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Model Of the Week - Alison

Happy Hump Day, Perverts!

This week we're going to Europe to dive deeper into one of our hot ladies. And believe me, when you check out Alison you're gonna wanna dive real deep into her! Alison is from Eastern Europe. She is a hooker who has the perfect body for porn: giant tits, curvy ass, sweet pussy lips, and a mouth that can blow you for days!

We met Alison in a seedy, underground club. There were plenty of hot hookers stripping off their panties to some disco tech music. In a gang of horny women ready to open their pussies for a good dick, Alison was the horniest of them all!

Our friend Borka took one look at Alison in her big trench coat and knew he wanted to bone her raw. But Alison is a professional. Like all strippers Alison stripped down slowly. She teased Borka by shaking her ass and rubbing her cunt right in front of Borka's face.

Eventually, Alison gets naked. She stands over Borka's hard dick, spreads her pussy lips wide, and leans down to take her fucking like a pro! Alison is such a tease. Before she takes all of Borka's cock she rubs her pussy on his dick. Once she slides that dick into her pink hole, Alison is all business!

What I love the most about this scene is that Alison's tits look so fucking hot bouncing up and down while she's getting reamed out! She also keeps her white, high heel boots on while she's fucking like a true whore.

When Borka is ready to cream all over her tits, Alison grabs his cock, aims it right on her chest, and Borka creams all over her giant melons. Alison gladly rubs Borka's dick against her boobs to spread his jizz all over her, like a paintbrush to a canvas.

It's been a while since we visited Europe. We're totally coming back one day. We hope that when we return Alison will still be there and ready to fuck like a grade A slut!

Until next week, fuck freaks!

Ricky Rixxx

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