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Model Of the Week - Elodie Lee


Fancy meeting you here, beautiful.

It's time for another Model Of the Week. This week we're gonna try not to put our foot in our mouths. Although, we definitely wanna see Elodie Lee put her foot in someone's mouth: mine! Elodie's a redhead who's cute as a button. But underneath Elodie's cute, innocent look is a badass mistress who'll make you her bitch! Take it from me because she definitely made me beg for gods I didn't even know I had!

Firstly, let's get to know Elodie. "Well, I'm twenty-two and I'm from Tampa, Florida," Elodie says. She's also a marine. She joined the Navy because, according to her, "It's kind of been in my family. So I grew up always wanting to serve, and the Navy's what I settled on." And those Navy girls don't settle for less.

Besides being a smoking hot redhead with a sexy bubble butt, she's super intelligent. "I love to study math and read about string theory. I think everyone should have a basic understanding of mathematics. Especially our future generation. That's important to me." I think that's important, too. Remember, folks. Don't just get yourself a looker. Get yourself someone like Elodie: a looker who also has the brains to take care of her business like a boss.

Speaking of taking care of business like a boss, Elodie is her own business woman in the adult industry. "I already do some adult stuff on the side," Elodie says with a smile. "But this is my first time shooting a porn in my uniform," she confessed. If anyone knows how to take care of a service member in uniform it's the head hancho himself, Brick. The man's got plenty of experience with people in uniform, so Elodie was gonna be in good hands.

Elodie told us that she has a fantasy getting laid in her uniform. "Wearing my uniform while I'm fucking is a fantasy of mine" she says. "Especially, when I get to fuck other people in their uniform. I'll look at a man or woman in uniform and I'll definitely get a little heated," Elodie says. Well, the girl came to the right place when it comes to fucking in their uniforms!

Elodie also told us about how she loves to masturbate. "I use my imagination a lot when I masturbate," she giggles. "I lay down, close my eyes, and just think about whoever I'm attracted to at the moment. It's never the same scenario in my fantasies. It's just a lot of heat and passion with me. I masturbate a couple times a week. Sometimes a couple times a day depending on how bothered I am." Talk about a girl who's literally hot and bothered! Haha!

But Elodie wouldn't be shooting with us if she wasn't a certified freak. Especially, when it comes to Elodie's favorite fetish. "I have a huge foot fetish!" she says. "I love to put my feet all over a man," Elodie laughs. "I'm very dominant. I love to hook my toes on a guy's mouth and be called 'mistress'. It's one of my favorite things. That's what gets me going." Elodie kind of reminds me of Cinderella. Except instead of a princess finding slippers to match her perfect feet, Elodie is a mistress finding mouths to match her perfect feet!

Elodie loves to shove her beautiful toes in a dirty mother fucker's mouth. And I'd like to think I'm the dirtiest mother fucker there is. My mouth was ready to take Elodie's feet like it's a part of my complete breakfast! Haha! As much as I loved Elodie feeding me her gorgeous feet, she admits she doesn't enjoy the experience happening to her. "I'll never touch a man's feet," Elodie says with a disgusted look on her face. "I won't even look at a man's feet. It's a power thing that gets me going." In Elodie's defense I don't like my feet either. My feet and toes look like Edward Scissorhands, so I don't blame Elodie for not wanting to take a bite out of my feet.

Elodie was excited to tells us another favorite fetish of hers. It's actually a fetish even I didn't know was a thing. Elodie, with a devilish grin, says "One of my favorite things is smell and sock torture. I'll wear my socks for multiple days. I'll take them off at night, stuff them in a zip-lock bag, put them back on in the morning, sweat in them, and then stuff them in a man's mouth." Note to self: if Elodie has a zip-lock full of socks run! Or stay if that's your thing. Fuck it! I'm a self professed creep, so I ain't judging the sock torture community.

Finally, Elodie tells us how much she loves busting a guy's balls...literally! Again, Elodie looks too excited to explain to us how she likes to annihilate a dude's nut sack. "I have videos where I'll just kick a guy right in his nuts! It's pretty fun. There's this one guy who loves it when I kick his balls. Three kicks in and his dick is rock hard!" Holy shit! I wanna meet that guy! If that dude has kids after getting his balls hammered in like a fucking cinder block, I wanna know what the fuck he's on!

Elodie Lee is a pleasure to have on our site. We have several videos of her that you need to definitely check out. Plus, show her some love on her Twitter @only_elodielee. That is, of course, if you've got the balls to do it!

Until next time, fuckers!

Ricky Rixxx

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