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Model Of the Week - Autumn Gram


Hey there, lovelies.

It's time for another Model Of the Week. This week I'm gonna get a little personal with Autumn Gram. It's personal because I had the pleasure of pounding Autumn's sweet, pink pussy. I got to shoot with Autumn in Palm Springs, CA. For those of you who haven't been to Palm Springs here's a quick rundown. The whole neighborhood looks like the show Golden Girls, and it's hotter than a god damn blowtorch in a microwave. But believe it or not, Palm Springs couldn't even level up to Autumn's hotness.

Autumn is a sexy brunette. She's served some time in the navy, so she came in her uniform ready to fuck. I couldn't wait to take off Autumn's uniform and pound her raw! I also couldn't wait to take off her uniform because it was so damn hot outside! It was, like, close to 120 degrees! I was wearing my sunglasses and gym shorts when I met Autumn, and I was sweating like a dog. I can only imagine how much she was sweating under all of her navy gear.

Before we shot our scene I got to know Autumn. She's originally from New Mexico. That would explain why she's so calm under the hot sun. Autumn's use to hot weather. She told me she joined the Marines when she got out of high school at 19. When she's out of the Marines she wants to take her porn career more seriously. I admire a woman who wants to make porn a career choice. Most girls in the industry just come in and make as much money as they can, and then bounce. Not Autumn. She's in it for the long haul.

"I wanna make a splash in the porn industry," Autumn says with enthusiasm. I'm sure as hell lucky to contribute to her career path. I asked Autumn what was the craziest thing she's done during sex. "I actually had sex in a tank," she laughs. "Thankfully, the guy I was fucking and I didn't get caught. It was a quickie due to the circumstances. But, fuck it, I got laid in a tank. No one can take that moment away from me." God damn! I just Googled "How much is it to rent a tank" and the prices range from $400 to $3,000. Note to self: remind Brick to rent a tank.

I asked Autumn what's her least favorite thing about sex. "I hate anal!" she says. "I don't like anal during a porn shoot or even in my real sex life. Absolutely not! Not even a finger rub!" Jeez. Autumn's pretty anal about not liking anal. Whatever. That just means I get to have more fun partying on her wet clit. And, boy, did I have a blast partying on Autumn's delicious pussy. Speaking of having a blast, I got to blast my hot cum into her wet cunt, too. I always wanted to cream-pie a marine. I may be a civilian, but that's how I serve my country.

Until next time, fuck freaks.

Ricky Rixxx

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