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Model Of the Week - Azbella


Well, look what we have here.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week Azbella flies into San Diego for business. But she's also got pleasure on her mind. Azbella's active duty air force at Nellis AF in Las Vegas. She flew into San Diego for a fitness competition. And, man, does this smoking hot MILF look fit! Azbella definitely takes care of her body. You know we're gonna see her strip naked and watch her hot pussy get pounded. Brick's known Azbella for a while. She knows what he does for a living. Brick's begged Azbella to do porn because she's sexy. The boss isn't wrong. Azbella agreed to film porn because she leaves the air force in a few months. Azbella figured that the chances of her getting caught while she's still serving were slim. The sooner Azbella gets a nice ass drilling by a hard dick the better.

Brick met up with Azbella at the San Diego Airport. He brought his buddy Cooper with him. Cooper was gonna do the honors and fuck Azbella. Even from afar Brick and Cooper can see that Azbella is a knockout. Azbella was excited, too. "I'm a bit nervous," she admitted. Brick told her Cooper was going to fuck her. Azbella smiled and went, "Good because he's really cute." Apparently, Cooper tanned the day before the shoot and over did it. His skin's a bit lobster red. Azbella didn't care though. Black, white, red or green Azbella couldn't wait to suck on a fat cock.

Back at Brick's studio Azbella and Cooper got comfy on the bed. Funny enough Azbella confessed that it's her first time visiting San Diego. Azbella has a fitness competition and in between that she's shooting several porn videos. Which, by the way, Azbella's first porn experience is with us. She's getting all of her first time cherries popped! Azbella is a MILF, so she's at that age where she's not gonna play games. She's a woman who knows what she wants. And she ain't asking for permission. Which is good because Cooper doesn't mind begging for Azbella's tight ass.

Brick wanted to know why Azbella wants to do porn. Her answer was direct. "Well, I'm getting out in 2 months so I really don't care at this point. I'm looking to get my feet wet in the porn industry after I'm officially out." I think most porn fans get tired of girls saying the same old "cause I need the money" schtick. But Azbella's reason is straight forward. Plus, she's into fitness competition so she takes care of her body. Azbella's built for fucking on camera.

As much as Azbella looks good in her air force uniform she looks even better out of it. After Brick was done asking Azbella a million questions, Cooper was ready to guide Azbella into her first porn. Although, he didn't need to guide Azbella too much. If anything Azbella took control and got Cooper naked before she was fully nude. Azbella looks sexy as fuck blowing on Cooper's dick in her air force uniform. She even over exaggerated with the sloppy blow job noise. I ain't complaining. It's better for a girl to over due it in a sex scene than under do it. Azbella looks amazing naked, and even hotter with a hard cock drilling her wet pussy. She's got more videos on our site that you should definitely check out. She's only done three scenes with us, but Azbella works like a fucking pro. Porn's gonna be calling her in no time. Ring, ring bitches.

See ya later, masterbator.

Ricky Rixxx

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