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Model Of the Week - Fernanda


Well, well, well, lovelies.

It's time for another Model Of the Week.

This week we're flying our asses to Huston, Texas, and checking into a hotel suite. Or should I say hotel "sweet"? Because our girl Fernanda is the sweetest hotel maid in el mundo!

Brick flew to Huston for a business trip. Although he's the Porn Kingpin of San Diego, Brick expands his...ahem..."business" across the country. He was in Huston to film a few girls for the site.

He actually wasn't planning on filming Fernanda. He shot a scene with Naomi, a girl who worked at the hotel Brick was staying in. I guess Naomi loved Brick's fat dick enough to let Fernanda know. Talk about a great girlfriend. Haha!

Fernanda and Naomi are coworkers at the same hotel. When Naomi told Fernanda about Brick's cock, and money, she was hot to trot. Once Brick took a good look at Fernanda's sensual curves, his god damn jeans nearly tore open!

Fernanda is a hot MILF. Honestly, you couldn't tell she's a mom because she's in great shape. And her tits? Man! The girl's got mother fucking bangers!
We didn't get much information from Fernanda. Mostly because she was too shy to open up about her personal life. That's understandable. She told Brick that she's been a hotel maid for a few years. Also, she's originally from Mexico.

The biggest secret Fernanda revealed is that she loves fucking her hotel guests! Plus, she's a cum swallowing fiend! Now that's what I call a fucking bed and breakfast.

We absolutely love having Fernanda on our site. Watch her work, and give yourself a good jerk. And if you're ever in the Huston area check into Fernanda's hotel. She'll hang that "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door knob all night long.

Adios, bitches!

Ricky Rixxx

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