouth and she swallowed it down.

Yep. I love to swap my cum with some dirty bitches!

It's been a while since Aleksa and I have been together. But, man, let me tell you. If being in porn means I get to have girlfriends who love to get their pussies pounded on camera then I'm set for life!

Before I close out I wanna give a shout out to a fellow porn company. Much love to Fan Bangs! They're a local porn business in San Diego. It's a company that helps average joes meet and fuck their favorite porn stars. They have 19 million views on Porn Hub, so they're getting their name out there.

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See ya next week, freaks!

Ricky Rixxx

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