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Model Of the Week - Ivette


Hello there, fuck junkies.

It's time for another Model Of the Week. This week we grab some nachos from 7-11 and head to the library with Ivette. She's a 20-year-old cutie from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Go Steelers! Ivette is now a San Diego native. She currently lives in Mission Beach. I wouldn't call Ivette shy, but she is quiet and reserved. She's the kind of girl who goes with the flow of things, and only speaks if she needs to. Maybe it's a Pittsburg thing? Ivette also has a Mid-western accent. Her voice reminds me of Frances McDormand from the movie Fargo. Not that that's a bad thing. I love Fargo. And I love Ivette. Dont'cha know.

Ivette loves to spend her spare time at the public library reading fantasy novels. Brick had to ask Ivette if she ever fucked in a public library (cause the boss is classy like that). Ivette said, "I'm not really an exhibitionist." She did, however, tell us that a guy propositioned her for sex while she was reading at the library. "A cute guy asked me if he could have sex in me." Yes. You read that right. A guy asked if he could have sex IN her. C'mon! What kind of idiot thinks that line's gonna work? If I was a chick I wouldn't give a dude some pussy if he asked, "can I have sex IN you?" Back of the line, fuck boy!

Ivette continued, "I told him no. I mean, I would have had sex with him cause he was cute. But I just wasn't in the mood. So I just told him no." See you later, library dude. Brick asked Ivette what was her craziest sexual encounter. "One guy I was with was into some video game he was playing. It's, like, World Of Warcraft, or something. He was stroking his dick while chatting with the other players online, and asked me to join him. I thought that was weird and told him no." Ouch! Keep playing with your joysticks, boys. Ivette really is from the Steel City, cause she's hard as fuck!

Even though Ivette doesn't put out, she doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea that she hates sex. "I like sex," she assures Brick. "Sex is cool, but it's not my thing. I'd rather do other things." Fair enough. Look, we all love whores. But not every girl has to walk around like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Ivette is a simple girl who'll fuck on her own time. Until then she just loves to read fantasy novels. She also loves to eat her favorite food in the world: nachos.

Ivette loves nachos so much that she can't shut up about it. Go figure. Everything else she's uninterested to discuss. Sex? Whatever! The weather? Who cares! But nachos? Oh my god! She'll talk her head off for hours! "I really love nachos from 7-11," she says with a smile on her face. "I really love drowning the nacho chips with cheese. I make sure the cheese doesn't spill out of the plate. I love nachos with cheese only; nothing else. No jalapenos or chili beans." Looks like I gotta go to 7-11 more. Turns out that's where all the fine nacho bitches hang out!

Brick asked Ivette what she does for a living. She told him she wanted to keep that a secret. That's fair enough, too. Besides, I'm sure whatever Ivette does for a living she's probably not gonna write "sucking and fucking for a porno" when she updates her resume. Brick decided to ask Ivette more about her sex life. "Do you like cum in your mouth and face?" Brick asked. "Yes," assured Ivette. "How about cum in your pussy?" he asked. "No!" she exclaimed, "because of the after effects! I'm on birth control." Good for you, Ivette. Do all the fucking. But don't fuck around and get pregnant.

A crazy thing we learned about Ivette is that she's never done oral. She's also never done anal. Like, ever in her life! Brick had the honors of filming Ivette's first oral and anal experience. Talk about striking a fucking goldmine. Fortunately, Rod was gonna be the man to pop Ivette's oral and anal cherry. Rod is a gorgeous man. He's so ripped to the gills you'd think he's made out of abs. He's also a Navy man. Pop Ivette's sweet oral and anal cherry, Rod. For America!

Before Rod and Ivette's scene, Brick asked if she could talk about what else she likes. That way Rod can get to know her a little better before they fuck. "I'm a big evening person," says Ivette. "I pretty much sleep in the morning and I'm active at night. So I like doing everything in the dark." Doing everything in the dark, huh? I can only imagine what type of dirty shit she likes to do in the dark. Rod drilled the fuck outta Ivette's stink pipe. Piledriver style! He turned her upside down on her head and rammed her asshole. Rod came on Ivette's asshole, pussy lips, and face while she was upside down with her legs over her head. Afterwards, Brick asked her if that felt better than nachos. "It's equal to nachos," said Ivette. Rod asked her, "Is it better than the library?" "No," Ivette said sharply, "I wouldn't say better." Even after getting her ass pile driven, Ivette still prefers a good book over a good dick!

Ivette came back for another shoot with Brick. It was Christmas season at the time. Ivette straight up told him, "I need rent money." Good old Ivette. She's a woman who's straight to the point. Merry Christmas to you too, girl. If I ever get a chance to meet Ivette the first round of nachos from 7-11 is on me. I'd love to see Ivette open her mouth and swallow all that hot, thick, gooey...nacho cheese!

Hasta later, lovelies.

Ricky Rixxx

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