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Model Of the Week - Gina Parley


Hello there, sexy.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week we're gonna get frisky and possibly break a few laws. How so? Well, Cooper brought his lady friend, Gina Parley, to Brick's studio. Cooper's shot a couple of scenes with us before. This one's a bit different. Cooper is a marine and is stationed at Miramar Air Station here in San Diego.

Normally, Cooper brings over hot girls he wants to fuck on camera. They're usually girls he's not familiar with on a personal level; the ol' "fuck 'em and leave 'em" routine. This time Cooper brought over Gina and she's not just a random girl he met. Gina is also a marine who's stationed at the same command as Cooper.

"Gina's one of my closet friends," says Cooper, "and she knows I do porn on the weekends. So I figured 'Why not?' So I brought Gina down here to see if she wants to try it out." A lot of great ideas began with the phrase "why not?": inventing the wheel, going to space, and banging a hot chick on film! Apparently, marines aren't allowed to fraternize with each other. I don't know the ins and outs of that rule since I'm a civilian. Brick, however, is a former marine. So it was enough for him to make sure Gina and Cooper don't get in trouble with their superiors.

"Are you worried about a Gunny seeing any of this?" asked Brick. "I hope not," Gina laughs. "I have a boyfriend, but Cooper and I have fucked once or twice," Gina confessed. She admits that her boyfriend doesn't know she's shooting a porn with Cooper for our site. If Gina's man wants to see her get fucked he's gotta pay for a membership. Those are the rules, bitches!

Gina gives us a little bit of her background. "I'm from Oregon. The weather's different here in California. But I like it," says Gina. I've never been to Oregon. But I bet Gina has a hot trail underneath her navy uniform. Hey-oh! Brick kept the interview short and cut to the chase. "I know what you guys do on base," said Brick, "so show me and our members how you fuck on base!"

Once Brick let Gina and Cooper do their magic, Gina didn't hesitate to drop Cooper's marine pants and give him a wet blowjob. Gina's eyes are so fucking gorgeous, too. They're a lovely golden brown, and Gina looks extra sexy when her beautiful eyes are looking up at Cooper while she's sucking him off.

Admittedly, Gina's not much of a talker. Personally, the more reserved a girl is with talking the wilder she is in the sack. It's like they balance out their minimal talking with maximum fucking. That's my theory at least. But as soon as Cooper stripped off Gina's camo-pants and went after her pussy, Gina quickly moaned with excitement.

It's sexy watching Gina still have her green, marine t-shirt on while Cooper is eating her out. Gina's taking her time getting completely naked. She knows she's turning Cooper on by disrobing slowly. That's my favorite kind of tease: when a woman slowly takes off her clothes in the middle of fourplay. Cooper turned Gina over on her stomach, lifted up her ass, and licked her asshole and pussy like a fucking envelope!

Again, Gina didn't speak much while getting fucked. But she's one hell of a moaner and screamer. As soon as her and Cooper got into their groove, Gina looked like a fucking angel taking her drilling. Cooper was getting too exited tapping Gina's ass that she told him to take it real slow. She also wanted his dick to fuck her right up her shit pipe! Gina laid back down on her back, pushed her ass up high, and gapped her asshole wide open!

After getting her pussy and asshole pounded into dust, Gina was ready to swallow Cooper's hot load. Cooper put Gina's head on the edge of the bed and exploded his jizz all over her mouth. After she swallowed his cream Gina said, "Mmm, yummy" in the sexiest fucking moan ever.

Like all of the military girls we've shot, we cleaned Gina up, put her uniform back on her, and sent her back to her base feeling refreshingly fucked. Before Brick sent Gina on her way he asked her what she'll do for the rest of her evening. "Well," Gina said, "I have bars of soap that I actually like to carve into dicks. It's actually a hobby of mine. So I'm gonna do that." Holy shit! Way to spring that on the boss last minute! To quote Martin Lawrence: damn, Gina!

Hasta luego, amigos.

Ricky Rixxx

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