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Model Of the Week - Jasmin


Hello, lovelies.

We're back with another Model Of the Week. This week we're study-buddies with Jasmin: a college student from the Philippines. Jasmin's a 20-year-old Filipina beauty. More importantly, she's ready to exposes all of her sexual fantasies with us. "I usually fantasize about the guys I see on campus," she says, "and I think about them fucking me. It's really hot and it gets me horny." God damn! Jasmin makes me regret not taking advantage of college more. Or is it taking advantage of more college girls? Haha!

Her sexual desires go beyond her classmates. She also dreams about fucking her math professor. "I actually teased my professor during class," she blushes. Jasmin loved flirting with her math professor, too. "I told him he was handsome and bit my lip," she said, with a shy smirk, "he smiled back at me...I think he likes me." We hope Jasmin's professor likes her, too. We'd love to film a teacher-fucking-his-student scene.

Jasmin admits that she was a teenager when she got into sex. "I was sixteen when I first kissed a guy, started touching myself, and lost my virginity." Talk about a year of sexual discovery. Jasmin learned what turns her on as she matured. "I love oral and doggy style," she giggles. Jasmin continues, "I also love to ride on a dick, and enjoy it when my pussy's getting eaten by a guy." Jasmin talking about how she loves having her pussy eaten makes me want to tuck a napkin around my neck, and dive in for a hot meal.

When Jasmin doesn't have a dick to play with, she loves having her vibrators and dildos with her. In fact, she loves them so much that she stuffs them in her backpack, takes them to school, and masturbates with them when she's horny! Jasmin moans, "vibrators make me cum a lot, like, right away." "I love the feeling of a dildo hitting my clit, rubbing my g-spot, and making me squirt a lot," she giggles. Fuck me! I wish I was Jasmin's vibrators and dildos right about now.

Jasmin imagines getting gangbanged when she's rubbing her clit. With a devilish grin on her face, she whispers, "I think about having three cocks inside my pussy all at once. It turns me on imagining three guys with big, hard cocks fucking my pussy!" Damn! Jasmin wants a triple pounding right in her cunt!

But we didn't bring Jasmin over to just talk about how she loves getting fucked. We wanted to film her getting fucked! That's where Russian hunk, Tony, comes in. Jasmin's pussy juices were soaking wet through her jeans once she saw Tony. You can see the sparkling in her eyes. She knew Tony had the dick to please her pink kitty cat.

Before their scene, Brick left the camera on and joked, "I'm gonna go get some coffee," and walked out of the room. While the boss left for coffee, Tony was gonna make Jasmin cream. Jasmin even bet Tony that she can cum more than he can. As Tony began to lick and dick her tight slit, Jasmin's orgasmic face let us know that she won that bet.

Jasmin has primarily shot with us, and we're happy about that. We know she's happy about it, too. In fact, she's even posted comments on our website about how she can't wait to come back. "I'm ready for more and more!...please comment, guys, because I really get off on if you like it. I want to please you!" You heard her, guys. Keeping coming back for Jasmin and she'll keep cumming back for you!
Until next time, fuck freaks!

Ricky Rixxx

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