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Model Of the Week - Dayanara

What up, fuck freaks!

This week's Model of the Week is the super cute Dayanara.

Dayanara is one of those girls who has that "girl next door" look. She has a bubbly smile and a sweet laugh. She's a petite girl with a slender ass and perky tits. If Dayanara were a babysitter she'd definitely be the kind of girl who'd fuck a married man while his wife and kids are away.

Her slender body is due to her experience as a ballerina. Naturally, her tiny frame looks incredible in her pink tutu. I'd love to cut the crotch part of her tutu and fuck her pussy raw while she's still in her uniform! And, god damn, those long, sexy legs of hers would make anyone cum!

Despite Dayanara's shyness she's not afraid to admit she loves a hard dick. She confesses to losing her virginity in high school when she turned 18. She loved it but said, "it was painful. My pussy was really tight. It was like the guy shoved a hotdog into a pencil sharpener!" Fuck me! That's a visual!

Overall, Dayanara is an innocent girl. But behind the blushing and shy laughing Dayanara is a girl who loves squirting on a hard cock, getting reamed in the ass while rubbing her tight pussy, and having her toes showered in thick jizz.

Show Dayanara some love. And she'll show you everything she's got!

Later, pervs!

Ricky Rixxx

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