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Model Of the Week - Ashton Morgan

Hey yo, perverts!

We're back with another Model Of the Week!

Grab your workout gear because we're going to the gym...the high school gym!

Ahston Morgan is a high school gym teacher right here in San Diego.

Although she's originally from Boston, Ashton is everything we love about San Diego girls: a hot blonde with long legs, voluptuous tits, and a juicy ass!

For her safety Ashton didn't tell us which high school in San Diego she teaches gym. Fair enough. We respect that. But she did tell us that when it comes to education, Ashton is all about extra curricular activities.

She told Brick that she use to date a guy who attended the Art Institute Of California. She said he was lame in the sack so she didn't date him long. Thankfully, her ex had enough friends in class that she could bang silly! "Ya, I pretty much fucked the entire art institute!" she said.

Well, god damn! I say this every blog post and it bears repeating: we need more smoking hot bitches like Ashton!

During the interview Brick asked her why she wanted to get into porn. Naturally, girls always tell us that they get into porn for the money. Ashton had a different answer. "Honestly, it's because I like being the center of attention. I don't need the money. I just love to have sex!"

And we love to show our appreciation for teachers like Ashton. We brought in two studs, Cooper and Rawlings, and had Ashton teach them some physical activities. Ashton confessed that this was her first time getting double pounded by two rock hard dicks on film.

Cooper and Rawlings were ready for gym lessons. Ashton sucked off Cooper while Rawlings was eating her pussy, and then ramming her cunt with his stiff dick. Then the guys flipped her over so she can taste her clit juices off Rawlings cock, and take Cooper up her pink coochie.

If this really was Aston's first time fucking two dudes on camera she sure fooled us, because she took her tag-teaming like a true pro!

Cooper and Rawlings blew their hot loads onto Ashton's blonde hair and blue eyes. Ashton looked like a hot marshmallow covered in all that white glaze.

When Brick asked her how the scene went Ashton replied, "It was wonderful!" She had to catch her breath. Ashton could barely speak after the double drilling she took.

Brick was amazed at how much cum was left on Ashton. "There's cum everywhere," he said. "Good," said Ashton, "that means I did it right."

Ashton wiped the spunk off her eyes, and licked it off her fingers like she just ate a big meal.

She blew a kiss to the camera and gave a sexy giggle. Ashton was ready to head back to school to teach gym.

You're a real hero, Ashton. We hope you continue to teach more guys how to break a sweat. I know I'll be at gym early...and stay after class. ;-)

Audios, sex creeps!

Ricky Rixxx

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